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Blame Game
The EU Casts Stones From Its Glass House

Well, this is rich. The European Union is chastising the United States after Donald Trump’s “energy independence” executive order signed earlier this week, saying that it’s now up to the EU and China to take the lead on curbing global emissions. Reuters reports:

[European climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete], speaking to reporters after meeting Chinese officials, expressed regret that the United States was rolling back climate policies, but said China and Europe remained committed to “driving forward” the global battle against climate change.

“We are not going to backslide even if the United States at the moment…is backsliding from its previous commitments,” he said.

There’s so much wrong with this posturing that it’s hard to know where to begin refuting it. Let’s start with the fact that a study was published this week that found that only three countries in all of Europe are actually following through on the climate commitments they made in Paris 15 months ago. It’s hard, then, to imagine how Canete was able to keep a straight face when admonishing the United States for “backsliding” from its Paris commitments.

Then, too, the notion that China is ready to take the lead on climate change is in itself laughable. The country’s own ministry for environmental protection is fighting a high-profile struggle with polluters who are serving up phony emissions data. How can China hope to stick to climate commitments when the data by which we’d measure that adherence is so fundamentally unreliable?

Finally, let’s consider the fact that Trump’s executive order didn’t meaningfully change the trajectory of U.S. emissions. Before Trump signed that document, the United States was already helping to keep global emissions relatively level (by reducing our own emissions 3 percent in 2016). Those reductions came about as a result of the shale boom, and Trump isn’t about to get in the way of that.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Perhaps Canete is getting his information from the Left Stream Media rather than from looking at the facts. As TAI never tires of pointing out [grin], US emissions are on a downward trajectory, largely due to fracking.

  • D4x

    EU posturing on climate change, CE 2017, is reminiscent of the Second Council of Nicaea, 787 CE, which possibly led to the First Crusade, CE 1095. Angels still dancing too fast to be counted…

  • Angel Martin

    USA carbon emissions are actually down, while EU carbon treaty “leaders” like Germany – its emissions are up.

    Carbon emissions are like a “McGuffin” in a Hitchcock movie. The real goal is a treaty that uniquely penalizes the USA.

    • JanePrice11

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    • LarryD

      The USA, which never signed Kyoto or its successor treaties/accords, has been reducing its carbon dioxide emissions for years, without the governments action. Efficiency is cost-effective, hence profitable. And North America (US and Canada) is a carbon dioxide net sink, has been for decades. All those trees.

  • Unelected Leader

    The EU is a total farce, absolutely absurd. They pretend to care about the environment, but they are silent on the real environmental destruction in the South Sea, where Chinese poachers use ship propellers, cyanide, and even dynamite to massacre endangered populations and destroy coral.

    • Observe&Report

      Any inkling why the British wanted out?

      • DeniseDiaz111

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  • Boritz

    Heute reported as part of their story on the (attempted but failed) reversal of Obamacare that social services were being cut but that more funding was being provided for sogenannte (so-called) homeland security. Gotta love their objectivity as well as their own ‘commitment’ to their own domestic and international security.

  • Reginald Pettifogger

    A collapse of the Paris Accords will severely pinch the pocket-books of many of the EU “aristocracy”; but, they will survive as they always have, moving from one scam to another to keep their beaks dipped.

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