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Trudeau Take-down
Bill McKibben Calls Out Green Hypocrisy
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  • D4x

    McKibben still has Bernie Sanders and billionaire Tom Steyer, with full-lip service from the DNC, because they need Climate Change to melt all those Identity Groups into the blob of voters that will prove…

    • Andrew Allison

      Meld ;<)} But surely the recent election suggested that identity politics is not a winning strategy?

      • D4x

        A winning strategy? Not following the neoDem strategy beyond scanning ledes. They seem to be embracing a 50-state strategy in order to win the House so they can impeach POTUS Trump and VP Pence. Climate change is their one big issue that is supposed to unite all the IGs. They still need donors, and, the most reliable will be LGBT and McKibben greens.

        I meant melt because I was thinking of ‘melting pot’, and that DC ‘blob’ that clings to the way things have been done because that is the way things have been done. Then I decided to do something else, because, reality is very intrusive past few months.

        Your emoticon ;<)} eludes me

        • Andrew Allison

          Crooked Hil lost precisely because she and the Dims failed to pursue a 50-state strategy. The problem with your hypothesis is that climate change is way down the list of concerns for most voters. Furthermore, than a few of them understand that climate changes happen and that, as we have several times in the the past (see, e.g., Calvin’s “A Brain for All Seasons”), we’ll to learn to live with it.
          The emoticon is a wink with the addition of a curly bracket for my beard.

          • D4x

            Let them learn the hard way, about climate change being a low priority of most voters. Ditto: the promise of impeachment. Maybe impeachment is a better GOTV than transgender bathrooms and BLM. HRC lost because of unenthusiastic voters, even in N.C., where she seemed to be here every week, as was the pre-emptive DJT. However, Gov. McCrory narrowly lost in part because the attack ads smeared him on climate change/environmental issues.

            They are so convinced that demographics favor the Dems, they do not understand why the 5–state strategy was successful – NO ideological tests, especially on guns and abortion.

            Signing off!

          • D4x

            Sanders and Perez launched their “Come Together and Fight Back” 50-state strategy in Portland, ME yesterday, no mention of more jobs:

            “…More than 1,500 people gathered at the Portland theater for the event, dubbed the “Come Together and Fight Back” rally. Democrats are attempting to capitalize on opposition to President Trump – as symbolized by
            ongoing protests – as they gear up for 2018 congressional elections and gubernatorial races in states such as Maine.

            Sanders and Perez accused Trump of lying to rural and middle class Americans by seeking to cut education, workforce retraining and social programs that help communities struggling with unemployment or low incomes.…

            The crowd cheered loudly every time he bashed Trump and said the values of the progressive movement – a clean environment, fair wages and support for low-income children or the elderly – mirror those of most

            “We are the majority,” Sanders said. “It is time we flexed our muscles. It is time we got involved in a way that we have never done before. It is time to make the political revolution.” …

            The “Come Together and Fight Back” tour is scheduled to hold events in Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska and Montana in the coming week.”


          • Andrew Allison

            What else would you expect in a Left Coast city?

          • D4x

            Portland, Maine seems more centrist than most, at least in comparison to Left Coast Portland, in Oregon.

          • Andrew Allison


          • D4x

            I made the same mistake until I got to the part about Maine’s 2CD.

          • D4x

            Just posted: the expose of Gov McCrory, Duke Energy, and tainted water in NC. “Climate Change” officially transformed into “Clean Environment” That is how the DNC will sell McKibben’s platform.

            Interesting the URL has a very different title:
            “The Saga of North Carolina’s Contaminated Water
            The state’s GOP leadership tried to make the state more business-friendly. Now residents are saying their water isn’t safe to drink.”


          • Andrew Allison

            Yeah, the contortions of the AGW zealots (it does, let’s face it, have the characteristics of a religion) given the utter failure of their end-of-the-world prognostications are a sight to behold. However, it is my impression that the DNC has its collective head so deeply buried where the sun doesn’t shine that it’s choking on its tonsils.

