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Obama's Legacy
The Democrats Turn on Obama
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  • JR

    “I shall bless those who bless you and I shall curse those who curse you” Barack Obama thought that this didn’t apply to him. He thought incorrectly.

    • Disappeared4x


      • JR

        With everything that is going on at the UN, man, it sure feels like somebody is helping us. As in, REALLY helping.

        • Hanzo

          I remember the bumper stickers so popular at G&K Shows – Get US out of the UN!

          • Liberalism Has Failed

            WHY isn’t the United Nations Building in Brussels?

          • Andrew Allison

            Because it belongs in sub-Saharan Africa!

          • M Snow

            Too pleasant. How about some place a bit lower? And warmer?

          • Paul1622

            Kinshasa the capitol of Congo would be perfect.

          • Ken moss

            That is really funny, could you imagine the diplomats living there?!!

          • Paul1622

            It would be a much needed change for those weasels…a heaping helping of reality, served cold.

          • M Snow

            I was thinking of a place somewhat warmer, but that will do.

          • Andrew Allison

            Not much difference between sub-Saharan Africa and Hades.

          • M Snow

            True, but one is for all eternity; the other offers at least a chance of escape.

          • Disappeared4x
          • M Snow

            Nifty link. Thanks.

          • Liberalism Has Failed

            Mogadishu Somalia, perhaps?

        • Disappeared4x

          Read how Dems in congress found their voices and turned on Obama44’s UNSC vote: “Democratic Lawmakers Blast Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution” by Staff | 12.23.16 4:00 pm

          Rep Brad Sherman, D CA lobbied New Zealand directly. Saban must want his money back…

      • JR1123581321

        Those good times didn’t last. For what it’s worth, I believe what I wrote now as strongly as I believed it when I wrote it 24 hours ago. And it is happening on the evening of the first day of Hannukah, celebration specifically of restoration of Temple Mount. So I think I get the joke, but then again, I’m not sure.

        • Disappeared4x

          Der mentsh trakht un g-t lakht. Man plans and G-d laughs.

          next time, different thread.

        • Disappeared4x

          Hanukkah starts at sundown, Saturday, December 24, 2016, the eve of the birth of Jesus, in the City of David – just heard “City of David” on the tv greeting from the family owners of a local car dealership. Hmmm.
          Geography. Interesting.
          Thought you should know another 20 hours to go.

      • Jason Rogers

        Yes priceless for its stupidity and total misreading of the Bible.

        • Disappeared4x

          JasonRogers’ stupidity is the result of a total misreading of history, courtesy of RonPaul2012 campaign website selling copies of the Tsarist Russian forgery of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, the favorite forgery of both Henry Ford, Sr., and Ford’s bff Hitler.

    • Hanzo

      I wasn’t aware he has a thought process, all reactionary.

      • Liberalism Has Failed

        I believe what JR is referring to is “A Higher Power”, NOT Barack The False Messiah.

        • JR1123581321

          I totally was. We totally communicated through the written word without ever meeting. I knew this whole reading and writing thing will pay off one day.

          • Liberalism Has Failed

            Well played! Merry Christmas!!

    • Liberalism Has Failed

      But remember, “The Future Shall Not Belong To Those Who Would Slander The Prophet Of Islam”.

      • JR1123581321

        We all choose what to believe and which hill we are willing to die on. I made my choice a long time ago.

    • Jason Rogers

      Nonsense.The chosen people are those who accept Christ not the mainly secular,atheistic Jews who have done everything in their vast power to destroy Christianity in Europe and America.I really don’t understand this Jew worship that goes on amongst Christians when Jews have great and barely hidden disdain for us.Look at how Christians are portrayed in the Jewish owned media in the U.S.and even worse in Britain where they also control the BBC.Jesus himself condemned the Pharisees as being like their father Satan,and Pharisee was used as the term for Jew in the Bible.In fact not till the King James version in the late 1590’s was the term Jew used and only then as a term for those residing in Judeah.Do you really think our Heavenly Father favors one group on non-Christians over Christians?That makes zero sense and only benefits the Jews who most likely have influenced this misconception.I could not care less about Mohammedans or the Middle East but I do know what the Jews have done to destroy White Christian Europe and America.

  • Rick Johnson

    Why are we surprised at Obama’s underwhelming accomplishments. He was elected forone reason and one reason only – his skin colour. Selection by race, not merit, is a mistake.

    • Jim__L

      He could make a speech sound great. Not convincing, but great, and he did it without a Southern accent — something that Jesse Jackson didn’t manage to do, although Jackson’s oratory has been praised by conservatives like PJ O’Rourke.

      • champ

        He only sounds great when reading from a teleprompter. When he has to speak off-the-cuff, he sounds like a stuttering clusterf*ck!

    • Andrew Allison

      You are correct, of course, but it was his selection, qualifications be damned, as the nominee by a party establishment which calculated (correctly) that a black would get more votes than a woman called Clinton that got him elected. As Joseph de Maistre wrote 200 years ago, “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”, and the people who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin got what they deserved, namely, Trump and Republican control of two-thirds of the States.

