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From Buenos Aires
Global Immigration, Then and Now
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  • Unelected Leader

    It’s totally different. 100 years ago, you were expected to assimilate and had no welfare, so the hosts could be fairly sure that you were interested in being there because you are truly interested in them, their culture, their laws/freedoms. Plus, comparing a wave of European immigration to a state founded by Europeans is quite different from tribal/religious fundamentalists from the Arab and African world.
    Not the case today at all.

  • ——————————

    “The best policies are probably to be found in thinking about how to manage it in a sustainable way rather than thinking about black hats and white hats.”

    Sounds like typical liberal nonsense to me…along with most of the rest of the article….can’t we all just get along?…NO!
    Humans are tribal. Mess with someone’s tribe and there will be problems…and no amount of intellectual, liberal, eliteist brainwashing will ever change that….

  • Pete

    “Argentine constitution says the government “will encourage European immigration”’

    Makes sense.

  • D4x

    This is the kind of comment generated by another selective edit of history: BABEL:
    Assad was in Argentina and Brazil, seeking investment capital from the Lebanese & Syrian diasporas in both countries, BEFORE Syria descended into the civil war that has so destabilized so many others. Hotel de los Inmigrantes needs a new a diorama display to commemorate that aspect of global migrations.

  • Beauceron

    “But America and Argentina also had to deal with similar issues created by the Great Wave.”

    You are simply disconnected from reality.

    That WAS the great wave, at least in America.

    The recent wave of immigration to the US is larger, even in terms of our now much larger population. The US now has more foreign born citizens than at any time in its history. What you refer to as the “Great Wave” has been reduced to the Tiny Wave.
    But it’s not merely the numbers. It’s the numbers wedded to the race-obsessed identity politics now employed by the Left. An ideology that brands all whites as racist white supremacists and that fetishizes People Of Color as sacred objects who can never under any circumstance be racist. It creates a system of privilege while insisting its foes are the privileged. It is based on the oppression of dissenters while accsuing others of being oppressors. It is poisonous to any society, and it is going to shred this country into pieces– which is, as far as I can tell, exactly what the Left wants, despite their pretenses towards unity.

  • f1b0nacc1

    Democracy, immigration, and multiculturalism….pick two, and ONLY two….

  • lukelea

    There is nothing sacred about mass immigration. Particularly among racially diverse populations. Migrations historically have spelled the doom of civilizations. The Age of Immigration can and must come to an end. If only in the interests of domestic peace and prosperity. Auster’s classic essay is good on the subject:

  • PierrePendre

    Does America have a crisis of Christian identity? The great majority of its immigrants are Catholic Latinos. Europe on the other hand does have a crisis of religious identity because Christianity is in full retreat while the great majority of immigrants are Muslims. Muslims demand that Europe adapts to their religious needs including sharia and the revival of blasphemy laws which in the absence of Christian observance means special protection for Islam. This process is far more culturally dangerous than anything that is happening in religious America. Muslim immigrants possess a moral base which European Christians have abandoned even if they still have all the panoply of popes and bishops who are largely ignored. Since inward Muslim migration shows no sign of abating, the cultural and social adjustments they require will be felt increasingly strongly by everyone. The United States has a historic record of resisting its immigrants – see the experience of Irish- and Italian-Americans – whereas the transnational EU political class and MSM fall over themselves to accommodate and protect Muslim immigration while not requiring them to assimilate.

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