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Latin Lefty Meltdown
Bread Riots in Caracas as Venezuela Protests Escalate
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  • D4x

    Good governance is difficult. All Venezuela needs is a new election. Or, as some might say: “You’re Fine. Crickets are real tasty once you get past the legs.”

    Good to know this is not typically good: “…violent pillaging of bakeries while looters scream that they’re hungry are not typically a good sign for a government. …”

  • Fat_Man

    Another foreign policy victory for the Obama administration. Supporting leftist tyrants wherever you find them is not a good idea.

  • Isaiah601

    If it were up to me, I would take all socialists and statists like Comrade FriendlyGoat and dump them into Venezuela for a year. See how they like single payer state sponsored health care without the alternatives. Alas, it is not up to me. Sigh…. A fella can dream, can’t he?

    • M Snow

      Yes, you can dream, but FG would probably choose some Scandinavian country if he were forced to go socialist. The Latin American version seems so much worse. I’m not sure why.

      • CapitalistRoader

        Brown socialism vs. white socialism. US leftists only like white socialism. That’s why so many of them want to move to lily white (93%) Norway or lily white (96%) Denmark.

        My guess is that some variation of the Protestant work ethic is why socialism works in the Norden and not anywhere else in the world. Catholic countries especially seem to easily hand power over to tyrants. Perhaps it has something to do with their religion, which has a single, powerful man in charge.

        • M Snow

          That’s my guess as well, both the Protestant work ethic and the Catholic governing structure, but the Latin American versions seem to have an incompetence level not fully explained by either of those. Life is full of mysteries.

      • Jim__L

        Scandinavian countries started from a functional capitalist society, and still have legacy assets (physical and cultural) left from that period; Latin American countries did not.

        Again, a lot of it is culture.

        • M Snow

          Sounds logical, but Latin American leaders surely can read and observe what works and what doesn’t, yet they seem oblivious.

          • Anthony

            Snow (and don’t misunderstand or misinterpret intent), the cheerleading (up voting) of inanities only further the inanities and does not serve overall edification – but cheerleading of inanities may be unconsciously (but even consciously) utilized to further self reinforcement rather than purposeful informing. But, as a retired educator you can definitely distinguish the personal distaste of ideas from there veracity, despite their messenger.

          • M Snow

            I can’t imagine why anyone would care one whit what I choose to up vote. Clearly “inanity” is in the eye of the beholder, as is “overall edification” for that matter. I will continue to up vote whatever I choose.

          • Anthony

            Inanity is inane Snow; you choose as you like and I’ll call it what it is (but 24 hrs. later to reply indicates , to me, your chose). For the record: vapid, pointless, shallowness, etc. can be voted as one sees fit, though educator’s can pretend such is relative (eye of beholder).

  • ——————————

    I didn’t know that “beer” was a “basic good”…unless maybe if your an alcoholic?

    Anyway, let them eat cake….

    • Fred

      I understand your opinion about beer, you being a teetotaler; however, I have to admit I agree with Benjamin Franklin, beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Then again, maybe that’s my Irish ancestry talking.

      • ——————————


      • solstice

        Well, we now know why your logic is always so drunk. Thanks for sharing, Fred.

        • Fred

          At least I have some familiarity with logic.

          • solstice

            That must be because you imbibe so much logic when you ingest god’s flesh every week in the form of a wafer.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I love Venezuela, it’s the perfect example of the end result of Leftist Policies. Before Venezuela, Right wing arguments only had the 100 million people murdered by the Leftists last century, to compare against Western Culture’s creation of Modern Civilization. Now we can point to the less than 20 years it took to take the wealthiest Nation in South America, to a bunch of starving wretches, without toilet paper and worst of all, NO BEER. What a bunch of Losers.

  • Angel Martin

    2017 has the potential for more disruptive change than even 2016.

    Venezuela, France election , Italy election(?), Greece, Kim Il Sung, China economic crisis, escalation of europe refugee crisis…

  • ImperiumVita

    Thanks Chavez

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