    • John Drake

      Similary Hillary’s one notable “qualification” was her purported womanhood. Woulda thought that strategy had worn thin, but when it’s the only arrow in your quiver, I suppose you have to shoot it. Now, she’d better act quickly to use her Obamacare (before it’s repealed) to remove that arrow from her foot. Maybe they can repair that hole in her head while they’re at it

      • maxbert50

        Ideal Democratic presidential qualifications: Black, female, moslem, LGBTQWXYZ, and cluelessly liberal. But they’ll settle for 3 out of 5 in a pinch. Executive experience and basic competence are frowned upon.

      • Andrew Allison

        You mean the one between her nose and her chin?

  • Dale Fayda

    Obama is, was and always will be first and foremost about Obama. Everything else for him was “just conversation”. My feeling is that he’s going to end up as a much-disparaged footnote in American presidential history, along the lines of Carter and Buchanan.

    • LizardLizard

      It will probably read something like: “Americans, seeking to show that they are not racist, twice elected a glib half-black junior senator as their president. At the end of his eight-year term, the Democratic party was left in a seriously diminished condition. His policies–many having been forced through by irregular and partisan means–were almost completely rolled back by the subsequent administration.”

    • champ

      Yeah, Jimmy Carter is happy that now he won’t be the least popular ex-president…

      • TboneAgain

        I’d bet that peanut farmer has built a shrine in his house where can worship Obama on bended knee. Eight years ago, everyone with a brain hailed Carter as the worst president of the modern era. Now he’s graduated to second-worst…. by a VERY large margin.

    • strongmind

      sums up everything I have concluded after watching this man rise to the top like a rocket….. only to fizzle out in the end.

      • John Drake

        …and crash with a fiery thud.

        • maxbert50

          Not fiery. Just a dull thud and a whimper.

          • John Drake

            Tell that to the people behind Obama’s Red Line in Syria.

    • Ricardo Montalbon

      Buchanan has been vindicated. Did you notice who won the election?

    • Liberalism Has Failed

      AND……. the press contingent that will be following him around breathlessly reporting his every criticism of President Trump will be much larger than the S.ecret S.ervice D.etail assigned to P.rotect him from, well you know….

  • Fat_Man

    I tried to warn you. Would you listen?

  • Jim__L

    GWB didn’t leave the GOP in a particularly healthy state either — but between 2008 and 2016 the GOP “developed a strong bench”, but that turned out to be weak against Trump.

    It’s an interesting development that Obama (still a popular national figure) might not lead the Democrats now that the Clinton machine has been deprived of electoral success. Where are they going to turn? Pelosi??? That’s scary and sad.

    Life just keeps being interesting. Keep us posted, please. =)

    • Andrew Allison

      It’s clear from the petulant and anti-democratic response to the election of Trump that the Democratic Party has a death wish, however, I doubt that suicide-by-Pelosi is on the cards.

      • Jim__L

        Yeah, Barney Frank’s catamite was rather rude to a number of Barney’s critics as well. Committed assault, or threatened to, if I recall correctly. It’s a drawback of embracing an “identity” that involves having no shame.

        Now that the homosexual agenda is largely imposed on the country, we’re starting to see more cases where instead of magnanimity, we see bitterness and yes, genuine hate, being spewed from these erstwhile “victims” (as if the velvet ghetto were ever equivalent to other areas of the same name). I wouldn’t be surprised if enough of it gets brought to light to sway public sympathies — at least far enough to give us space for religious freedom to be reinstated in this country, and free speech to speak out about conscience, right, and wrong.

        We’ll see how it goes.

        • Andrew Allison

          Although straight myself, I don’t consider sexual preference to be shameless. It’s shameless behavior that I abhor. In this case it was as much the utterly despicable professor gleefully tweeting about something he didn’t have the guts to either do himself or prevent as the behavior of his boorish partner that angered me.

    • maxbert50

      The Clinton machine is also deprived of MONEY. They no longer have any influence to sell.

  • Andrew Allison

    The word “Almost” doesn’t belong in the sub-head (Everywhere you look . . .).

  • Stephen

    Turn on Obama? Tsk, tsk…only one possible reason for that: racism.

    • Andrew Allison


    • Jim__L

      Are you sure it isn’t Bush’s fault?

      • JustASimpleGuy

        Obviously you missed the memo. Now it’s the Russian’s fault! 🙂

  • Gary Hemminger

    Speak loudly and carry no stick will be his legacy. Nixonian domestic paranoia and Carteresque foreign policies will be the other.

  • Disappeared4x

    The national Democrats need a new and different Party Platform, or their 2018 Senate losses will be real. I wonder what former Sen. Evan Bayh, of IN, and also former Rep. Gene Taylor of Biloxi, MS think about the 2016 platform.

