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Is This Russia’s Opening Move in Libya?
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  • Charles Martel

    Given just how horrific the consequences of American (and British and French) intervention in Libya have been, criticism of Russian engagement seems misplaced. At any rate, Russia is clearly supporting the more responsible side of the Libyan Civil War, and we should wish their efforts well.

    • Dale Fayda

      That’s sensible. Besides, Obama didn’t exactly leave this administration with a plethora of good options in Libya.

  • f1b0nacc1

    Hatfar’s most salient feature is that he is unwilling to permit the UN to midwife a government designed to ‘include’ as many clans and tribes (whatever their individual merit, which most of them lack) as a grand compromise. This complete mess is precisely the sort of thing that a Turtle Bay bureaucrat would find appealing, and nobody else (especially nobody else who has to LIVE in Libya) would find appealing. Hatfar has his own problems, and is hardly be an ideal choice for leadership in Libya, but there are no ideal choices, and he has shown that he is at least willing to listen to some reason.

    Whether or not the Russians are right here, perhaps the smartest thing that the US could do that this point is to let them commit their resources to cleaning up this appalling mess brought about by the feckless dithering of our last administration.

    • D4x

      Egypt needs a stable Libyan oil sector in the east to help stabilize Egypt’s economy. Unsure if Egyptian guest worker employment in those Libyan oil fields has ever recovered.

      I am so 19th century in thinking Egypt should annex Cyrenaica, so all that oil money will benefit the population of Egypt…and those Turtle Bay bureaucrats would never acknowledge how many tribes were divided by that artificial border between Cyrenaica and Egypt.

      Africa map 1910, New World Encyclopedia

      Italy invaded what would become Libya in 1911.

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