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German Elections
Merkel on Course to Victory?
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  • solstice

    Professor Mead thinks that it is good news (but not good enough news) that the docile, effeminate, brainwashed, and sheep-like Western European masses are re-electing treasonous, open borders-supporting globalist elites who have already inflicted unspeakable damage on their countries. Professor Mead is utterly detached from reality and bonkers — and proud of it too.

    • Janet L Davis

      Agreed. Everything I’ve read on this, “American interest” site, sounds like it was written by a retarded mad man.

  • Fat_Man

    “Merkel may be running on a platform of stability, but to succeed afterward, she will have to embrace change.”

    She is 62 years old. She has been Chancellor of 12 years. Change is not a good bet. All we can hope for is that there will be fewer catastrophes like the refugee policy or the energy policy.

  • Boritz

    “will be ready to take a fresh look at the blighted and depressed landscapes of Southern Europe from the Rust Belt of France through Italy and Greece.”

    This is not the worst of ideas, at least for the Germans. She has done quite enough domestically.

  • Jeff77450

    How any German could vote for Merkel after what she did to them with the “migrants” is just beyond me. By any stretch of the imagination she threw the German people under the proverbial bus. (Unless the alternative is really *that* much worse).

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    She’s been in charge for over a decade, she’s the candidate of stagnation, and decline. She’s responsible for the failed policies that have placed all of Europe in crisis. A vote for her is a vote against any kind of reform. Stability = Hopeless Despair

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