    • Andrew Allison

      That must be why they re-appointed Pelosi [sarc]

      • Disappeared4x

        The battle in NY is what I still try to watch because of the fight between machine Dems and the Working Families Party.

        • Andrew Allison

          That’s a fight between Blue and Bluer, and surely it’s clear that Blue is, hopefully, a lost cause. The Coasts are toast. Thankfully, there are a comfortable majority of States that haven’t drunk the “progressive” (how double-speak is that!) Kool Aid.

          • Disappeared4x

            The battle extends into other states, North Carolina Dems already showing same split, with ‘bluer’ winning. I am so in the weeds on this I actually know of most of the politicians mentioned in the report on Bronx Dems linked below. Kushner just put The Observer for sale, so no idea how long they will keep the good reporting on politics.

          • Andrew Allison

            Happily, it appears that, outside of CA and NY, very few people pay any attention to the mendacious media.

  • Boritz

    “Obama’s stirring rhetoric and his underwhelming accomplishments”

    His accomplishments are overwhelming and won’t be reversed in a generation.

    • crabtown

      Or a pen.

  • Eurydice

    It seems to me that President Obama’s distaste for the “local” extended to the Democrats in Congress, as well.

  • Beauceron

    I don’t see this from the vast majority– not from the Left in general, Dem voters, or the media.

    They literally adore the man. He can do no wrong. Most of the articles I have seen paint a picture of a nation underserving of The Great Man. Our histories are no longer written by the victors, but by the cadres of leftist professors who have raped the humanities. There will be airports and towns and high schools and parks named after the man. He will be considered the greatest modern president in American history. There will literally be weeping when he steps down.

    In any case, most of their energy and attention is focused on demonizing Trump as a fascist, his supporters as white supremacist neo-Nazis, and the country as a whole as an embodiment of the Fourth Reich.

    • Sure. But with the preference cascade underway, and Democrats and other Leftists adamantly committed to operating from the same ply book – only louder – I think it’s all to the good.

    • Roy Wilson

      So true. History will be written by the same ivory-tower, out-of-touch-with-reality eggheads that teach History.

    • chaos344

      In regard to your first paragraph, I totally agree. Until Obama, I could never figure out how Jim Jones convinced all those people to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. After Obama showed up on the political stage, it all became abundantly clear to me.

      As for your second paragraph, I pray that you are wrong but fear you may be right. I welcome the fight. As someone once said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph over good, is for good men to stand by and do nothing.”

    • John Byde

      True. Trump can expect a level of hatred and intolerance never experienced by a POTUS. There are two problems with this scenario for Dems: firstly, DJT really doesn’t care and can hit back hard. Second, the only road to recovery for the Dems is to suddenly find political sanity and move on. The more they hit on Trump, the more increasing numbers of Americans who doubted him will see how lucky they were to have escaped HRC. As for Obama, I believe truth always wins. Look at Kennedy. How many today believe that garbage written about him at the time by hacks like Alsop and Sorensen?

  • “The Democrats’ bench is already extremely shallow; it probably won’t get much more crowded over the next few years.”

    I just took my county party away from a tiny circle of GOPers dedicated to keeping it small so it would be easier to control. I intend to shift our focus to winning elections beginning at the school board level and working our way up to make their bench as empty as I can.

    • internet823

      The Democrat Party is not even a national party anymore, it’s a regional fringe party. It will take decades, if ever, for it to regain the control and power it held until Obama decimated it by losing almost 1000 state legislature seats, plus Governorships, and a filibuster proof Senate, not to mention giving the Republicans their biggest majority in the House since the1920’s.

      And things only look worse for the Democrats in 2018. With 34 seats up for election in 2016, 24 were held by Republicans which should have meant a big pickup or Democrat control of the Senate, and it didn’t happen. In 2018 33 Senate seats up for grabs, only 8 are Republican and 25 are Democrat, 10 of the Democrats are in states carried bigly by the President Elect.

      So good luck with those school boards, especially since President Trump will enact a voucher system and nobody wants to put their children in those failing public schools whose primary purpose is to brainwash our children with progressive ideology. And school boards will be impotent.

      And while I’m at it, President Trump may have up to three Scalia-esque appointments to the Supreme Court and inherits 100’s of Federal Judgeships to fill with conservatives and many more during his terms. Plus the next census is scheduled for 2020. The resulting reapportionment and redistricting from that should add to the political power of the red states at the expense of the blue Democratic ones.

      But it’s great, keep grasping at straws, your moniker is a wolf but you are more of a poodle.

      • Just out of curiosity, what in my post led you to think I was anything but a hard core conservative?

        • chaos344

          I know where you’re coming from, but your post was a little confusing as to your allegiance. I had to read it several times myself.

        • internet823

          I apologize and withdraw the poodle comment.

          I wish I could see your profile but saying you took the County party away from GOP’ers and your intention of making “their” bench as empty as you can, lead me to believe you were talking about Republicans in favor of Dems.

          I think Republicans (albeit many of them Establishment RINO’s) already have a very strong bench compared to the Dems.

