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Terror in Charlottesville and American Decline
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  • Unelected Leader

    This did huge damage to the left. 500 so called Nazis gathered and not one cop was shot or gas station torched. The difference is clear – the Nazis arent worse than BLM. Of course, not everyone there engaged in violence. In fact only a handful. But that’s supposed to describe all 500 white guys, right? When half of the BLM crowed is liberating the quarts of beer and cartons of newports before torching the gas station and shooting at the VICE reporter in Ferguson well, those aren’t real BLM, says the anti white MSM.

    Minority identity politics creates majority identity politics. Thank the left for this. They took a gamble and lost. Created a big problem for selfish reasons. I’ve friends who were there. Without exception each one of them said that they went there to march because they were tired of the double standard. BLM and the Panthers call for cops to be shot and torch a neighborhood, yet we aren’t demanding anyone disavow black nationalism and racism. The MSM can keep it up. Will only create more torch lit rallies.

    • Bob Cusack

      And when leftists start the violence – and it is always leftists who start the violence – we will hit them back 10 times harder.
      And that includes the leftist reporters in the propaganda MSM. No more free passes.

      • f1b0nacc1

        I share your view, but let me suggest caution….engaging in a war, even one that you will win, is a very, very dangerous practice, and usually results in unpleasant side effects

    • KremlinKryptonite

      There have been torch lit rallies and Klan meetings all along, but they were suppressed to minuscule numbers for decades. If they are growing, and it appears that they are, then you have to ask some uncomfortable questions about why. Don’t forget, the Nazis started out as a handful of drunkards in a beer hall.
      As communist violence and excess increased, the Nazis became more popular. Nazi party growth was, in part, a reaction to communist crimes on German streets and threatening to kidnap the families of generals and police chiefs, etc.

      The before and after really explain why the event itself occurred. It is deeply problematic that the city authorized and then pulled the permit to assemble, and the marchers had to rely on the ACLU to get it back. Meanwhile, the cops did indeed appear to vanish once ANTIFA and BLM showed up. This has happened repeatedly across multiple states, and most notably at Berkeley. Deeply troubling. Maybe getting a standdown order?

      • Gary Hemminger

        Yes, something is fishy about the whole thing. The police need to keep protesters away from protesters.

        • D4x

          Before July 4, Antifa had threatened to desecrate the graves and monuments of the Confederacy at Gettysburg. Since there are NO Confederate soldiers buried there, I thought it was a way for whoever is behind Antifa to
          assess a new tactical strategy, since masked violence in Berkeley had backfired.

          My tentative theory is that Antifa was waiting for a legitimate protest like the one in Charlottesville, that Antifa learned to change their tactic – no masks, maybe hire a counter-protest.

          The campaign to remove Confederate monuments is too similar to palestinian history textbooks and manipulation of UNESCO. BLM was proud to adopt tactics from the PLO/Hamas. BLM has been nearly silent since last Aug-Sept ‘protest’ in Charlotte, NC, especially after the local news reported most of those protestors had been bussed in from out-of-state, which is a violation of a Federal law. Then it was Antifa ‘protests’.

      • Jim__L

        Bluntly, the FBI needs to start investigating both sides of this conflict for possible ties to the clandestine foreign services of Russia (or China, or even Britain, for the sake of due diligence). I’m not kidding.

        Playing If-I-Were-A-Russian (Ya ha deedle deedle… never mind), I think it would be a huge amount of fun to try to destabilize America by exacerbating tensions like this. I would be hustling as hard as I could to take credit for it, whether I deserved it or not.

        • SeaAyeA

          Democrats abandoned the working class about 40 years ago and especially 20 years ago with Billy Boy. Their gamble was hoping that whites would hate themselves enough and become a minority quickly enough to allow them to win with the nonwhite, and unemployed welfare vote.

          They did indeed lose that gamble. Not only have the loser Democrats lost 1000 seats under loser Obama, but they are the weakest they’ve been in 90 years, and a shockingly high number of Hispanics [for the Dems] voted trump! Trump is supposed to be Adolf Hitler according to the liar, loser MSM yet Hillary under performed Obama with Hispanics and blacks. HAHAHA.

          • Martin Jennerson


    • Suzy Dixon

      Yeah I don’t think this is going to have the effect that the establishment and MSM wants it to have. It’s very much a reaction to violence and anti white hate that’s been popularized in state schools and the MSM for a long time now. Antifa dresses up like ninjas and throws feces and bricks at people. Sometimes they are also going to get hurt. It’s what we call par for the course. Ideally, nobody would be hating anybody or throwing bottles of feces and bricks or ramming with cars or torching gas stations. But we don’t live in a perfect country or perfect world.

      • Unelected Leader

        Well sure, and it’s by no means a perfectly bifurcated situation either. I mean, while the torch rally was going on I was at a neighbors barbecue with my family and there was a little bit of everything there as far as races are concerned. Somebody was checking news and brought up the rally and Lee and everybody agreed that the march is not occurring over a statue. And my black neighbor said that he hopes BLM does not show up because they only make things worse, and that he wants the Klan or whoever to have their little events and then go home and get no attention at all.

        Of course that’s what was happening for the last how I don’t know has it been 30 or 40 years at least. But if klan membership is growing, or even attendance of their events, that’s not happening in a vacuum. People are feeling desperate and being driven towards it. Now why do you suppose that is? I think you have a great idea based on your comment.

    • Gary Hemminger

      I completely agree with this post. Minority identity politics creates majority identity politics. Very true.

  • Bob Cusack

    The left is getting the civil war it wanted.
    Though egged on by the media and Hollywood, leftists didn’t think they would personally pay a price. Maybe leftists will step back after yesterday, but I doubt it.
    The thing to do now is to fight this war to win. And that means killing as many leftists as possible by whatever means necessary.

    • ——————————


      • D4x

        Come back, two days later, Monday afternoon – I broke the P.C. code – it’s Newspeak, the language of Orwell’s Oceania, “1984”. The removal of Lee’s monuments is to make him into a Unperson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak#Unperson

        I wonder if they teach Newspeak at Harvard and Columbia – would explain all the fake news.

    • M Snow

      Is this the real Bob Cusack (editor of The Hill)? The picture matches but it doesn’t sound like anything he’d say.

      • rheddles

        Forget it, M. It’s the internet.

      • ——————————

        It’s probably not the real Bob C…but I am the real ——————————!….

      • D4x

        Yes, this fake Bob Cusack is using the real Bob Cusack’s photo & name – an impersonator who posts death threats.

        • M Snow

          Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

          • D4x

            YW. At the time, I flagged and the moderator responded. More difficult to discern the commenters fishing for a ‘serious conversation’, but only if they can convert you to their point of view.

    • M Snow

      I’d like to know why three people are up-voting a call to mass murder?

      • Bob Cusack

        Because they understand that in war, you either kill your enemies, or they kill you.
        And the only thing worse than a shitlib is a cuck. Now, cuck off and die.

        • Tom

          Ah, Iago. It’s good to see you’re still around.

      • adk

        Some seriously insane people here.

        • M Snow

          Sad to say, you’re probably correct.

    • Jeff77450

      I’m a conservative and I despise the Left for all the obvious reasons. But a call to gratuitously kill them is not helpful. Whichever side engages in the least violence holds an important aspect of the moral high ground by default. Obviously everyone has the right to engage in legitimate self-defense.

  • PCB

    In your disillusionment and need to assign blame, you reach for the closest target. This is an immature reaction; one I hope you can see yourself to rise above. Trump and his many weaknesses are not the cause here; its origin is much more a result of ideologue’s refusing to accept a legitimate election and actively undermining the new government at every turn. People learn quickly that playing by the rules has lost its merit in this Country and they can only be expected to react with similar disregard. I am not condoning this or any violence, and certainly not the loss of life precipitated by either left or right, I am merely suggesting this is what happens in real life; very different from the fairy-tale life on campus. “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down” is a child’s game where everyone knows that afterwards they can just get up and go back to their safe-spaces; when the game is played in the real-world, the reality of the outcome is very different.

    This will be a maturing time for many; And, a reality check – will the country survive intact – probably; but, sadly, not before more needless violence; more senseless death. Things have been set in motion to “resist”, and they have finally reached a point where they are out of the control of even the instigators who set them in motion.

  • rheddles

    This is what the fourth turning looks like. We’re going to be a very different nation in 10 years. I have no idea what it will be, but it will be different. I have no idea how much violence it will involve, but the nation has survived violence before, though that does not justify calls for it. Keep your knees loose and your seat belt on.

    • Anthony

      I hasten to describe it as progress but certainly a human cost has already been paid; similarly, a result is at best a known unknown – still, evil coming out of the shadows must not be either normalized or made to feel comfortable in 21st century America.

    • mgoodfel

      I still think the greatest danger to the country is the amount of debt and promises government has run up. And that may come crashing down in the next ten years, but I doubt anyone will be satisfied with the result.

    • Boritz

      “satisfied with the result”

      Rome today is a beautiful city and a coveted vacation destination; all concerns by the Romans about barbarians at the gate who would sake and burn the city notwithstanding.

  • Fat_Man

    When the other guys do it, the world is coming to an end.

    Take a chill pill dude. This doesn’t put a patch om 1968. And the US survived that. Of course, 1968 was bush leauge compared to 1860. And the US survived that.

    • DiogenesDespairs

      Where was the author and his angst when a left-wing nut gravely wounded Rep. Scalise while attempting a mass assassination of political leaders? Where was this author and his angst when an anti-Trump nut assassinated a local Republican in Tennessee for his political views just the other day? Where was he and his angst when masked thugs dressed in black were suppressing free speech at universities or attempting to disrupt the Trump inauguration? Now we have a right-wing nut plowing a car through counterprotestors at a white supremacist rally and suddeny the world is coming to an end.

