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Sunni Delight
Israel Strikes Again in Syria
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  • D4x

    In Syria, Hezbollah’s encroachment on the Golan Heights is another Israeli red line. Lebanon is the real issue. Hezbollah is part of Lebanon’s government, and armed forces. Under-reported delegation of U.S. Senators, Intelligence Committee, met with Lebanese PM Hariri (Sunni) last weekend. One might assume they mentioned Hezbollah’s ‘role’ in Lebanon’s armed forces, possibly Iran’s role in building rocket factories in tunnels in South Lebanon, that Israel will bomb Lebanon to the stone age if Hezbollah launches anything from Lebanon into Israel…

    “Senator Richard Burr led a delegation of five senators including Senators John Cornyn, Marco Rubio, James Lankford, and Tom Cotton on a visit to Lebanon from March 17 to March 18, the US embassy said in a press release on Saturday.

    The delegation met with Prime Minister Saad Hariri during their visit and discussed the close relationship and security cooperation
    between the United States and Lebanon.

    The delegation’s visit underscores United States support for Lebanon, the Lebanese Armed Forces, and Lebanon’s institutions, added the statement.”

    George Friedman summed it up well today: “…From Israel’s point of view, Iranian influence in Syria through Hezbollah must be stopped. …”

    • D4x

      “…It should be emphasized that there is no harm in a country’s foreign policy taking into account public opinion. The challenge is to subordinate foreign policy to an ideology, especially to one implying or even demanding changes in the domestic politics of other sovereign countries. The Kremlin’s position obviates this challenge altogether—Russia’s foreign policy is about protecting national interests in interaction with other states and their interests. Its relations with Israel are arguably the best example.

      President Putin reacted in a very conciliatory way, noting that those events happened in the fifth century BCE, and suggesting, “We now live in a different world. Let us talk about that now.” Here, one can find a very short summary of current Russian foreign policy—the uniquely complex modern world is what matters; let’s talk. …”

      [In case anyone is wondering if Russia had shared Syria’s codes for the S-200(?) with Israel? Even after reading this good view of Israel-Russia bilateral ties, who knows! ]

      • D4x

        03 24 2017 “…The problem with Iran and Hezbollah’s presence in Syria is that both could instigate a war against Israel from Syrian territory, with or without the involvement or agreement of Assad’s forces and despite Russian opposition. …”

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