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Bromance Interrupted
Trump’s Ratings Slump in Russia
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  • Unelected Leader

    Nope! I’m a low IQ lame-stream addict. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. blah blah blah

  • Disappeared4x
    • Suzy Dixon

      Whoa! Obama a Kremlin agent: CONFIRMED. Get this to CNN right away. Worse, I hear Obama even wanted to “reset” relations :0 ?!

  • Kevin

    “Four times less” is horrible math/grammar. It’s 75% less or one quarter as often.

  • GS

    Why on earth should it even matter? The newsworthiness of the russian presstitutes is negative (not that our domestic leftards are much better), the only (somewhat) interesting point could be how they had gotten the delusion that Donald Trump was in their interest. To me it demonstrates their fundamental lack of understanding. And there it is contagious, as their so-called “oppositioners” by and large caught the same virus.

  • Dave Ralph

    Karina Orlova is one of the best and most thoughtful Russia analysts writing in Western publications. I’ll take Orlova’s stone-cold analysis over Julia Ioffe’s sensationalism and click-baiting any day of the week.

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