      One way to help keep the country from falling apart would be to stop being such a hypocrite. I await the author’s article expressing similar dismay over the radical left’s far more serious attacks on the very basis of not only our system of government but also of our civil society.

      • Jim__L

        Previously the Right (even the fringe) could be trusted not to turn to violence. That changed, for the worse.

        • bff426

          No it couldn’t. The right always has had violence, be it Charleston, Oklahoma City or the random abortion clinic shooter/bomber. The difference here is that they support this president, and he refuses to disavow them. As someone who has been wishing him success since his victory, these last two weeks have made me regret that stance. I am now turning to neutral on the Mueller investigation. If it results in this president being driven from office, so be it.

          • John Dowd

            Where are the disavowals of Black Lives Matter, the Baltimore rioters, Antifa campus fascists, Assassin of the Dallas policemen, CAIR, LA RAZA. the Communist Party U.S.A., the Knockout game players, Black Mob Violence gangsters, MS 13, not to mention Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Barack Hussein Obama! All these organization and individuals have violated the civil rights of ordinary American citizens without a peep coming from the “Establishment” except to blame their victims. Yet one guy who kills one person with a car is somehow a planned right wing terrorists campaign equal to 911. That is the reason Trump won and will continue to win election. Such one-sided analysis shows disrespect for ordinary American Citizens and displays the “D.C.’s” effete and totally out-of-touch concerns.The American People have wised up. They will no longer be diverted by the “Establishments” Shiny Object Strategy. The squishy Republican Senators (McCain, Graham, etc.) days are numbered. There will be a reckoning for the aforementioned Democrat Rouge’s Gallery. The American People demand it!

    • Gary Hemminger

      Exactly correct. These elites like Jason are the ones egging on the whites by applying a double standard. A BLM can exist and be a grievance group, but can you imagine what a WLM would be called by the media. Pure and simple it is a nazi group. No matter what it stands for it will be branded racist.

      The only way to get rid of racism is to not distinguish based on race. BLM needs to be called out as a racist group. Any grouping of people by color needs to be called out for being racists. Start with the big ones. All Black colleges need to be branded racists immediately. The Congressional Black Caucus needs to be disbanded because it is racist. Any organization that consists solely of one identity group needs to be branded racist. then we can move on to whether we need to do the same with gender as well.

      • ——————————

        Actually it would be better to let people group as they choose. It is human nature at it’s core. Why do certain parts of society think this basic nature can simply be legislated or guilted away? It is asinine, and will blow up at some point….

      • Anthony

        Yesterday had nothing to do with BLM. A taproot of America has always been the fear of both the foreigner and the other. Let’s not conflate Neo-Nazis/white supremacist induced violence of yesterday to BLM – subject for another time perhaps given Charlottlesville’s currency. Racism is a given, this reply is not an attempt to argue that reality one way or the other.

        But, some scholars contend that the lower-class members of majority groups tend to organize around their ethno-racial identity because of a lack of achieved occupational identity. Yiftachel, for example, observes that the economic and social marginalization of Sephardic Jews in Israel has given rise to political movements that emphasize Sephardic Jewishness. Brodkin, on the other hand, traces how Jweish immigrants to the United States embraced whiteness as part of their transition into the middle class. Similarly, Roediger describes how Irish immigrants in the 1800s came to insist on their own whiteness and on white supremacy as a bulwark against association with the black laboring class in the United States.

        Actually, your call for less distinguishing discounts the reliance on whiteness in the United States as both refuge and psychological wage from sense of marginalization or social deprivation (status decline). For whatever it’s worth the white nationalists are fighting an uphill skirmish. That is, the concept of whiteness is an amalgam of European and Eurasian ethnicities – the internal diversity reduces the coherency of white norms and culture; its inconsistent boundaries over time weaken the sense of groupness (while whiteness at one point excluded groups like the Irish, Italians, Jews, and Slavs, at its most inclusive, it incorporates all of them along with groups from the Levant and Latin Americans of European descent). Moving on requires honesty; you seem to be looking for the road. We can remain optimistic while being realistic.

        • Gary Hemminger

          No, I disagree. the problem is that racism is allowed to exist in some groups and not others. All groups based on race need to end. Not legislatively but through shame. The same mechanism applied to Nazi’s. All groups that are based on race are racist. there can be no other way. Any other way is hypocritical. either race based discrimination is allowed or it is not allowed. there can be no double standard.

          • Anthony

            Nothing to disagree about! Though I quite understand your sentiment and its measured desire for parallelism – we got work to do Gary. Stay with it and keep close examination on quasi-equivalence and facile reliance too readily applied arguments of double standards (though, I’m with you [as I’ve always been] regarding the use of “double standards” in all social interactions).

        • Gary Hemminger

          You are a racist. Any discussion of all white people in one group is racism. Pure and simple. You are my first call out. You are a racist in my book. Shame on you!

          • FriendlyGoat

            You’re living in a faulty “book”. Don’t feel alone. About half the people are too these days—–but it doesn’t make them right.

          • Tom

            Remarkable. He actually said something that was correct in that last sentence. Of course, not for the reasons he thinks he is…

          • Anthony

            Thanks, but remember the advice given in the Atlantic Article: “not all lies are fantasies and not all fantasies are lies (I am an American, a fortunate American who has lived in a fortunate American century); and even as we enter this long winter of foolishness and darkness, we need to firmly commit to Moynihan’s aphorism about opinions versus facts – we must call out the dangerously untrue and unreal.” FG, my humble contribution today – faulty book or not, thanks.

          • FriendlyGoat

            I’m not satisfied with Gary calling you a racist in his “book”. It would be a dumb-A$$ book.

          • Anthony

            Thanks, I needed the laugh you just supplied but it’s really immaterial and distorting use of term (truthiness/fantasy).

          • Anthony

            Terms are to be utilized correctly but you assert what makes you comfortable. Use the Stanford Degrees (you claim) for something more than unsubstantiated meanderings. Mea culpa, Gary. I’m done here!

    • Boritz

      The values one sees on TV, in movies, in print, on the internet, in your own living room, are the values of 1968, not the values of the time prior.  Pyrrhic survival.

  • WigWag

    It might be a good time to re-read Thomas Carlyle’s history of the French Revolution, followed by Edmund Burke’s thoughts on the same subject.

    The French Revolution was ignited when the French aristocracy became so indifferent and contemptuous of French commoners that the lives of ordinary people transformed from miserable to hopeless.

    If I remember my history correctly, a proximate cause of the revolution

    • Jim__L

      On the plus side, this country has mechanisms to change course that were not open to the Romans or the Bourbons — or even the British in 1776, in many ways.

      Trump’s election was like the first step in an iterative process to solve the problem. We haven’t converged on a solution yet, but at least we’ve knocked off our disastrous previous course.

      • WigWag

        I’m not as optimistic as you are, Jim. When the peasants show up at the palace with pitchforks they are almost always routed. Victories are few and far between. Given their monopoly on resources, elites usually win.

        Personally I agree with Jason; I’m worried about the future. Here’s what our repulsive ruling class doesn’t get; none of this has anything to do with Trump. Trump is a symptom of what ails us, not the cause of what ails us.

        There’s nothing surprising about a small group of racist, antisemitic Nazis and KKK members behaving like morons; that’s what they do. What is surprising and troubling is that our elite class believes in its heart of hearts that the tens of millions of honest and decent working Americans are no better than Nazis.

        These elites believe that if you get angry about bussing for integration, or if you find abortion morally repugnant, or if you like to hunt, or if you are uncomfortable allowing your school aged daughter to share a locker-room with a transsexual girl, then you are the functional equivalent of a Nazi.

        Just as Louis XVI locked the French lower classes who made up the Third Estate out of politics, today’s elites want to lock working people out of the ability to make any decisions about how to live their lives. No wonder so many people are fighting back. Our elites might think this makes these folks fascists, but of course they are wrong. To find the real bigots, these elites need only to look in the mirror.

        • Dan Kearns

          What about if the economic rug is pulled out from underneath those elites, WigWag? They are highly dependent on continued globalization that seems to be coming up on its natural limits? My take is that they have their current extreme resources and power based on the specific economic circumstances arising around the end of the Cold War.

          In addition, they might be vulnerable in their electoral coalition (as long as we maintain our current Constitution, of course). If I had to choose between a party with its strength made up of the wealthy and various minorities or a broad based party of the majority, the rules of democracy would seem to suggest the majority. Even just maintaining a coalition of various minorities is very challenging work in itself.

        • Boritz

          I would add this: The voters of their respective states will continue to return Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Cornyn and all the other establishment figures to power. They may be forced like Boehner to resign due to internal rifts within their own power structure, but their voters don’t get what’s at stake. Don’t know if it’s the pork they send home or the name recognition or the swell, legendary story of the Vietnam hero, but we can’t win with this situation.

        • Jim__L

          If you’re not optimistic, why are you spending your time posting these things rather than going out and enjoying whatever can be saved from the wreck, or whatever can be enjoyed while it can be enjoyed?

          About the only constructive thing about complaining is it can raise awareness of problems to drive people towards a solution.

        • Beauceron

          “Here’s what our repulsive ruling class doesn’t get; none of this has anything to do with Trump. Trump is a symptom of what ails us, not the cause of what ails us.”
          I think that is precisely right.
          But it’s easier, and more beneficial to the Left and their narrative to cast their enemies as neoNazis than to actually look at their opponents and deal with the real issues they raise. Better to just silence them with shame than do the hard work of coming to terms both with an ideology that opposes them and their own failures.

    • Angel Martin

      “American elites in 2017 appear to be every bit as venal and stupid as the French elites …”

      I’d say this is being generous.

      The “progressive” leadership in many western countries make Marie Antoinette and Rasputin look like Churchill and De Gaulle.

    • SeaAyeA

      Remember how that story ended. That means somewhere out there today is a 20-something year old watching and reading and learning, and over the next 10 or 15 years he will make his appearance and become the next Napoleon.