          I agree with hard core Conservatives on most issues, but after what I feel was a betrayal of the base by the very Republicans we put in control of every level of I am leaning more towards calling myself a Trumpian, which still remains to be fully defined.

          Thanks for clearing that up and Merry Christmas.

          • Glad we’re on the same team.

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

          • Disappeared4x

            Poodles are extremely smart dogs, except one can wonder about their willingness to be groomed as Pop Art.
            I also misread EoP’s post, except that kind of control is a very machine Dem practice.
            fading…gets weird when a TAI post is linked from RealClear, hard to know whose on first…

          • John Byde

            Yes, it will be interesting to see how DJT and the RINOs in Congress handle each other. Merry Christmas!

      • John Byde

        Internet823 – may I call you 823? I think you misread EoP’s post – he’s on our side. And what’s with the poodle jibe? I own a poodle and I think you’re remarks are very poodlist!

    • John Byde

      Not just their bench – their minds too.

  • Hanzo

    Turn on Obama? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • emersonushc13

    Megalomaniacs only see things in direct relation to themselves.

  • Hanzo

    He has accomplished most of the core causes he set out to do. Cloward-Piven is stronger, as is Alinsky’s Rules. It will take Trump to fire 100,000’s of the bloated Federal/Democrat government hyper-partisan staff Obama stuffed the Federal carcass with.

    • ChrisW

      Yeah, I don’t think Trump has the guts to fire anybody. It’s just not in his nature.

  • Well, of COURSE. Today is Festivus: the Airing of Grievances is traditional (grin)

  • Hanzo

    I say we start a Go Fund Me page in order to buy the dem’s a bigger, better shovel. They can’t stop digging.

  • Deserttrek

    obama like hillary only care about themselves and power , right and wrong, good and bad are of no consequence

  • Dan Nelson

    “He seems to think of the Federal government as the only level of government that really matters.”

    Nope. A One World Government, with him at the head, is a better proposition to him than the federal government.

  • jeburke

    I’m no Obama fan but this beating up on the guy because Democrats have lost governorships and state houses is way overboard. He won his two elections. Seriously, it’s Obama’s fault that Dems lost governor races in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan in recent years?

    • SkiBum

      Yes, it is.

    • ——————————

      “Seriously, it’s Obama’s fault that Dems lost governor races in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan in recent years?”

      Yes in many ways….

    • JR1123581321

      When in 2012 Obama told the people that vote for his policies is a vote for Democratic Senators, all the Senators flinched. So to answer your question, yes, Obama’s policies are most certainly responsible for D’s losses.

  • ——————————

    Poor, poor president snowflake.
    I think he needs a safe space…….on Pluto….

  • SkiBum

    “seems to think…”? “seems to think…?” I don’t think there’s any doubt he believe the President should be a dictator to all levels, even to the point of dictating where people have to pee.

  • BerthaLovesRick

    Your a rasist bigget!

    • Aaron_Burr

      A quick look at your posting history shows that not only are you boringly repetitive, you’re too stupid to even spell your insults correctly. Get some education (or at least a spell checker).

      • The End of The Error

        Bertha is a parody troll who, as you noted, has been at this for quite a while. That’s why her profile is public.

      • rackinfrackin

        I think that comment was intended as satire. At least I hope so. No one can possibly be that stupid.

        • internet823

          Check the profile, Bertha is beyond stupid. Cannot spell racist, bigot, lose, landslide, and doesn’t know the difference between there and they’re.

          And the extent of about 90% of Bertha’s comments are limited to some form of: “There all rasist biggets! or “In 2020 Trump will loose and Clinton will win by a lanslide!” and I kid you not: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” Over and over again.

          I generally don’t make ad hominem attacks or point out spelling errors as we are simply commentators on these posts, but I try to address the core message the poster is trying to make. I’m no English professor, but Bertha is seriously illiterate. I would love to know how BerthaLovesRick makes a living, I’m guessing school teacher.

  • Albert8184

    This is a ruse. The DNC is merely trying to PRETEND that it’s changing course. They’re trying to convince YOU that Obama’s agenda is not their agenda, not the liberal/progressive agenda. Maybe it’s a 2nd chance for Hillary? So…. 2020 rolls around and guess who shows up…. shining with all her wisdom that she “just knew the party was getting too far away from the center in 2016! But Obama wouldn’t listen! Look what happened! Hillary is the centrist candidate!!!!” And if not Hillary… then whatever other elitist schmuck they dig up to sell the centrism.

    They’re trying to back off the sort of rhetoric that alienated white working class voters over the past 8 years. They know they got their butts kicked. They know that the election was a repudiation of their agenda. Now they’re trying to pretend that THEIR agenda was JUST Obama’s agenda. Don’t buy it. It’s yet one more piece of revisionism. They went too far Left too quick, and now they’re trying to PRETEND they’ve seen the light and it’s centrism.

    • Aaron_Burr

      Scratch a liberal, find a….liberal.

