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Untangling Syria
US-Backed Syrian Militia Bets on Russia
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  • Andrew Allison

    Maybe the Kurds got tired of waiting for a little appreciation and support from the USA for the job they’re doing in Syria. The treatment of the Kurds by te previous administration was disgraceful.

    • Disappeared4x

      This author’s concern is the absence of proof that the USA “had any foreknowledge or involvement in the deal whatsoever.”, with assumptions that US policy will always be a) removal of Assad, b) Putin is a war criminal for Aleppo, and c) Turkey remains a NATO ally.

      CENTCOM must know about this deal; and we have to wait to see about a) and b).

      As for Turkey in NATO? The new Eastern Question.

    • Disappeared4x

      Even the experts are reading the tea-leaves of what Manbij means to Turkey, the Kurds, and USA. The Kurds get a buffer zone and USA gets to ‘buy time’ to reconcile policy within reality – that reality still defaulting to Turkey as NATO ally and regional power. The Old-New Eastern Question!

      “The US, Turkey and the Kurds: Ankara is challenging Washington’s approach to the Kurds.” By Eric Czuleger March 3, 2017

      “…The United States’ imperative is to defeat Islamic State while limiting its exposure in the Middle East. Turkey’s imperative is to
      suppress the Kurds and project power into the region. In between these two objectives is a perforated band of Kurdish groups that cannot achieve statehood.

      Shortly after the Turkish foreign minister made the statements about the Syrian Kurds in Manbij, a deal was struck between Russia, the Syrian army and the SDF to hand over control of towns in western Manbij district to the Syrian army. The hope is this will create a buffer zone between the SDF and Turkish-backed rebels. This buffer zone buys the U.S. time to assess its next steps in the Middle East, but ultimately the path forward lies with the Turks, not the Kurds. The U.S. and Turkey are approaching a defining moment. Ankara has forced Washington to question its stance on supporting the stateless Kurds in exchange for allying with a rising power in the Middle East.”

      • Andrew Allison

        The selective human rights policies of the USA (e.g. support the Syrian rebels but not the Kurds) is shameful.

        • Disappeared4x

          Better for the Kurds if the USA focus is on ‘buying time’. Iraqi Kurdistan is more realistic – where a federal system might become a reality.

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