      • Stephen

        I have written much the same repeatedly since the election. I have written that people should enjoy this Trump. This is the nice Trump. The next Trump is out there watching and learning. The next Trump qua Napoleon will be as ruthless and skilled.

    • Stephen

      Ahh…But, how many of the so-called elite have read either Carlyle or Burke? Probably few know more than a snippet of either, if that. The vast majority have been careerists from the moment they ran for the presidency of the high school class or set their sights on elective office or a Wall Street gig. They have structured their entire life around climbing the next rung on the ladder up. No time for the dusty works of 19th century writers much less for any of those who wrote earlier. As a result, they no confidence in anything deeper than their own shallow achievements, and consequently no defense against the calumnies casually thrown about these days. Better to sail close to the shore and blend in; never challenge a prevailing orthodoxy. This is particularly so for elected members of the GOP, so cowed are they by the dominant culture that despite historic majorities they achieve little, knowing little, and dreaming less.

    • adk

      “American elites in 2017 appear to be every bit as venal and stupid as the French elites leading up to 1789…the Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood crowds have become so glutinous that they refuse to even allow the crumbs that fall off of their remarkably ample tables to dribble down to ordinary people.”
      So, other than foaming at the mouth (while typing it on a gizmo produced by the Silicon Valley and financed by the Wall Street), what do you propose to allow at least some crumbs to “dribble down to ordinary people”?

      “…when the rulers of that society lose all sense of decency and common sense”
      Funny coming from someone who recently wrote this:
      “The uniparty in DC and their loyal paparazzi in the press need to be disembowled and then carved up like the proverbial Christmas goose…”

      and this:
      “…chain them all to a wall in a dank dungeon, which is where they deserve to be.”

      • Joe Eagar

        At least let the lower classes build decent housing with their own money, free from this land use regulation nightmare.

    • Martin Jennerson

      “Their courtesans in the press and academic worlds are even worse; they don’t want people they view as their inferiors to have any political power at all”.

      The behavior of the American media during the last election and since has been beyond obnoxious. They are the most self-righteous, hypocritical collection of mediocre, brainless idiots I’ve ever seen. And they have literally no awareness of what a desperate, self-serving group of establishment skivvies the come across as. They’re unbelievable.

    • Wayne Lusvardi

      I would also propose that there is much to learn from the French Dreyfus Affair of the early 1900’s to the “nationalist” movements going on in the US, Britain and Egypt today, especially with the attempted framing by intelligence agencies of Trump for espionage. The Dreyfus Affair is the political template for the phony Trump “Russiagate” scandal. Only the roles of perpetrator and victim are reversed between “nationalists” and “progressives” in the current replay of the Dreyfus Affair in the US. What was the “Dreyfus Affair”? On its surface it was the highly politically symbolic framing of a Jewish officer by the French army on charges of espionage for which he was unjustly imprisoned for 10 years. Dreyfus was the first person tried by modern mass media. But what brought about the Dreyfus Affair was not merely Anti-Semitism in France in the early 1900’s anymore than “White Nationalism” has much to do with bringing about the rise of Trump’s “America First” nationalism. Here is how historian Robert Lynn Fuller in his book “The Origin of the French Nationalist Movement” describes France in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s leading up to the Dreyfus Affair:

      “Poor France. By the opening of the twentieth century her condition had sunk to such a low the nation was no longer recognizable as the France that had for centuries been the cultural center of Europe and had preoccupied the minds of kings and their ministers ever there were kings to fret about France. This once-proud nation had been overrun by foreigners who mercilessly exploited her rich resources and native industry. Foreign workers stole the jobs of hard-working and honest French men and women who asked only to be allowed to toil in their own land for a decent living. The government had fallen into the hands of a cabal of swindlers with a single goal: to bankrupt the state so that foreign and Jewish bankers and speculators could enrich themselves and their corrupt servants. The universities had become captive to a strange breed of aliens who used them to serve these foreign and Jewish masters. These secretive conspirators worked hand in hand with collectivist revolutionary socialists to ruin French industry and commerce, and to reduce all French men and women to slavery….The foreign policy of France was controlled by crooked anti-French cosmopolitans who strove to advance the interest of France’s enemies, above all England. In order to achieve this conquest, the foreigners, speculators, Jews, Protestants and France-hating Frenchmen first had to neutralize the French army, which alone could save France from ruination. However, by 1902 the army was nearly prostrate, demoralized, stripped of her best commanders, starved for funds, and infested by an internal corps of spies serving the Masons. France had not been reduced to such a depraved state since the Hundred Years War…”

      Sound similar to the “America First”, Brexit and Couch Party movements in the US, Britain and Egypt? And like the Dreyfus Affair, what we are witnessing is a number of emerging anti-nationalist media spectacles choreographed to incite and portray nationalists in a bad light and to persuade public opinion against the them (e.g., Charlottesville, Berkeley, etc.). The entire Dreyfus Affair was the first politicized media spectacle of a political trial by modern mass media (later would come the Scopes Trial, Sacco & Vanzetti, Alger Hiss and the “Pumpkin Papers” of Whittaker Chambers, Watergate, OJ Simpson trial, etc.). Such media political trials are attempts to bring closure, or attempts to reverse, highly symbolic divisive issues and political personalities.

      The Dreyfus Affair was religious at its core. It not only spawned Jewish Zionism it also is the cultural crucible of modern Progressivism as a secular religion.

  • Isaiah6020

    I always counseled to remember that bricks, fists and bullets fly in both directions. The Left ignored it, the same way they ignored people telling them the dangers of playing identity politics. So be it. You reap what you sow…. It is time the modern Left learn that lesson.
    And Jason Willick…. The fact that you are so willing to blame it all on President Trump without once mentioning all the delegitimization demagoguery of the Left along with real violence of antifa is just another reason to not take you seriously. Until and unless you can report the news fairly you will continue to be part of the problem.

    • D4x

      We are supposed to learn from history, not delete history. Those who are determined to remove statues of Robert E. Lee will go after Thomas Jefferson and George Washington next. They have been brainwashed into believing the U.S. Constitution is illegitimate, that the founding of the United States of America was permanently stained by slavery, requiring the delegitimization of the office of the President of the United States, in order to fundamentally transform the USA…

      The campaign to erase Confederate monuments is too similar to palestinian history textbooks and manipulation of UNESCO.

      • Fred

        Not to mention the Taliban blowing up Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.

        • D4x

          Not that I want to defend the Taliban, but their motivation in destroying the stone Buddhas in Bamiyan was religious fundamentalism, an iteration of the 2nd Commandment: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”. Most of eastern Afghanistan was Buddhist before Islam got that far. I think the imperialism of Islam has a lot to do with destroying Christian iconography, by building mosques on churches. No, I have no idea why Christianity ignores the 2nd Commandment, except perhaps adapt to the Roman/Hellenic cultures in which Christianity first spread, and perhaps distinguish Christianity from Judaism.

          The palestinian manipulation of UNESCO to deny any historical connection of Judaism to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is rewriting/deleting archaeological history.

          BLM was openly proud to acknowledge their model is the PLO/Hamas ‘resistance’.

          • Fred

            I’m not saying that what the Taliban did and what the statue-removers are doing is exactly the same thing, but there is congruence there. The statue-removers are attempting to erase from history something that is blasphemy to their identity politics, which they hold as fanatically, mindlessly, and irrationally (and as we’ve seen since the election, often as violently) as the Taliban hold their Jihadist Islam.

          • D4x

            The statue-removers? You are correct is seeing their religious-like zealotry, but their belief system seems grounded in political ideology, not a variant of what we usually think of as ‘organized religion’. I just posted my new thoughts on their determination to erase history above (the dilemma of not being able to have a three-way discussion in comment threads!).

            The Afghan Taliban are Nationalist Islamists, which is one key reason why they are NOT a recognized Terror Group like Hezbollah, which is definitely a Transnational Islamist movement that primarily uses terror. In 2001, the Taliban was the government of Afghanistan, and did host Al-Qaeda, but were not part of Al-Qaeda. There ARE some factions of the 2001 Afghan Taliban who are now Jihadists, and the Pakistani Taliban since 2001 is a whole other topic.

            I see both the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban today as direct descendants, not just genetic descendants, of the then all-Afghan Pashtuns who changed history when they revolted against British imperialism in the First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42. By far, the best account, from 2013, paperback in 2014: “Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42”, William Dalrymple: http://www.williamdalrymple.uk.com/books/return-of-a-king
            America’s folly is to still be fighting the Fourth Anglo-Afghan War.

      • f1b0nacc1

        This is the key to the whole thing. The Left is not simply willing to ‘win’ the battles in the culture wars, they wish to remove any trace of views of the other combatants completely.

        • D4x

          Just now, I decided to see if “amicable” was an approved word in Political Correctness, and that led to Orwell’s “1984”. Aha! Newspeak is part of the infrastructure of Identity Politics.

          Apple’s “1984” Superbowl ad aired in1984, about the time historiography shifted to the dominant ‘blame it on white man’s colonialism’ theme at Harvard. I do not know when P.C. ‘started’, but do remember that the phrase “sexual harassment” was NOT in use in 1985. Anyway, back to Newspeak and P.C. and the ‘culture wars’, and the subject of monuments to the Confederacy, which mostly represented a national healing between 1917 and 1959.

          The campaign to dismantle monuments to Robert E. Lee is to make him an Unperson.

          “An unperson is someone who has been “vaporized”—not only killed by the state, but erased from existence.
          Such a person would be written out of existing books, photographs and articles so that no trace of their existence could be found in the historical record.

          The idea is that such a person would, according to the principles of doublethink, be forgotten completely (for it would be impossible to provide evidence of their existence), even by close friends and family.