  • Guest

    If Obama wasn’t so lazy, deceitful, and a chronic liar he could have accomplished something. Unfortunately America wasted 8 years, we are $20 trillion in debt and we have been led by the least competent bozo the Dems could find. Luckily the Republicans own Congress, The White House and the Supreme Court and the democrats should move to Cuba, led by big govt commies like Boynee and Hitlery.

  • Barb Arra

    socialist commie muslim

    pack up and get out and take that tranny with you

  • sowhythelongface

    Some dems seem to be coming around to logical conclusions about the state of the party. Others, including Obama, Clinton(s), Pelosi, Reid, Podesta are so shrouded in hubris and arrogance, they will NEVER understand what happened.

  • Ernest Nizza

    Are the Democrats being racist?
    Oh my!

  • strongmind

    to the author, “uninvolved” = making a conscious choice not to become involved

    to me, “uninvolved” = lazy

  • keyster

    Of course state and local government didn’t matter to him (unless there was an alleged civil rights violation).
    He’s a hard left big central government planning guy.
    The Democrats love affair with him did not translate well to much of the rest of the country.

    • Bandit

      Correct – he won’t be on the ticket again and by 2020 the party ‘leaders’ will all be in their 70’s and 80’s

  • redmanrt

    “This stems from many things, but one is his apparent indifference to state government.”

    Actually it stems from his essential laziness.

    “Great U.S. Presidents, and even good ones, are usually rooted in local politics.”

    Obama has no roots anywhere.

    • Hayek+Fan

      His intellect is way over rated.
      I really think he is as dumb as a box of rocks.
      I think other democrats are fearful they will be called racist to point this out.
      It is not racist…Joe Biden is just as dumb as he is.

      • Bandit

        I think other democrats are fearful they will be called racist to point this out.

        We have a winner!!

      • John Byde

        Obama is the most intelligent person in the room. If the room is empty.

  • Edgar Boswell Simpson III

    if dems don’t want him around, and the gop (save for the NT crowd of losers) doesn’t want him, then why will he have a “lucrative and high profile” retirement? i think it more likely he fades into obscurity, his name mentioned only in jokes.

    • crabtown

      Because he’s parking himself in DC as a counterpoint. Why is it dem the x-presidents can’t keep their mouths shut?

    • internet823

      I hope you are right, but the same unbelievable polls that told us the hag would win say his popularity is high for what that’s worth (nothing.) Nonetheless, he will cash in on his presidency with huge speaking fees, books, sitting on boards, etc. So he will be rich and profit from bankrupting the country and leaving the world in the worst condition since before WWII.

  • dannyboy116

    Things are much brighter for Democrats than most people think!!
    First, let me congratulate all Democrats on Nancy Pelosi’s recent historic victory for leadership of the Democrats in the House of Reps. The brilliant, experienced, and charismatic 76 year old Pelosi has done a superb job of leading the Democrats in the House of Representatives for the past 50 years or so – and has graciously offered her fabulous leadership for another two years. With great leaders like Nancy Pelosi in the House and the youthful 67 year old Elizabeth Warren (sometimes affectionately called Pocahontas) providing strong leadership in the Senate, and a terrific frontrunner (Representative Keith Ellison, a talented liberal African American progressive and Nation of Islam Muslim convert) for the new DNC Chairmanship – you can see that the Democratic party is in excellent shape and superbly positioned for the future!
    So chin up liberals!!! All will be well for the Democratic party and for the nation.

    • internet823

      Brilliant dannyboy. I love your sarcasm and you are 100% correct. Maybe the Dems will select Ellison as their 2020 nominee. If he is in charge of the DNC, we know how they can rig the primaries to choose the candidate the power brokers decide.

      • Liberalism Has Failed

        It appears that some inside the Democrat Party actually have their eyes open and see what will happen if they continue down the path Obama has set them on: A PERMANENT MINORITY and see the need to change….

    • TboneAgain

      I like to refer to Ms. Warren as ‘Fauxcahontas.’ Just me….

      • StoutCortez

        “Liawatha” rolls off the tongue well, too, as does “Little Big Liar.”

      • El Putas

        To me, she looks like the Grannie that was beating the stuffings out of Silvester the cat because he was always chasing after Tweetie’

    • chaos344

      Great observation. One correction: Its Fauxcahontas not Pocahontas!

    • Liberalism Has Failed

      Either this is the most incredibly subtle sarcasm I’ve ever come across or you are a DNC kool-aid drinker.
      Which is it? I ask because I’ve come across posts by Demo-Zombies that read just like this a number of times…

      • juantolduso2

        It could go either way,but the way Danny “takes names” and “holds no prisoners”, I’m pretty sure is sarcasm. Libturds do not name call,unless you are a “bigot, homophobic,anti-this and anti dat” republican alt right hater! that is!

        • Liberalism Has Failed

          I SUSPECTED it was sarcasm, but it’s so subtle, a real LibProg would just nod in agreement and UP-vote it…

          • dannyboy116

            Sarcasm my friend!