          • D4x

            Everyone wants clean water. Flint MI lingers. They are using Trump’s words. I decided to check my print copy, in the future, to finish reading. Looks as much as a frame for “clean”, and, the 50-state strategy. McKibben is back on “dirty” tar sands, which is why we are in this thread.

            Wait for the ‘fracking dirty water’. At least the DNC is moving on from bathrooms. Last I noticed, GOP NC legislature trying to re-re-state marriage.

            otoh: BLM.

            Auf wiedersehen.

          • Andrew Allison

            Well, of course, everybody wants clean water; but is it an entitlement? Should people elect officials who actually give a s**t about them? I do recognize that most elected officials, particularly those in Congress, don’t. WRT fracking, I have the “privilege” of living in a county which, despite the manifest benefits of fracking, was persuaded by utterly dishonest propaganda to ban it. To paraphrase de Maistre, they’re going to get what’s coming to them.

          • D4x

            [non-sequitur alert] Clean water is a basic safety issue. Even though Sanders does not claim to be a Democrat, the official talking point is now, complete with an official T-shirt for fundraising: “DNC Chairman Tom Perez: Republicans Don’t Give a Sh*t About People”.

        • lurkingwithintent

          I thought you meant melt, because you were referring to McKibben’s hysteria about warming. Kind of a pun.

  • Beauceron

    “No country would find 173bn barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there.”

    Hey, Trudeau said something I agree with. And believing that Trudeau and company always say all the right things” is very much a matter of perspective. I find him to be a silly, cookie-cut Leftist .

    • Andrew Allison

      Please tell us that you don’t really agree that honor killings shouldn’t be considered barbaric.

  • Angel Martin

    Some of us were wondering when Baby Doc’s many groupies outside Canada would finally notice…

  • Fat_Man

    “Everyone’s favorite environmentalist Bill McKibben”

    Speak for yourself. I have nothing but contempt for him.

    • Andrew Allison

      Could it have been sarcasm? Shouldn’t whether we should have contempt or pity for the acolytes of the religion of AGW depend on whether they know better or are simply stupid?

      • Fat_Man

        If it was sarcasm, it wasn’t tagged. McKibben is a ring leader who has made his living, and a good one at that, peddling CAGW hysteria. He does not get a pass.

        • Andrew Allison

          I suspect that it was sarcasm. There are many so-called “scientists” (97%, apparently [/grin]), not the mention government employees at NOAA and NASA, who are making a good living misrepresenting the impact of anthropogenic emmissions. On a scale of 1-to-Mann, how would you rate McKibben? Hansen (the worst of the bunch,IMO)? My feeling is that a scientist should know better.

          • Fat_Man

            McKibben is not a “scientist”. He is a writer, and “environmentalist”.

            An environmentalist is a community organizer wearing a lumberjack shirt and hiking boots. Hansen is a “scientist” who has gone around the bend. Hansen, to his credit advocates nuclear energy.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Well, you could always get rid of Trudeau and get Canada a Trump, but that’s hardly better for McKibben’s camp. So, it makes one wonder whether McKibben knows where the war is.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Scientific Method:

    1. Observation: Increasing Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, and increasing surface temperatures (readings collected by people, in locations that have become urban heat islands covered in blacktop) until 1998 (unconfirmed by satellite readings).
    2. Hypothesis: “Global Warming” due to the Greenhouse effect of Carbon Dioxide
    3. Prediction: Over 2 dozen computer models predicting accelerating increasing temperatures.
    4. Experimentation: All of the computer models have overestimated the temperature increase by at least 2-fold (many by ridiculous amounts), and “natural variation” can easily explain the change that has occurred, without the need for “Global Warming”.

    Conclusion: “Global Warming” is BS, and any scientist worthy of the name, would have gone back to the drawing board.

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