          Mentioning an unperson’s name, or even speaking of their past existence, is itself thoughtcrime;
          the concept that the person may have existed at one time and has disappeared cannot be expressed
          in Newspeak.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak#Unperson

          Newspeak also explains why it is so impossible to get the Left’s acolytes and pundits to leave their Echo Chambers. And why The Atlantic magazine has descended into Newspeak, as Steve Jobs’ widow buys The Atlantic. Their online coverage of Charlottesville was astonishingly one-sided.

          I started out with being tired of hearing “We need to have a serious conversation”, when I heard Illinois Gov. Rauner say it last week, about one of the insurmountable problems he has no idea how to tackle. That led to: Next time a politician says: “We need to have a serious conversation”, consider the source: “If we can’t have a serious conversation without politicizing it on cable TV and making it a scoring point for one day, we’re in trouble.” John F. Kerry http://www.azquotes.com/author/7940-John_F_Kerry?p=13

          This catchphrase certainly became the default deflection during O44’s reign. Still do not know who said it first.

          Ok, taking a break from Charlottesville, dot-connecting, and Orwell. Except, I do wonder if TeamTrump has understood the Newspeak angle from the beginning.

          • f1b0nacc1

            As always, well said….

          • D4x

            Your reply above was a big assist. It has been way too challenging, since 2011, to try to understand the complete immunity of the brainwashed to reason. Needing to constantly check the definitions of words past year has been like learning English as a second language.

          • seattleoutcast

            It really got bad in 1991, just after tenure started happening for the militant, leftist professors around the country. Time, you might be surprised, was against political correctness at first. I remember this issue, with the article, Busybodies and Crybabies.


  • Anthony

    Pause, reflect, and consider: “the festering undergrowth of dehumanizing reactionary online politics [is] now edging closer to the mainstream.” This has not occurred in a vacuum!

    No need to dread Jason Willick, just stay actively (and courageously) involved and keep your head up.

    Also, continue the fortitude to address (write about) challenging American concerns with both interest, trepidation, inquisitiveness, and heart.

  • QET

    The explicitly racist marchers and the murderousness of at least one of them are certainly appalling, but like other commenters I worry more that a young intelligent person like this writer is thrown into lugubrious reflection only in a case like this. I see no meaningful difference between these racists and the violent Berkeley and Seattle Antifas, the guy who shot the GOP congressman, the guy who killed his Trump-supporting next-door neighbor and the guys who dragged the Trump supporter from his car and beat him. Writers like this one are made keenly anxious by the presence of violent long-discredited groups like the KKK at more broad-based right-wing political rallies yet seem indifferent to the presence of violent long-discredited groups like the Communists at more broad-based left-wing political rallies.

    It is entirely true that the “resurgence” of open white political racism is not only the direct effect, but the intended effect, of the prior violence and hostility of the left. White racism as an active and effective political force in this country was dissolved long ago. It is being deliberately resurrected by the Left who need a simple, known, easily opposed enemy to organize their politics around. The immense popularity of the recent book The New Jim Crow testifies to the desire of both modern black activists and the left generally to continue fighting the last war, to the utter inability of these groups to organize their politics around, or even to think, in other than the old categories, against the old enemy whose ghost must be kept alive in order to provide the opportunity for today’s left to strike heroic poses and deliver heroic orations. The Civil Rights Era is The Aeneid of today’s black youth and the left generally, and like the original must be retold again and again, must be staged again and again so that the characters of Aeneas and Pallas, Nisus and Euryalus may be played over and over again by succeeding generations desirous of partaking in that heroic age. Or you could analogize it to a medieval Passion Play, with its traditional and unmistakable depiction of Good versus Evil.

    This writer, I fear, is limited in his understanding of politics by those ancient tales, as are so many others. And that is a more accurate indicator of American decline than any rally of Confederate-flag waving yokels.

    • Anthony

      Real simple, qet, the writer (Jason Willick) is young and has yet to live as wondrous a life as you – he’ll get there God willing. Secondarily, there’s no equivalence and the yokels you reference reflect the sclerotic and devoid of ideas political framework of which they inherited (conviction and moral clarity requires more than anger for ballast).

      • QET

        You are right: there is no equivalence. The Charlottesville white nationalists are far less dangerous than the Antifas, the Resisters (especially those within the government), Twitter outrage mobs, the Left generally. That wasn’t true 100 years ago and it may not be true 50 years from now, but it is true today. And it is the unwillingness of people to acknowledge that is the real reason for despair.

        Certainly the white racists are loathsome in their inherited, sclerotic ideas. And by terming that ideology sclerotic you are making my very point. White racism as an active, effective political force of an organized collective is clinically dead, its arteries blocked and its heart stopped. But the Left furiously keeps applying the defibrillator hoping to shock it back into life, because without the presence of an active politically self-aware white racism, a large portion of the army of the Left would have to disband and return home to a routine, ordinary existence, and there’s no heroism in that.

        • Anthony

          I’m not aware of Antifas but have seen term bandied about on right-wing (reactionary) web sites. The topic here is Charlottesville and Jason Willick’s pensive concern. If you want to wax about your opinions (and conclusions) concerning how you interpret his remarks go right ahead. For me, evil coming out of the shadows will be noted and called what it is. Continue on your left/right crusade.

          • Tom

            Umm, Anthony, you might want to get out of your bubble. Here’s an article from the notoriously reactionary right-wingers at Mother Jones. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/04/anti-racist-antifa-tinley-park-five/

          • Anthony

            Tom, don’t be so picayunish. The internet has enabled Fantasyland but to return the intent (though not some brief read to salve predilection): https//www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/how-america-lost-its-mind/534231/

          • Tom

            And you wonder why people get annoyed with you.

          • Anthony

            Emphasis: I care less about virtual annoyance. I am not here for friends or disputation. What are you now Tom, 26 or 27? Live, give chat boards less priority. God Bless you Tom!

          • Fred

            What is your absurd obsession with people’s age? What difference could it possibly make how old Tom is?

  • Dan Kearns

    The strategy of “a pox on both of their houses” feels good, but, sometimes, it’s bad historical analysis. The way to see why things are changing is to look at a longer historical time span, Mr. Willick.

    • Anthony

      How long a historical time span?

      • M Snow

        Ok, start with 1860.

        • Anthony

          You can’t arbitrarily pick a date (in my opinion) – U.S. history begins 17th century and if you want Jason grounded perhaps that’s a beginning. Thanks, Snow, but I’m done here.

    • ——————————

      But that would require Mr. Willick to go out of his left-leaning, academic, ivory tower…which may cause him paralysis or something worse for him…true insight….

  • Gary Hemminger

    Jason needs to take a breath. Maybe I am just older and wiser than him. What I saw was a bunch of loony left wingers and kook right wingers having it out with themselves. I have them all. The far left and far right are the problem. Trump called them both out, but most people just want to call out the idiot white Nazi’s. The problem is the far left and far right and anyone with an ounce of brainpower realizes this. Every time one of these far right far left violence things happen, both sides just want to blame the other. Well enough of this. Both sides are at fault. People have a right to protest. I don’t care if they what they are protesting. The other side does not have the right to come to their protest and fight them. And people shouldn’t come to protests wearing masks and carrying weapons of any kind.

    What Jason doesn’t realize is that it is his kind that are egging on both sides.

  • CaliforniaStark

    “My generation, born after the Cold War came to a close, has never experienced this kind of ambient uncertainty about American society’s basic stability”.

    Really, maybe it never wanted to see it. In Chicago this weekend three people were murdered and 15 wounded in shootings. The total number of victims from shootings in Chicago this year is 396 dead (total homicides 429) and 1894 wounded. The overwhelming majority of victims are young African-Americans. This slaughter has been happening in U.S. urban areas for a considerable period of time, and seems to be ignored by your generation and others. Out of sight, out of mind.

    My feeling is urban areas becoming in effect shooting galleries has a huge impact on American society’s basic stability, and is more of a threat than the fringe right. In saying this, have no use for the far right, and believe people running around with Nazi flags are traitors, but a far greater threat to the U.S. is the social collapse taking place in urban neighborhoods because of gangs and drugs. When are the trendy people of your generation going to address this issue?

    • StudentZ

      When I studied abroad in Zimbabwe in 2000, I remember my host family getting pulled over by some armed officers on the street while we were driving through Harare. This was not something I had witnessed before, and my host mother laughed at my surprise after she paid off the officers. Apparently, she thought I should be used to corruption and guns as a part of everyday life in the U.S. I assume that impression came from Hollywood and the news, but we do have a violent, gun-toting reputation overseas. While I do think our tolerance for guns and urban violence is problematic, I also think a little caution should be exercised when characterizing U.S. urban areas as particularly unsafe. It depends on your income, your neighborhood, and your city, among other things.

      I do agree with your sentiment regarding this article, however, which seems a bit hyperbolic. I feel as if quotes about one’s generation should be left to wizened octogenarians whose age inclines them to sweeping nostalgic narratives, not kids in their twenties whose experiences are comparatively limited by time. Plus, I’m not sure if the author is speaking on behalf of Millennials, many of whom were born before the end of the Cold War, or some younger, even more ill-defined generation. I have a little more than a decade on the author, I’m guessing, and little to show for it, but it seems strange to label Charlottesville as particularly notable compared to just about everything else in the news lately. Also, given the fact that so many Millennials have struggled with unemployment for various reasons, including the Great Recession, and race wars have been a thing for as long as I can remember, it seems strange to think that young adults entering the workforce over the last decade or two have such a rosy impression of American stability and society. Even if they do, I’m not sure it’s worth mentioning the shattered delusions of people too young to have amassed any shared wisdom.

  • leoj

    we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well

    ‘No enemies to the left,’ meet ‘no enemies to the right’

  • Joe Eagar

    I think things started going downhill when the advocates for reduced socioeconomic inequality became the ones most advantaged by inequality. Politics became a contest of who could be more cynical and nihilistic.