    • MatthewMK

      You left out the ever young-at-heart Joe “Thinking Hurts” Biden. And that’s Faux-cahantas to you, bub!

  • Hayek+Fan

    ” …we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    And who could have predicted this man would single handily destroy his own political party…and not get credit for it?

    Are democrats really that stupid?

    • JustMom

      that stupid
      that blind
      that partisan
      that conniving
      that crooked
      that stubborn


  • Poppa

    The liar in chief only cares about himself. No one else matters, not even moochelle.

  • Evelyn

    When Obama and the democrats took on the healthcare system, they triggered the downward spiral that the democrats have been on ever since. In 2010 the voting across the country to take out congressional leaders began. Every two years since voters have been taking out the democrats who supported ObamaCare. The people were not voting republican because they woke up one morning and said I have been voting democrat for the last 50 years, and I am voting republican today. No, it started when we, the voters began calling BEFORE that history making legislation. We called our senators, and our congressmen, who ignored our calls, our emails. They were not concerned that we wanted to be able to see our own doctors, keep the plans we had, and we wanted to be able to maintain a 40 hour work week, which we knew would end when we saw the healthcare plan being rolled out. And our calls did work, but to bypass the vote to pass ObamaCare, the wise and all knowing democrats got the healthcare plan in by a process called reconciliation. We voted for republicans in the house and in the senate since that historic measure and we told them that we wanted them to replace, repeal, or defund Obamacare, and they failed us too. That is why we supported Donald Trump. We knew that the democrats and the republicans were deaf to us. Donald Trump listened. Donald Trump won. Advice for the next election, democrats and republicans, America send our congressional leaders to represent us, not to ignore us.

    • internet823

      Excellent Evelyn, I totally agree with you. And as you point out Obamacare was the start of the downward spiral, but Obama’s entire domestic and international agenda of appeasement, withdrawal, illegal dictatorial Executive Orders, laziness, were additional factors.

      I see Trump as an Independent, the reason he won the Republican primaries against 16 of the best the Republicans had to offer was that the Republicans we elected to stop him, cared more about re-election and holding on to power than listening to the base. I see Paul Ryan as the biggest traitor of all. His first act as Speaker was to give Obama everything he wanted for the rest of his miserable term.

      I hope every Republican Congressperson or Senator who didn’t support President Trump is “Cantored” or replaced with a pro-Trump Republican or Independent.

      • John Byde

        Good comments! However, I think there were several key turning points: Obamacare and the utter incompetency of its rollout, for sure. But also: Pyjama Boy, “homosexual marriage” and bullying Christians who opposed it, the bathroom laws. At times, I doubt whether America still had a sane moral majority, but Nov 8th showed that it did and does.Our world is in God’s hands but I hope and pray that DJT will reverse at least some of the insanity of the last 8 awful years. Merry Christmas to all!

        • Evelyn

          Merry Christmas

  • stevie

    Watch Barry he may have been radicalized!! Just sayin.

  • Jmaci

    Obama might have, as TAI notes, “a lucrative and high-profile retirement.” Then again, he might not. As the story notes he’s been a complete bust as president: He couldn’t persuade anyone to do anything. It seems more likely that people will stop listening to him after his first few attacks on Trump.

    • Bandit

      Don’t think so – he’ll make a fortune on the lecture circuit regurgitating PC nonsense and calling his detractors racists. It’s a big hit on the private college circuit.

      • roastytoasty

        You might be right. People paid money for Bill Clinton’s gibberish, but then he was selling the influence of his wife at the State Dept. What kind of influence does Obama have except with maybe with outfits like the Ford Foundation or NPR?

  • ge205

    Unlike Republicans (which will eat their own at the slightest criticism from within), us Democrats can criticize our own without demonizing them. Of course, there was too much emphasis on winning the presidency at the expense of state and local candidates. Of course, it was a mistake (a big mistake) to give the president too much influence within the DNC. Any person would not have the time to run his party while being president.
    It was a mistake.
    That doesn’t mean we’re blaming only Obama. There were other people in the DNC who should have done something.
    And by the way, change your site name from “The American Interest” to a more appropriate name. Perhaps “The Fascist Interest”. You guys are as “American” as your boy Putin.

    • crabtown

      Look in the mirror.

    • JR1123581321

      You know, you had me until the last 3 sentences. And then you decided to go crazy. That’s funny. Your tears are yummy.

    • maxbert50

      That’s “we” Democrats.

    • Cossack

      Nuthin. Ya got nuthin.
      Learn to live with it, loser.

    • John Byde

      You made good points, ge, until the last few lines. If this election has taught us anything, it is that calling someone a “fascist” today just means that you don’t agree with their point of view. Personally, i think the site name is highly relevant: after Jan 20th we’re going to hear the term, “The American interest” used a lot. Merry Christmas and all sincere best wishes to you and yours for 2017

  • crankyfrank

    I did not realize that all those democrats were “racist” after all – what other reason do they have to criticize Obama. But they also turned out to be male “chauvinist pigs” also because they are now criticizing Hillary. Of course it could just be a falling out of the . I think they ought to patent their mirrors – they can look in any mirror and see whatever they wish and never themselves.

