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Burn Baby Burn
GOP Tax Cut Shows Why Administrative State Needs Pruning
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  • lukelea

    Maybe the best way to create affordable housing is to build it in affordable places?

    • CosmotKat

      Don’t confuse everyone with common sense suggestions! /sarc

  • Unelected Leader

    Can’t fix the budget deficit and the catastrophic inflation that deficit dollars cause for the middle class over a 40 year work life without rectifying the trade deficit, and you can’t start rectifying that until you cut taxes and deregulate, i.e. gut the bureaucracy.

  • Anthony

    “…in a complicated modern society we actually need government that performs various important tasks competently.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    More importantly (as you well know and obliquely infer in last paragraph, WRM), The viability of our entire economy depends on a well-performing public sector. That is, the government provides the soft and hard infrastructure that enables both a country and an economy to function – affordable housing inclusive. Squaring the circle – stimulating the economy within the confines of the debt and deficit – requires more than GOP tax proposals (one alternative always deserving a fresh look remains the balanced-budget multiplier).

  • D4x

    The biggest infrastructure problem in America is aging housing. In their zealous mission to reform the home mortgage after 2008, the Federal government somehow made it impossible to get a renovation mortgage unless the location provided equity-in-place. Translation: buy a fixer already inflated by location in a much more expensive neighborhood. The Feds also changed the home appraisal process to favor energy efficiency, and made it impossible to challenge the appraisal, even when the error was in the comparables.

    However, beware of renovated flips, because you actually need to remodel an aging home solely to preserve equity. HGTV effect, amplified by Zillow and realtors that you get the cost of remodel back, is a big part of that Big Lie.

    In New York City, much affordable housing could be preserved if only the landlords and managing agents, especially in the outer boroughs, thought they actually had to follow the laws and make repairs. It is cheaper to pay the fine, and lie.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Zealots who want to burn down the whole administrative state have it wrong; in a complicated modern society we actually need government that performs various important tasks competently.”

    Government is, and will always be a Monopoly. This means none of the “Feedback of Competition”, and so miserable Quality, Service, and Price, at whatever it does. Being a bureaucrat means you can’t be fired, you never have to improve, and you still get wages and benefits double or triple that of the same job in the private sector.

    The belief that modern society needs more government, to do what the free market can do with continuously improving Quality, Service, and Price, is BS.

    For over 100 years America was the fastest growing nation on Earth. It isn’t coincidence that the Burden of Government during that time was small. Had America continued growing at the rate, most of today’s problems could be solved with America’s pocket change, or by private philanthropists. The Rahn Curve shows that a nation’s maximal growth is with a Government burden of 15% (Western Nations have a burden of 50% or more). Anarchy is bad for business, but a big Government burden is just as bad, and much harder to get rid of.

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