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Tillerson Comes into His Own
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    “Reports”…what a joke.
    I don’t believe most of what the media says anymore, including much of the Right leaning media. The news is a 24 hour business, and there isn’t 24 hours of news happening in a day, so they just bring pundits, interview people, create stories, speculate, and yak on about things that aren’t really anything worth talking about. So much of the news isn’t news, it’s just filler. TMI media, TMI.

    I really don’t care what is going on inside the WH unless someone is fired, hired, or dead….

  • Isaiah601

    But, but, but….. He is a straight white male!!! Who made money of fossil fuels!!!!

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    • Ellen

      Ha, that would completely disqualify him for a job in the Hillary Clinton foreign policy establishment. But, remember, Trump compensated for the fact that he appointed a straight, white male who made money from fossil fuels by also appointing a swarthy-looking Indian-American from the Deep South who is also a Sikh by upbringing. Does that balance things off?

      • Isaiah601

        No. Nothing will ever appease the Jacobins of the Left.

  • CaliforniaStark

    It was the appointment by Trump of Tillerson ,and other highly qualified individuals, that began the movement of many of those wary of Trump, and even those who were previously been NeverTrump, into the ranks of Trump supporters. Tillerson was a brilliant pick as Secretary of State, and appears to work well with Trump.

  • D4x

    Regardless of actual experience and accomplishment, the only attribute that matters is political experience in the Executive Branch? Good for Mr. Mead to deconstruct the ResistingMedia’s favorite qualifier for TeamTrump: “but had no experience in the White House or in politics”, applied to everyone from POTUS to Sec Tillerson to Jared Kushner, and, most recently to FLOTUS’ Senior Advisor, Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, described by WaPo on 04 14 as a “… fashion industry event planner who helped organise President Trump’s nauguration but had no experience in the White House or in politics. Trump has since added several experienced Republicans to her team, including a chief of staff, social secretary and director of the White House visitor’s office – all key to planning events at the executive mansion. …”

    Huh? On January 20, 2017, UK’s Daily Telegraph on Vogue’s Ann Wintour’s protegee: “…creative consultant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has been tapped to plan Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies. As the ringmaster of New York’s biggest fashion events, the President Elect and his team couldn’t have picked a more formidable, and stylish, force.

    Winston Wolkoff is Manhattan’s best-connected party planner, Vogue’s former events director, the president and CEO of her own consulting agency, SWW Creative, and the woman behind the meteoric success of the MET Gala. …

    • Angel Martin

      “but had no experience in the White House or in politics”

      Well business-as-usual Washington sure has a point there:

      -none of the Trump people have any experience in watching ISIS grab 40 percent of Iraq, and doing nothing
      -none of the Trump people have any experience in criticizing Bush for not planning Iraq, then deposing Gaddafi without a plan
      -none of the Trump people have any experience in threatening foreign dictators with a red line, then walking away from their own threat.
      -none of the Trump people have the political experience of losing both houses of Congress, and 1000+ state legislators.

      Yes siree, what Trump needs is more people with White House “experience”.

  • Andrew Allison

    His immediate predecessors (Crooked Hillary and less-than-swift Gigolo John) set a very low bar.

  • Joseph DeMarzo

    Every time the MSM is proven to be biased fools, it makes the Orange One look even better. Rex is but one more example.

  • Pait

    He did very well sending the vice-president and an aircraft carrier to Korea indeed. That bombing of Iraq or Syria or wherever was also a great success if only the administration knew what country they were bombing.

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