  • lukelea

    You forgot to mention that he failed to bridge the racial divide but actually made it worse — a lot worse. I don’t know about others but my hope that he would (and could) was the main reason why I voted for him.

    • John Byde

      Yes. I really feel sorry for Black Americans. I just don’t see any way in which Obama helped them. He seemed to enjoy fuelling racial anger and all his policies (supporting abortion, bad economics, etc.) hurt them. Putting aside political partisanship, I truly hope and pray that the new administration can do a better job for blacks.

  • JSirko

    Obama had his pen and his phone, that’s about it.

    • Ricardo Montalbon

      you know they are going to steal sh!t when they leave

      • internet823

        No doubt they are already destroying government documents and I’m sure they will hide more than even that hag Hillary did.

  • lehnne

    Let’s face it, reality has let this man down; is vision too bold, too broad, too intelligent for planet earth. Not to worry though, he plans to stick around and help. Influence without power, that will be put to the test

    • maxbert50

      Okay. So long as it’s clear that nothing is ever his fault.

  • Browns Fan42

    As Van Jones said when talking about obama, “You can’t polish a turd”.

    Van Jones’s words….not mine.

  • Browns Fan42

    The author writes, “Somewhere between rhetoric and reality, they seem to have been sucked into the void.”

    That void is called bullcshit.

  • ricocat1

    Obama has indeed been a great gift ……… for the Republicans.

    • sowhythelongface

      Obama has been a great gift for gun dealerships as well.

  • vepxistqaosani

    Obama’s foreign-policy goal was to change America from the indispensable nation to just another country among many. He has been stunningly successful. Why can’t you guys give him credit for his accomplishment?

    • Disappeared4x

      still LOL. thanks.

  • DrZman

    Mr. Obama is a legend in his own mind.

    • John Byde

      He has this scary combination of extreme self-love and total incompetence often found in narcissistic personalities.

  • Jarka

    Hussein O is unique, he treats his allies far worse than he treats his enemies. It pays off to be his foe.

    • Ricardo Montalbon

      seriously just think what would Obama or Hillary do in any given situation and then do the opposite. you can never go wrong

  • Jim Aaron

    The Dems have finally figured out that Obama DESTROYED their party

  • Ricardo Montalbon

    We told you so. lmfao

  • StepMJohn

    The Democrats don’t dare turn on Obama, at least not publicly. Identity politics and grievance mongering form the heart of the modern Democrat Party. Guilt addled white liberals would never disparage a black man lest they suffer the indignity of being called racists.

    Perhaps in their dystopian future where whites are a minority in this country can the Democrats build their permanent electoral majority out of current minorities.

  • CheekyMonkey1

    From a blog post after the election in 2008, I repeat Obama = One Bad Assssssssssssssed Mistake America!

    I have reposted it many times. Still works. Merry Christmas!

  • Liberalism Has Failed

    “Great Presidents….. Are Citizens Of Real Places”.
    Candidate Obama told a German Magazine writer, in response to a question:
    “I don’t consider myself so much, ‘An American’ as a Citizen Of The World”.

    That in a nutshell explains EVERYTHING we have always wondered about the man with the funny sounding name…
    He doesn’t ACT like ‘one of us’, he doesn’t TALK like ‘one of us’ and he clearly doesn’t THINK like ‘one of us’. Because HE ISN’T!!!
    An Anti-Colonial Kenyan Father. A Pro-Communism American Mother. A Muslim Indonesian Step-Father….
    Honolulu, Jakarta Indonesia, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York City, Cambridge, Chicago….
    Exposure to Islam, Christianity, Marxism, Socialism, Democracy, Communism and Capitalism…

    Barack Obama’s eggs have been thoroughly scrambled, that’s for sure!! I believe he is totally disconnected from reality….

  • Greendayer

    Obama was a nice enough guy. He just didn’t know what he was doing. Naive on foreign policy. Ignorant about economics. He didn’t understand the vagarities of the health care system.. Put them together, and this is why there was a failed Presidency.

    • juantolduso2

      Obambi is the creation of guilty white elitist condescending liberals. To top it off, a one term senator with NO prior governance and executive experience,other than community organizing in Chicongo! As an elitists himself, his arrogance,condescension and hubris always preceded his brain,even as he was sure “he was the smartest person” in any room he entered! No experience,and an arrogant 24/7 political agenda full of utopian ideas and a failed ideology to boot. The result? eight wasted years of imposition and delegitimization of those with opposing views and arguments. After all, he “knows”,he “won” and because he is “smart”….common sense “joe” is not! therefore “joe” is wrong.

    • Tamalpais

      “He just didn’t know what he was doing.”

      And, unfortunately, eight years of OJT did not seem to have improved things.