    • f1b0nacc1

      You think that this is a new thing?

  • FriendlyGoat

    I know the process to stopping it (the falling apart of America). Do a 180 from the present leadership tone of President Trump and go straight back to “political correctness”. The ginning up of “We don’t need to respect no minorities! We don’t need to respect no elites!
    We don’t need to respect no queers! We don’t need to respect no feminists! We don’t need to respect no new knowledge!” has led this country to the mess Jason Willick can readily see.

    Not that such a 180 is very likely to happen. Until it does, the answer from civilized America to the right-side hate machine should be the same one Trump gave to North Korea. If you continue to act like crazy people, you will be met with fire and fury. We are in the 21st century and we are not going back to the worst of either the 19th or the 20th. To heck with the constitution for Neo-Nazis and KKK. (Yes, you heard that right.) Meet them on every corner and give them the same treatment as announced for Kim. Fire and fury.

    Can’t do better? OF COURSE we can do better. Back to PC. It is and was the “talking cure” and anyone with a brain can see why it is better than wars in the streets. But backing down to Neo-Nazis and KKK? No. Just no.

    • Jeff77450

      Sometimes I agree with you but most times I don’t. I’m vehemently opposed to PC. It’s a blatant & unapologetic effort to suppress free speech and condition everyone to not acknowledge that “the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.”

      • FriendlyGoat

        You can decide that consideration for other people is the emperor with no clothes. This is not different from North Korea. There will be a stand against endless insults thrown about to races and classes for no particular reason.
        When people get killed over it, don’t be surprised.

        • Martin Jennerson

          “There will be a stand against endless insults thrown about to races and classes for no particular reason. When people get killed over it, don’t be surprised.”

          This is the purpose of this multiculturalism, mass migration and political correctness, plus constant goading of the evil “white male”.

          As per usual, the socialist left are desperate for authoritarian religious regimen – all power to the religious police, and death to those who insult the latest politically correct shibboleth. You’re a foul specimen and a disgusting communist. Just leave people be and keep your stupid religious drivel to yourself you boring clown.

          • D4x

            He might UnPerson you, e.g., get blocked. It is what FG does. I wrote snowflake one too many times.

          • FriendlyGoat

            The “religious drivel” is actually the animal sacrifice of the Judaism of old, the worship of every historically-recorded word from Mohammad, the excesses of the Catholic hierarchy and doctrine throughout two millennia, the economic errors spawned out of Calvinism, the misogyny and classism famous in the Hindu world, the violent practices of Mayans, the dark supernaturalism of Voodoo, and the presumed right to control everyone else as developed in Puritanism——among other things.

            Now, here you come, insisting that those who seek to soft-pedal all that junk in favor of actual human rights are the ones with “authoritarian religious regimen”. No sale. You’re trying to do a flip of logic that those seeking escape from religion are the ones with the bad religion. Nope.

          • Martin Jennerson

            “insisting that those who seek to soft-pedal all that junk in favor of actual human rights”

            You were saying that you would expect (i.e. like to see) deaths in response to “endless insults thrown about to races and classes for no particular reason”. You don’t seem to respect your ideological opponents’ “right” to remain alive.

            And don’t for a minute pretend you desire to “escape from religion”. You’re trying to escape from *established* religion and replace it with a newer social-solidarity-based, truth-hating, dogma. Just even more ridiculous and corrupt than the religious dogmas that preceded it – but this time bound to lead to disaster and ethnic division.

            Your PC dogma is the beginnings of a religion – it’s stupid, it’s a disgrace and so are you for following it.

          • FriendlyGoat

            I do expect to see whatever level of resistance is necessary to repel and answer “endless insults thrown about to races and classes for no particular reason”. We already lived the worst of the 19th and 20th centuries and I do not believe either this country of the world is going back to it.

          • Martin Jennerson

            That is such a silly and demented misunderstanding of the emotion that drives violent genocidal racism and how it arises.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Actually, it’s just saying no to your worldview—-at least when it’s tagged on my comments. I don’t know who the heck you are, but you have arrived here with the intent of introducing yourself to me with personal insults. Since I have now blocked you from my view for that specific reason, you’ll need to find another victim. You MAY NOT get in MY face with your shtick here or anyplace else. Bye, dude. I’ll not be seeing another word you write.

          • Martin Jennerson

            Ha! Pathetic.

          • Martin Jennerson

            It’s totally disgusting what you mad PC zealots have done to America. And to think normal people have to listen to the disgusting Hollywood rats and MSM cockroaches vomit their stupid ideology every two seconds on television, on film, in print everywhere. I hate it.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Well, you can get the recordings from years of Rush Limbaugh and play them to yourself in an endless loop 24 hours a day. Then you seriously will not be hearing anything that bothers you. There is media out there for you. Just for you.

    • Tom

      Hey, Goat. Glad to see that your mask has finally finished slipping. You and Bob Cusack should get together, you’ve got a lot in common.

    • Martin Jennerson

      PC is a totally corrupt and unsustainable ideology. It is playing with fire and in case you hadn’t noticed, your minorities will soon be of equivalent size to the ethnic majority. At which point you’ll have a ruling ideology which is easily exploitable to minorities’ benefit, while being ruinous to white people. So no to your ridiculous and completely unsustainable PC band aid. And if you hadn’t noticed, the worst 19th Century ideologies were based on assigning class/racial guilt to certain classes/races of people, just like your beloved and disgusting PC nonsense. It is the most stupid and unsustainable drivel imaginable and you should never ever go back to it.

      • FriendlyGoat

        We are in an experiment to see whether Trumpism will completely destroy the consideration for actual sense all across the United States. You are hoping it will. I’m not. In the absence of any willingness from the Political Right to throttle white supremacism, others probably will. It involves confronting them directly every day and in every place. When they stop showing up with their bags of evil, the opposition to them will go back home to. Not until.

        • Martin Jennerson

          Total nonsense – what’s actually happening is that mass migration and political correctness is leading to rapid changes in the ethnic status quo, with groups becoming of equivalent size and their being no real requirement to assimilate (that would be “white supremacy”) and plenty of opportunity to assert dominance (identity politics).

          The territory becomes a contest space for different ethnic groups. In this situation, groups vie for dominance (i.e. supremacy). You and other lunatics have this obsession with white supremacy – but your (moronic) PC/identity politics ideology not only recreates the conditions in which white supremacy (i.e. assertions of dominance) will be felt necessary, it also encourages black supremacy, Hispanic supremacy and so on.

          There should be a dominant ethnic group of stable number which controls the territory, and into which newcomers assimilate. It lives happily alongside minorities which gain its protection and do not threaten it. This is a sustainable model. Creating an ethnically contested territory and then trying to control this contest by repressing one group’s ability to assert itself is totally insane and bound for failure. Shame on you.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Why does this sound like “Blacks are okay, in their place” or “Hispanics are okay, in their place”? Probably because that’s what you’re saying in your last paragraph.

          • Martin Jennerson

            Yes. What’s wrong with that? Human nature doesn’t provide for large groups of people sharing the same territory to hold hands and tell each other how wonderful each other are. Once ethnic groups reach equivalent size, they inevitably try to dominate each other.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Well, you do not know me or what my theory/ideology is. First of all you should know I am white, male, old, long-term married to one woman and happen to have decades of experience in several protestant churches —–characteristics often associated with conservatism. You should know I an retired from free enterprise.

            Then, you should know that——after being raised and marinated in conservativism—–I have had the “aha moment” that it’s all bullsh*t and always was.

    • D4x

      Spoken like a True NewSpeaker, stuck in 1984.

  • Angel Martin

    Public order depends on public disorder being limited to very small groups.

    If you have 20 protestors on each side, the police can easily handle that. If you have 200, it starts to become a problem.

    If you have 2000 on each side, normal policing cannot deal with that. The numbers on both sides in Charlottesville were in the hundreds, perhaps up to 1000.

    What we are seeing in the USA are the development of private armies similar to Europe in the 1930’s.

    The deep divisions between urban/cosmopolitan/free trade/openborders/service producing vs rural/small town/nationalist/protectionist/goods producing are present in every Western country and are not going away.

    These political divisions cannot be contained within the political system and are spilling over into the street.

    Of course, a major economic downturn at this point would be throwing gas on the fire.

    There is no good new here. It will only get worse. And I expect what is happening in the USA to spread to other western countries.

  • Kenneth Slayor

    If the president denounces the right, then there will be no dialogue possible. That is the problem with the Left. The Left has been recruiting for the Radical Right through the Leftist policies of prejudice and hate for decades. This Saturday was the fault of the Left for provoking it and of the Right for giving in to it.

  • mogden

    Much ado about very little if you ask me. A few riots and murders here and there don’t add up to significance on the scale of 300 million people.

    • Kenneth Slayor

      In a very distant sense that is true. I like to remind people that we lost a few thousand in the last couple wars where as England lost over 75,000 in just one battle in WW I (the Battle of the Somme). A train accident today is negligible compared to 100 years ago. However, there are two things to consider: 1) no tragedy is less intense for the individual, and 2) News is now competing with free news to keep itself in business, so anything sexy, explosive, or exploitable is food for the vultures.

  • D4x

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

    “what a cruel thing is war; to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this
    world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world!”

    Robert E. Lee, a letter to his Mary Anna wife on December 25, 1862

    Mary Anna Custis Lee was the only surviving child of George Washington Parke Custis, George Washington’s step-grandson

    “In 1802, the first slaves to inhabit Arlington arrived at the estate with their owner, George Washington Parke Custis. The grandson of
    Martha Washington and adopted grandson of George Washington, Custis had grown up at Mount Vernon, as had many of his slaves. …

    Mrs. Custis, a devout Episcopalian, tutored slaves in basic
    reading and writing so that each could read the Bible. Mrs. Lee and her
    daughters continued this practice even though Virginia law prohibited the
    education of slaves by the 1840s. Mrs. Custis also persuaded her husband to
    free several women and children. …

    In his will, George Washington Parke Custis stipulated that
    all the Arlington slaves should be freed upon his death if the estate was found
    to be in good financial standing or within five years otherwise. When Custis
    died in 1857, Robert E. Lee—the executor of the estate—determined that the
    slave labor was necessary to improve Arlington’s financial status. … In
    accordance with Custis’s instructions, Lee officially freed the slaves on
    December 29, 1862.”


