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The Eight Great Powers of 2017

In 2016, Russia surpassed Germany, and Israel joined the list for the first time.

Published on: January 24, 2017
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  • eblinick

    Germany a military power? that is funny. Germany emasculated itself and is full of peace loving Elois. They just go through the military motions.

    • walt

      No they dont….they are very upfront about how they don’t want to be a military power…They are happy with being an economic powerhouse. They dont need to be a military power…France has that covered..France has the worlds 3rd largest nuclear arsenal, due to that why would Germany need to be a military power. France military umbrella includes Germany.

  • komol gane

    The greatest power,
    The Result Site

  • Aer O’Head

    Why refer to Israel as “the Jewish state”? Yes, that’s what Netanyahu wants the world to believe — and more importantly, accept — but it just ain’t so. Certainly not without recognizing it as an apartheid state.

    • walt

      I mean….it was founded to be a Jewish State..that was kinda the point of it’s existence….similar to how Pakistan was founded to be a “homeland” for India’s Muslims…..

      • Aer O’Head

        No, it wasn’t. It was intended to be a “homeland for the Jews”. It was NEVER intended to be a “Jewish state” as a lot of other people lived there. In any event, it wasn’t anybody’s land to give to “the Jews”. Oh yes, Lord Rothschild and the JNF both went on massive buying campaigns, but at the time of the Partition Resolution, Jews owned only 8% of Palestine, and were something like 30% of the total population, with even that being the result of massive immigration, much of it illegal. A “Jewish state” is necessarily one that discriminates against non-Jews. In other words, an apartheid state.

  • Europa

    It is a sad testament of America to see India as a great power. India is not a Democracy and cannot be when her population stands at 1`billion 300 million. Representational Democracies were never meant for continent sized populations. In order to make my point comparisons are needed. Africa’s population is 1 billion 150 million. The Americas stand at 1 billion 100 million. Europe stands at 770 million (including European Russia).
    To assume everyone from the tip of Argentina to Alaska would settle for a few political parties, one government and one leader should be preposterous. To assume the same of the populations of Africa and Europe would be equally ludicrous, yet that is exactly the case with India.
    The long list of massive social ills of India are not due to poverty but rampant corruption. India’s slums are built on some of the world’s most expensive real estate where laws already exist which should prevent such construction. They exist because of Corruption. India is a major food exporter and waster. She wastes around 21 million tons of Wheat per year, millions of tons of rice and is the world’s largest waster of vegetables and fruit, while each day between 3, 000 and 5, 000 Indian children die due to starvation and malnutrition. This is due to corruption.
    Raw sewage and industrial waste pour into every river and the air is heavily polluted. India is the world’s largest user of Asbestos and Asbestos particles are part of the smog. 80% of India’s surface water is polluted while India has the technology to address this and the laws to stop such wanton pollution. It does not happen because of corruption.
    India wealth disparity is one of the worst in the world with a few million being super rich and the rest of her billon 300 million being extremely poor. India grows at 13 million per year. 700 million openly defecate. This is again due to corruption not lack of technology or money. As an Sri Lankan American I find it disturbing that America ignores an ocean of suffering without demanding more from New Delhi while seeing India’s use as a power against Russia and China more important.

  • walt

    How can you say that? They are both rather major Nuclear/economic powers? China is a huge economic power…with a small nuclear arsenal. Russia has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and has a small/medium economic pull. They deserve to be on this list

    If you want to complain about 2 countries I would advise….Iran, Germany and Israel. Iran is not a nuclear power nor is it a economic power…It does have MASSIVE Proxy influence but that is because it is aware that it doesn’t have the military/economic abilities to compete on an even playing field with Saudi Arabia/US allies.

    Israel is too small to be a Super Power…it’s reliance on US military aid/deterrent should also discredit it. It is a nuclear power but not publicly. Its GDP is also too small to be a superpower.

    Germany is not a nuclear nor military power…’s a major economic power, yes…because of the EU. The EU should be considered a Superpower due to them being a massive economic force with an independent nuclear deterrent through France. Its insulting to France who has the the EU’s largest military….and has the worlds 3rd largest nuclear arsenal ….while also having MASSIVE soft power…

  • walt

    I agree…+the 3rd largest nuclear aresenal as well as having massive soft power potential.

  • walt

    Ummm…yet it’s Per Capita GDP is tiny…
    Go by GDP not PPP….PPP is easy due to it being a huge country.

    Next…it has a smaller nuclear arsenal than majority of the nations on this list…a inexperienced military force.
    Plus…domestically it is plagued with poverty,corruption and sectarian violence aka its still a 3rd world country….

  • India’s Army has been named as 60% vintage. Size isn’t everything. These days a single advanced frigate can take out a dozen old ones. Modern is key. But also India is not a major soft power like the France, the UK and Germany (and the US). I agree India should be on the list but you have to be realistic. India is an emerging power and 6th is incredibly respectable. Why France and the UK aren’t on the list I have no idea. Both have been named as No 1 Soft Powers and both have medium sized but deadly militaries.

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