Asia's Game of Thrones
China and India Disengage in Doklam
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  • SheJincrying

    Everybody knows the Chicoms buckled. BRICS meeting in a week and Chicoms agreed to stop road building.

  • D4x

    A clear-eyed analysis, with implications for other ‘disputes’ with China, explains “China’s [four-pronged] Coercion Playbook:

    “Countering Chinese Coercion: The Case of Doklam” Oriana Skylar Mastro and Arzan Tarapore August 29, 2017

    “…a few policy implications are already apparent. First, Chinese behavior in territorial disputes is more likely to be deterred by
    denial than by threats of punishment. China will continue the combination of
    consolidating its physical presence and engaging in coercive diplomacy,
    lawfare, and media campaigns unless it is stopped directly. This is what India
    did at Doklam — it directly blocked Chinese efforts to change the status quo. …”

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