    We are supposed to learn from history, not delete history.


    The Statue of Lenin is a 16-foot bronze sculpture of Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin located at 3526 Fremont Pl N, Seattle,
    WA 98103

  • Not only is the contemporary Republican/conservative movement the home of the kooks, the crazies, the clowns, the Palins and the Trumps, but it has also become the last refuge of the KKK, the neo-Nazi movement and the supremacist mindset.

    The GOP/con movement has become a vile influence in American life; it’s the vomit of America, and Trump and the GOP give a voice to those who are too ashamed to expose the stench of their vomit breath in support of their vile mindset.

    Trump and the GOP are enablers & promoters of the supremacist mindset.

    The mess in the GOP should be cleaned up, disinfected, deodorized and discarded.

    • Martin Jennerson

      Garbage, the vomit is the establishment’s ruling-class morality – political correctness, true vomit and worthless effluent of the first order. The current President is doing a very brave and courageous job ridding you of this ruinous drivel. The state has to be above the church (spiritual ideology) and Trump is taking you there.

      • Living in a self-deluded fantasy world is never a good idea.

        Hope you get better.

        • Martin Jennerson

          No no – it’s ideological/religious zealots like you who create fantasy worlds. The “post racial society” utopia is never going to arrive, Take the red pill

          • Brilliant. Challenge yourself: try bean bag or balloon animals.

          • Martin Jennerson

            Yes keep on dreaming, little princess – the post-racial fairy-tale kingdom is but just a short unicorn ride away, the fairy godmother Osama Bin Obama told you so. Bless.

          • You couldn’t get the balloons to work, could you.

          • Martin Jennerson

            Aren’t you happy with your bedtime story little one? Here’s another – in a dark, dark land, far away, there was a place called America. In olden times, this terrible place was full of white people who were all racists. Then it became full of brown and black people and then there was no more racism! The End. YAY!

          • Is there by chance a shortage of anti-psychotics in your area?

            Blow air into the open end of the balloon
            Hold the end of the balloon so the air can’t get out.
            Tie a knot in the end of the balloon.

          • Martin Jennerson

            You can dribble on about balloons all you want – the ideology/religion you love so much is a complete pile of sh!t. Very sad, I’m sorry for you.

          • You sound like you need a nurse or attendant to wipe the dribble from your face and take you back to your room.

          • Martin Jennerson

            As I say, you clearly have an endless list of second-rate witticisms, but sadly for you and in the end, the ideology/religion you’re so desperate to defend is a pile of stupid garbage, and is ready for the can.

          • You and all the other goo balls will end up on the assheap of history.

          • Martin Jennerson

            Yes – onwards to the glorious post-racial future comrade.

          • seattleoutcast

            Hehe, you’re funny. Troll on you crazy little half-man.

    • CosmotKat

      The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • OOOOK. Your post strongly suggests that LSD is making a big comeback.
        Hope you get off that junk.

        • CosmotKat

          No, my post strongly suggests you are a mental cripple who projects your personal dysfunction onto others. LSD has nothing to do with it.

          • Get off the junk, hooch or silly pills, whatever the case may be.

            Hope you get better.

          • CosmotKat

            How about you get your head removed from your nethereye and then try for something that resembles an intelligent thought, schmuck.

          • You don’t call the shots Rip van Dingleberry.

            Get back to your hide-a-bed and finish your bonbons.

          • CosmotKat

            Hey you can drink whatever you want, goober, I don’t need to babysit your dysfunction.

          • Everyone will be happy if you can just get out of your crib by the time your 10.

    • seattleoutcast

      Um…glass houses and all. You are just silly. Your insane hatred of the other side blinds you to your own side. You are part of the lumpenproletariat and you can’t even see it. I pity you.

      • Wow, lots of people posting on this site are really doing a load of LSD.

        “lumpenproletariat” sounds like a groovy Marxist term; you’re really up to your eyes in LSD tabs, aren’t you? You need to get off that junk. Sad!

  • Martin Jennerson

    You Americans have this stupid fantasy of a “post-racial” society, and you have the even more stupid idea that the way to reach this utopia is to pander to black and brown racist authoritarians, while zealously shouting down and regulating white racist authoritarians. It’s as stupid a system as is possibly imaginable. You have a great President who’s trying to overthrow you mad, hellish politically correct collective morality, SUPPORT HIM.

  • Gary Frankford

    It’s useful to reference suppressing “the political aspirations of the lower classes.” One huge difference between the U.S. and 18th c. France, however, is—the current flood of identity politics among blacks, women, LGBTs, hispanics, and the Hottentots (mustn’t overlook their “rights”!). We are bedeviled by the never-ending demand (from self-infantilizing adults) for more rights!

    Why is it happening? In the past, these groups were marginalized, even held back by law, from living normal American lives. No argument there. But today all each group needs to do is “kick the door open.” But they refuse to do the “kicking”—presumably because they’re terrified of what having all those “rights” might mean. Easier, by far (as all parents know) to increase one’s demands for “more rights,” than to use the rights one already has. We are a nation where perhaps a third of our people think like rebelllious teens!

    As we do with our kids, the answer is to push them, gently or otherwise, into the mainstream of life. It’s time we do the demanding, turn a deaf-ear to theirs!

    As for the specifics of the White Supremacist bunch, no one should find them palatable. I can’t, anyway! But WS is the logical answer to BLM; both are unpalatable—or should be—to every American, black and white. Until the BLM bunch is silenced on campuses and in our streets, who is ready to suppress the White Supremacists? I’m not. Let them have at one another. A perfect match.

    It’s time to end the Age of Identity Politics—without racial or sexual bias.

    • Martin Jennerson

      Trump is the strong man you need to rid yourself of the latest incarnation of popular religious claptrap (Identity Politics). That’s what he was elected to do. He should be the American Henry VIII. Clear out the corrupt monasteries and all the other lazy hangers-on (the MSM, the corrupt universities).

  • Stephen

    …anti-Trump activist opened fire on a group of Republican Congressmen playing baseball in Alexandria.

    Look in the mirror Jason. You are part of the problem. Do you recall his name? James Hodgkinson, campaign worker for Bernie Sanders, mainstream Democrat…until he tried to assassinate Republicans. Where ever did he get the ideas that so motivated him? If you can not answer that, then you can’t find your ass with both hands and are worse than useless. Look in the mirror and look at the faces of all those others who, like yourself, fancy themselves to be moral exemplars and can’t imagine how things could be going so wrong.

    For the record, I’m old enough to have experienced the 60’s first hand. This is not close to the 60’s in political turmoil. Not close…not yet. Remain as clueless as you seem, or at least pretend to be, Jason, and we may yet get there.

    • Stephen

      Just read this: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/the-curse-of-identity-politics/

      Dreher states plainly what I only allude to and is correct to focus on the responsibility of the left, and I would add the dominant culture and the Democratic Party. White nationalism is marginal and to pretend otherwise is the worst intellectual dishonesty. The moral equivalency you, Jason, suggest exists in your post is morally obtuse if not dishonest on its face. Continue on the path you’ve chosen and in time you will see the demon that doesn’t yet exist. That will be your responsibility.

  • There is only one thing that can save America and that is turning back to God. Otherwise, America’s fate is sealed and time is running out.

    • Boritz

      I know this isn’t what you mean by turning back to God, but the left would just brand the right as heretics as well as racists. Everything, God no exception, is a tool to attack your enemy.

  • Dan Kearns

    Was a link posted somewhere to it that caused this comment thread to go downhill from interesting beginnings, or is it more that this topic will always do so?

    • D4x

      I wondered same last night. Had to google the title to find this: “NorBDelta linked this, 13 hours ago, to: Voat is a censorship-free community platform where content is submitted, organized, moderated and voted on (ranked) by the users. “https://voat.co/v/news/2059419

      I was doing my own survey of posts elsewhere on this topic. “America’s decline” is too optimistic.

  • Pete

    “So I feel a deep sense of dread.”

    Run back to mommy, snowflake. You don’t kow America.

    And has far as the divisions in the country today, that’s mostly the work of the Democratic Part ad the leftwing media. Fact.

    • Martin Jennerson

      Exactly. Leftists and others with missionary zeal thrive in divided and broken societies. They go to the ends of the earth to find them, and they’ve been desperately seeking to bring the same to America what with their “diversity and mass immigration” balkanization programme.

  • Jeff77450

    Mr. Willick, good article. Many thanx. A number of commenters are calling you out for not addressing this or that aspect of the topic. I understand that you have space constraints and that entire books are being written that address these issues, e.g. Charles Murray’s _Coming Apart_.

    It sounds like you’re around the age of my two sons, who are 28 & 30. What follows is the gist of a couple of conversations that I had with them, (none of which is profound):

    Up until about the time of Bill Clinton the Greatest Generation dominated American politics. They were characterized by having gone through the Great Depression, WWII and the entirety of the Cold War. They were also overwhelmingly white. All this served so that they were most reading off the same sheet of music. You don’t win wars by being divided and emphasizing your differences.
    At about the same time that Bill Clinton became president the Boomers were entering politics in ever significant numbers. The experts disagree as to what years constitute the Boomer generation. The most common range seems to be 1946 to 1964 and that’s what I generally use. (Born in ’59). In their book _Generations_, authors William Strauss & Neil Howe posit that the range 1943 to 1960 should be used and certainly those born from ’43 to ’45 would’ve grown up in essentially the same environment.

