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Making Sense of Trump’s Bull Market
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  • Dale Fayda

    Apparently, the drive-by media’s appetite for “eating crow” has not abated since the election:

    Everyone (in the Ward McAllister sense) already knows that the media and political establishment have declared unrestricted war on Trump, but what they don’t seem to realize is that not many people care about their gyrations any more. The elites refuse to accept electoral defeat and will continue to lash out; all the while Trump continues to move his agenda forward. We’ll see who’s left standing at the end.

  • Fat_Man

    I am with explanation 1. Here in flyover country, the DC Beltway seems to be in a fever. The rest of the country is getting by as we always have.

  • Arkeygeezer

    Despite the media hysteria, Rasmussen reports that the President’s approval rating jumped to 55% favorable.

  • Kevin

    Explanation #2 is unhinged. America is now an “authoritarian kleptocracy” (in some way that it wasn’t four months ago)?

  • Disappeared4x

    US equity markets continue to be distorted by essentially zero interest rates. “…it’s only urban center-left reporters who are warning of imminent doom. …” ?? There is no ‘center’ in this chorus of pinstriped hyenas posing as ‘reporters’. Apologies, can not think of any species as deplorably dangerous as the voices employed in the delegitimization of TeamTrump, and the personal destruction of the entire Trump family.

  • FluffyFooFoo

    Washington bureaucrats are the ancien regime. They better watch out.

  • Angel Martin

    There are at least six markets that are relevant here: employment market, stock market, credit markets, housing market, foreign exchange market, commodity markets.

    The last thing the Trump folks should be worried about is the stock market.

    Trump needs to continue to focus, as he has, on the gov’t barriers to high wage job creation. And let those other markets do what they are going to do.

    As long a Trump is seen by the white working class as working for a middle class economic revival, even a recession or worse won’t matter.

    Roosevelt got re-elected twice during the Depression with a terrible economy because he was seen as working for economic improvement for people who were having a hard time. And those voters knew that the brain-dead Republicans of the time did not have their interests as a priority.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The stock market is red-hot because of the prospect of high-end tax cuts and deregulation of corporate business practices. It might also be giddy about infrastructure——the exact financing of which is unclear. The market has not reacted yet to the effect of fiscal budget cutting to go with tax cutting because it has not yet seen any hint of a Trump/GOP budget.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Markets are affected by the emotional mood of the participants. The mood now is hopeful, in direct contrast to the leftist MSM who see the end of the world. You have to doubt someone’s grasp of reality if they think that way.

  • Pait

    The main factors are:
    1 – The president has very limited influence on the immediate state of the economy.
    2 – The stock market is not a perfect mirror of the real economy.

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