    Boomers can be divided into two groups, those born from ’46 to ~’54 who were at risk of being conscripted and sent to Vietnam and those born from ’55 to ’64 who were not at risk. They hadn’t experienced the poverty of the GD or the unity experienced during WWII. Vietnam and Water Gate made them cynical. They experienced the CW but in a state of comfort & prosperity unmatched in history.
    So now the Boomers dominate politics and they’re a fractured group. There are those like me who experienced the last few years of what I think of as “Norman Rockwell America.” My dad, may he and my mother rest in peace, served in WWII and I grew up on John Wayne movies and _Leave it to Beaver_. I was raised with the traditional American values of patriotism, (qualified) respect for authority, thrift, deferred gratification and valuing education, work and unrestricted free speech. Then there were the counter-culture Boomers.

    An additional & important aspect of the fracturing has been, of course, the changes in immigration patterns. Societies that are homogenous tend to be harmonious. Examples include Japan, Korea, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. (Less and less true of Scandinavia with each passing day). Societies that are heterogeneous, i.e. diverse, tent to be chaotic. Examples include Rwanda in ’94, the Balkans at different times in history, Darfur in the 2000s, the Middle East, parts of Africa and increasingly the U.K., the U.S. and parts of Europe. A society can have some well-behaved minorities but there needs to be one homogenous group that is ~90% of the population to keep things stable.

    For most of its history America averaged a little less than 90% white. Within that group there were numerous subgroups, i.e the different European ethnicities, protestant versus catholic, Left versus Right, young versus old and, arguably, the poor & rich against the middle class.

    I’m continuously amazed at all the things that the Left believes, much of which is contradictory. They want a cradle-to-grave-nanny-state but they also want open-borders (as do some on the Right). As Milton Friedman said, you can’t have both. They want a minimum wage of $15 an hour but they also want to flood America with cheap low/no-skill labor which, of course, has the effect of suppressing wages. They want free speech for themselves but want every thought that they disagree with labeled hate-speech and outlawed. They accuse the Right of science-denialism but refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of human biodiversity & innate gender-differences and that genes determine most of IQ. They claim to want to help the less fortunate but they want to (forcefully) use other people’s money to do it. It’s been demonstrated time & time again that when government strays from its core functions–defense, law enforcement, services/infrastructure unique to government–the result is running afoul of the Law of Unintended Consequences and doing more harm than good, e.g. fueling the increase in out-of-wedlock births from ~5% in 1960 to ~41% today. Kind of like pulling on a thread which causes another thread to unravel.

    How this is all going to end I don’t know. My parents lived well into their eighties so I probably have another 25-30 years. By 2045 the end-game will probably be apparent. I’m skeptical that we could have an actual civil war—except as a secondary event to a larger catastrophe like nuclear war, a major meteor strike or a general collapse of society comparable to post-WWI Germany. Germany was very homogenous post-WWI and so was America during the Great Depression. If and when we have a collapse comparable to the GD we won’t have homogeneity working for us.

    • Anthony

      The heavy lifting and American Patriotism shared by many (from country’s inception) – and country you reference despite myths to contrary has never been factually homogeneous (ethnically denoting) but I share your concern if not you oblique pessimism. Thanks for contribution.

  • Beauceron

    “And forces on the far-Left are gaining strength in response.”

    I think this has it exactly wrong.

    I see the growth of the white nationalists as a direct result of years, decades, of identity politics– an ideology that is not relegated to the dark patches of web forums, but taught in pretty much every single college campus in the country, that is standard fare in most major news organizations, and has now infiltrated the business world. The growing support for white nationalists is a reaction to that, not the cause.
    The violence at these events– and anyone who has been paying attention knows this has been going on for a full year now– and the police’s reaction to it, which has been basically to stand aside and let Antifa led black blocks do their thing, meant that people were going to die at these protests sooner or later. Now it’s happened. And the press has done the usual.

    We may very well be headed to a civil war, or at least a type of asymmetric civil war. I hope it doesn’t happen. I would prefer to see an amicable divorce than a nasty, violent one.

    • Martin Jennerson

      “that is standard fare in most major news organizations”

      I don’t even live in the US but still, from afar, I can’t stand your MSM and it’s all political correctness religious zealotry/propaganda. It’s just so self-righteous, pompous, stupid and self-regarding. It makes my skin crawl. I don’t know how you people cope with it.

    • D4x

      Just searched for “amicable approved word”. Aha! It really does feel like Newspeak is part of the infrastructure of Identity Politics. “Amicable” is not approved in Newspeak, Orwell’s “1984”. I had ignored “1984” in favor of Orwell ‘s non-fiction essays and books, for more than 40 years. Will next reply to f1b, regarding Newspeak and the removal of monuments.

      TY! Your use of “amicable divorce” re-inspired my dot-connecting on the over-use of “We need to have a serious conversation” in American political language.

  • Diws

    From what I’ve seen, there were three cars involved, and it is not clear where the deceased woman was located in all of this, and to what extent the crowd was harassing the drivers. I have seen allegations of antifa types surrounding the cars while holding baseball bats, and also of throwing at least one brick through a window. It may or may not be true that the alt-right guy who was arrested acted in self defense, or if he did so, proportionately. But it is clear that a general atmosphere of violence decisively contributed to the woman’s death, and that violence was mutual.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Success of a nation is determined by its Culture. From this perspective, Western Culture is the most successful in history. And as Western Culture gets diluted and degraded by inferior Cultures like Leftist Culture, Islamic Culture, or Latino Culture, the results mirror those of the Hellholes of abject poverty and squalor, of the nations dominated by those Cultures.

    I know which way I’m betting a civilwar will go. I’m going “all in”, on the group that bought 125 million new guns during the Obama years, and burned and stockpiled so much gunpowder, that there was an ammo shortage the entire time. America is different, what is happening in Europe or Venezuela can’t happen here, because once the gun fighting starts, it’s the heavily armed, trained, and supplied American Culture that wins.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Curious Mayhem

    Actually, it’s not true that Duke supports Trump. That keeps getting misreported. Duke was happy to see the political establishment get it in the jaw in 2016. But he doesn’t have much use for Trump himself.

    The white supremacists first appeared at Charlotesville, I believe, in 2015; they’re getting more attention from the media now, and that has fueled violent confrontation. The ultimate problem is that the administration there persists in misguided attempts to rewrite history. Then the police consistently fail to estimate the potential for violence. There’s a very large problem with the way the thuggish campus culture of PC has been encouraged and egged on by campus administrators, even as they deny that they’re responsible for it. They also naively fail to see how outside groups can show up to stage their own counter protests.

    Every media revolution of the last 160 years — the penny press and telegraph, radio and film, television, now social media — has led to new waves of political violence, as disturbed people find apparent validation for their criminal impulses in the larger culture.

  • D4x

    Monuments commemorating the Confederacy were erected between 1871 and 1959.

    The national healing was initiated by President William McKinley with his speech at the Atlanta Peace Jubilee on December 14, 1898

    Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 96, Number 116, 15 December 1898 — Page 1 VOLTTME 96.—N0. 116.


    “…The President said: “It is an uncommon pleasure to be greeted by the people of the State of Georgia, and it affords me much
    gratification to be here and to rejoice with you over the signing of the treaty of peace with Spain.

    “Sectional feeling no longer holds back the love we bear each other.

    The Union is once more the common atlas of our • love, our devotion and sacrifice.

    The old flag again waves over us in peace, I with new glories, which your sons and ours this year have added to its folds.

    What cause we have for rejoicing, saddened only by the fact that so many of our brave men fell on the field or sickened and died

    from the hardship and exposure, and others, returning, bring wounds and disease.

    The memory of the dead will be a precious legacy, and | the disabled the nation’s care,

    A nation which cares for its disabled soldiers as we have always done will in never lack defenders.

    The national cemeteries for those who fell in battle are proof that the dead as well as the living have our love.

    What an army of silent sentinels, and with what loving care their graves are kept. Every soldier’s grave made during our
    unfortunate civil war is a tribute to American valor, and while, when these graves were made, we differed widely about
    the future of this Government, these differences were long ago settled by the arbitrament of- arms, and the
    time has now come in the evolution of sentiment and feeling under the providence of God when, in the spirit of fraternity,

    we should share with you in the care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers.

    • The cordial feeling now happily existing between the North and South prompts this gracious act, and if
    it needed further justification it is found in the gallantry to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in the year just passed
    by the sons and grandsons of these heroic dead.

    What a glorious future awaits us if, unitedly, wisely and bravely, we face these new problems facing us.”

    The President’s reference to the Confederate dead was greeted with the wildest applause. A wild cheer went up from every throat in
    the typical audience, a cheer that echoed and re-echoed throughout the chamber, until it was taken up by the crowds outside.

    Old men who fought for the South rose from their seats and waved their hats. One Confederate veteran, now a
    venerable legislator, had pressed forward until he was leaning against the Speaker’s desk, hanging on to each word

    the President uttered. When the reference was made to the Confederate dead, this old man buried his head in his
    arms, and while the cheers rang out, cried like a little child.

    Of all the many conciliatory speeches which have been made since Grant said, “Let there be peace,”

    nothing has more deeply stirred a Southern audience than the simple words of President McKinley this afternoon. …”


  • Lee Dryden

    These weekend events are very discouraging and damaging, but it is important to distinguish different questions and answers: 1) Was there violence on both sides? yes. 2) Who started it? No one knows for sure, and it doesn’t matter. 3) Do White Nationalists and KKK and neo-Nazis have a constitutional right to peacefully assemble to express their views? I think so. I think the counter protesters do too. Peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the First Amendment. 4) Are heavily armed civilians in combat fatigues implicitly violent? Yes, such a stance is inherently violent and, thus, constitutional protection is tenuous. 5) Were local, state and national authorities completely clueless about the combustible mixture that was brewing in Charlottesville? Absolutely. Careful permitting and overwhelming police presence to keep the groups separated and peaceful was necessary, but absent. 5) Should national leaders, especially the President, condemn racist views and organizations founded on them? Absolutely. It is a tragedy that Trump has focused on question 1. We certainly cannot look to the President for a way forward. I feel discouraged as does Mr. Willick, but I also believe that distinguishing between different questions that are currently being conflated in the national media is a first step toward healing.

  • Voixdupeuple

    I urge all ANTIFA and leftwing politically correct people to empty their wallet, pocket, drawers and make a pile of the banknotes. Then, BURN all those images at the glory of known slaves owners. Jackson, Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, Grant …
    Hey …. STOP ! It’s illegal to destroy or deface money in the US. But you can nevertheless let your rage out and keep your honor and conscious clean: Send those damned images to me.

  • carl Jung

    the writer is a hand wringing cuck, and disusts me with his effeminate mewling. charlottesville is just the latest dust up of those two groups; they do it all the time. get a grip, you blithering idiot.

  • WheatonMA

    I cant believe how many of the commentators here are essentially blaming the Left for the rise of White Nationalism. Are all of you so willfully ignorant as think that it disappeared after the Civil Rights Movement? GIVE ME A BREAK. Those people are angry violent terrorists and they always have been. Except for some reason white people make excuses for them just like Trump did. If it is so important that Muslims take responsibility and speak out against radicals, why don’t you do it when it’s your own community committing heinous acts of violence?
    Instead, you blame everyone else but yourselves. You are unwilling to accept any responsibility, although you expect every other group/community to collectively shoulder the burden of the actions carried out by misguided individuals. You claim to hate victimhood, yet you fall so easily into the role. A role that you seem to utterly detest when the victims are not white. The hypocrisy is mind numbing.

    • Martin Jennerson

      Wrong – Trump blamed the white nationalists for their actions, and he also blamed the violent leftists for their violent actions. Both groups deserve scorn/condemnation. Leftists seem to think their side doesn’t, despite their repeatedly turning up with their faces covered and beating women (and men) who they consider their opponents. And this has been for at least the last year. And not a peep from the likes of you or your idiot MSM.

      • WheatonMA

        Now every American who isnt a conservative is a violent Communist? That is essentially what you just said. A right wing white supremacist KILLED someone (WE ALL SAW THAT) and your only response is essentially to claim the left is just as bad without providing any HARD evidence to prove that. The protesters in Charlottesville were not all Communists or ANTIFA they were just anti-racism or white nationalists (whatever that means). If you choose to side with the racists, then we have nothing further to discuss.

        • Martin Jennerson

          Now every American who isnt a conservative is a violent Communist? That is essentially what you just said.

          No it isn’t. You’ve got poor reading comprehension skills.

          A right wing white supremacist KILLED someone (WE ALL SAW THAT) and your only response is essentially to claim the left is just as bad without providing any HARD evidence to prove that.

          People from all political groupings (in fact all people, full stop) are capable of violence and are certainly capable of fantasies of violence against their political opponents. There is evidence from throughout recent history to demonstrate that this applies to the political left, also from present day society (e.g. the leftists who shot at Republican senators playing baseball).

          The protesters in Charlottesville were not all Communists or ANTIFA they were just anti-racism or white nationalists (whatever that means). If you choose to side with the racists, then we have nothing further to discuss.

          If you choose to side with ANTIFA and Communists, then we have nothing further to discuss.

  • B.J.D

    The solution to ending this chaos is simple: vote democrat and have virtue signaling contests with your social circles to see who is more “woke”.

  • Nohiros

    This really could only have been written by a millennial. I get it. Being one of those boomers he mentions, I saw the civil unrest of the 60’s, and the attendant (mostly good) changes it brought. And I’ve seen and participated in much of the other “unrest” mentioned. But putting a stake in the ground at 2015 is so far off the mark, it’s scary. Do millennials really believe any of this is new, or more intense than it was then? It most certainly isn’t. The only real difference today is that Obama spent eight years stirring the racial turd to the point that it’s worse today than even in the 60’s. Worse on both sides of the coin. “People of color” seem to have, for the most part, swallowed the pill that says “we’re depressed, have been since before history, and it’s all white peoples’ fault” And, being the “victims,” believe that the term “racist” doesn’t apply to them and that they have some sort of moral right to commit violence against those nasty “white nationalists.” Anyone who argues is dismissed with the latest quip, “you can’t use moral equivalence to justify violence against those who came to commit violence against fascists.” On the other side of the coin, you’ve got an entire class of people who’re being told their culture, values, and color of their skin is just wrong; that their ancestors were vile depressors of people of color; that they contribute, and never have contributed, anything good to society. Being one of those people, and knowing that most of that is just claptrap, I do tend to get angry. But this isn’t anything new. I spent the 60’s and 70’s angry at our society, for completely different reasons. It’s too bad that our colleges and universities today spend hours and hours teaching political activism (as if that was going to lead to some sort of meaningful career), and so little time on history – even recent history.

  • Tim Vincent

    A millennial.
    Probably just old enough to shave and can’t change a tire.
    Where does he get his long view of American history from?
    Extensive worldly experience writing for web sites?

  • Brendan Tnias

    Gentle Jason WIllick, your brief article posted Aug. 13, 2017 reflects the mass media fake news coverage of the events you describe. I can promise you that if you look into the events of Charlottesville, VA now and rely on the many eye witness accounts and videos of those present you will find a very different story and you will realize that the cohesive relentless mass media presentations were false and necessarily by intention. The details matter. I think a good place to begin would be to watch or listen to the President trump press conference on the Tuesday after the weekend, Aug. 15,2017 where the Press aggressively combated Trump demanding he say what they wanted him to say. Already the media meme was solidified but Trump insisted on telling the truth; though such a thought may seem at first psychologically painful for some. However, in September the US Congress passed a joint Resolution condemning just the White American marchers of Charlottesville and blaming them officially for all the violence that occurred. Anyone who wants a great opportunity to view what a media driven, in coordination with government officials at 3 levels of government, Psy-Op [psychological operation] on America, this Charlottesville VA event is an excellent opportunity; you just need to spend a modest effort to fill in what actually, factually happened on the ground which information wonderfully is available to you still in the many videos of the events as they occurred and interviews on video
    with participants especially important are one with the organizers of the march and the marchers. Also, one needs to understand ANTIFA.
    It is an organization that exists not for counter demonstrations’ but as a violent tactic suppression of White Americans who participate in public political speech/action for their own perceived group self interest. So look at ANTIFA, and especially the Tucker Carlson interview with ANTIFA organizer, Yvette Felarca, an articulate and frank spokesperson who has other interviews on video on You Tube and worth viewing. She is Berkeley CA based and her attack activity is Berkeley and Sacramento CA. ANTIFA is a violent tactic group who agree on the target population , White Americans, and act through possibly well funded ANTIFA to take action. ANTIFA enjoys a remarkable phenomenon which is Police Stand-Downs when they are expected to show up. The Berkeley events, on the day the ‘Milo’ talk was cancelled, I watched on vieos were without police, both university and city police were no where to be seen for the hours of violent attacks on targeted individuals [people wearing Trump hats were a major target] Ditto in Charlottesville where the organizers worked with the city police for two months prior to the march “to Unite The Right” to plan a march route and police positioning so as to limit the opportunity for violent confrontations. On the day of the march the city police were absent without explanation and the plans made moot; the city police were on stand down. The marchers were the victims of attacks by BLM and especially the ANTIFA antiWhite groups who come armed with pepper spray, and clubs, pipes of poles which are used to try to & often succeed in cracking the skulls of the target population.
    That is what many marchers came with shields. The attackers also utilize petards or plastic bags or balloons containing feces and urine,
    and did so on that day as well as their physical attack on the marchers. That is what I discovered in y quest for the truth. Yet though the truth was certainly available to the U. S. Congress, nevertheless, in September 20117 they passed their joint Resolution in which they absolutely refused to include ANTIFA in the condemnation which also called fro the Attorney General to investigate ONLY White people as terrorists; and implicitly sparing ANTIFA which is technically and in fact a terrorist organization. The Congress actually acted as if ONE with ANTIFA by using the ANTIFA terminology for White Americans who engage in public political speech/action [marches]: White-Supremacists-Racists-NeoNazis. In effect the U. S. Congress and President [despite his Aug. 15, 17 position, was induced to also sign the joint Resolution] joined with ANTIFA in a kind of Lynch-Mob to Symbolically Lynch the White Marchers of Charlottesville, VA !! That’s what I found. But definitely anyone who takes advantage of the information available online especially the videos many recorded often on cell phones and interviews of people actively involved or participating, or just observers , will be rewarded with many insights into reality in America and the dilemma of coordinated cohesive mass media national news falsely reporting news while creating it. Even the death of Heather Heyer, a medically obese woman who died, per her mother’s statement in a press conference of a double heart attack, the second of which occurred while she was receiving resuscitation by Emergency medical personnel on the sidewalk at the scene. The scene one will see is remarkably free of police. Also, there the car incident and driver are not so clearly as reported and the 20 y.o. alleged driver, James Alex Fields Jr. who is probably a Melungeon and is from eastern KY [where Fields is a Melungeon name] has a schizophrenia diagnosis per a mainstream media interview with his former high school teacher. There is also an interview with Mrs. Bloom, James’ Mom early in the events before she is aware the dangerous situation James was to be in. before the internet, really there was no escape massmedia driven -in conjunction with government figures Psy-Ops designed to mold Americans’ perceptions . [I mention Melungeon as a point of possible interest; Abe Lincoln and Elvis Pressley’s mother hailed from this unique southern Appalachian group.
    And I mention Heather’s morbid obesity because it is true and relevant to double heart attacks].

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