    • John Byde

      Greenday, I’m not too sure about his niceness. He exudes a lot of anger and hatred, and the petulance of someone with problems. I suspect that as we get to know more about him after he leaves office, we will found out a lot more about his motives.

  • Eek Eek Ooogada Boogeda

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    The tears of butt hurt liberals are so refreshing. They wash down upon me like a waterfall for my soul.

  • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

    What did you expect from a community organizer?

  • Fred Friedman

    The Democratic leadership is so old they ought to be embalmed and placed on display at Madame Tussard’s wax works permanently. They are also intellectually and morally feeble.

    • John Byde

      They make the last Soviet politburo look like Justin Bieber

  • 7cedars

    Great article by the author! Obama and his liberal progressive policies sent jobs overseas, our military is a mess, the world is a mess, the United States is near bankruptcy, trillions in debt, more folks on food stamps and govt. assistance than ever before, what laws we do have, his justice department won’t enforce them, nor will the FBI or CIA, nor did the RINOs!

    Hence Trump. For the first time in 8 years, some of us can finally breathe, there’s a hope in the air from businesses, both large and small, that feel chains getting loser, may tossed altogether, and families can see the light, hey, we may actually get to send our kids to college, or even something as basic as food and shelter paid for by themselves!

  • Thomas Skrekas

    Please do not tell me that they have grown weary of being condescended to as well as most of America. I know, I know, I’m a hater. BUT, after destroying the country, the democrat party and the world, Obama throws a pity party as there are no more worlds to destroy. If they make him head of the U.N. can they please move it out of the United States first and if they make him leader of Earth, can they at least move that capital to Brussels? Israeli Mossad invested two decades tracking the murderous traitors of Black September. The Secret Service detail better pray to the Torah, Bible and whatever else and stay on their toes after his historic anti Israel adieu.
    If anyone has been seen more or spoken more over the previous eight years without having said anything of import, I’d appreciate some input as to a name. Made GWB look like Churchill. Gob Bless America! Thomas Skrekas

  • bluesdoc70

    On the other hand he can slo-jam the news and is one H*LL of a gun salesman.


      Smith and Wesson should offer him a spot on the Board.

  • Paul_in_Colorado

    Obama was the front man for a Progressive con job. They destroy everything they touch, including the Democratic Party.

  • Paul Revere

    Ha ha he he chortle ho ho he he I knew this would happen when he first got elected. This man was an empty suit.

    • Terenc Blakely

      And I knew from the get-go that race relations would go into the toilet under his administration.


        He has set Race Relations back 50 years.

  • starfire_92010

    After Barry’s election in 2008, Rush Limbaugh said, “well, the country has to elect a democrat every 15 or 20 years as president just to remind the people how bad their policies are. Boy was he right on that one.


      Absolutely True!

  • Terenc Blakely

    I find it ironic that the left claims that Trump is totally unqualified for the office of President but viewed Obama as supremely qualified.


      Indeed! The Divine O has left the Democratic Party shattered.

    • John Byde

      Trump is a man of many faults. However, he has at least built businesses, raised a decent family and created a large number of jobs for others. Obama, by contrast, has done nothing on his own. Why did he virtually never vote as a senator? Why did he publish so few articles when editor of the Harvard Law Review? All through his life, there has been this mystifying sloth, a lack of real action or achievement. He seems to have dropped from outer space. I doubt he was qualified to be a “community organizer” let alone POTUS.

  • Hegelman

    The Democrats need to re-learn something they lost with Bill Clinton: the working class matters, it can’t just be patronised and told to fit into a globalism that savagely beats it up, on the promise that “in the long run this is going to be good for you”, while the top Democrats pocket millions handed out by Goldman Sachs. That kind of Democratic politics has no future. That said, things are far from doom and gloom for Democrats and necessarily brilliant for the neo-fascist Trump whom Mead so clearly worships. Even with such a rotten opponent as Hillary Clinton who ostentatiously ignored the working class, Trump could only win because of the electoral college. Clinton got about 2.8 million more votes than him.

    Trump has staked everything on stirring up white resentment. He has set his party against the Latinos. But the whites are a declining demographic. In a generation and a half they will be a minority in the US, even discounting immigration. So unless future Republicans are smarter than Trump and try to win over the Latinos, the Republican Party has a poor electoral prospect.

    The Democrats can be smart and point out to the white working class which chose Trump this time that they can do much more for them than he. He is bound to disappoint them. His commitment to a tax-breaks-for-the-rich economy will make the country even more unequal than it is now, and will make working class lives more unstable and precarious. Sooner rather than later the white working class will see that this billionaire is not in it for them.


      Time will tell…

    • miketompkins52

      so whites will be the minority in a generation and a half……that’s 40 years from now i’ll be 95. a just under 50% minority? or even a smaller minority. out of the 4 million babies born annually half are white this from a population that’s already 68% white. oh and the black abortion rate is 489 per 1000 live births and latino is 289 per 1000 live births, white abortion rate is 127 per 1000 live births.

      the current effective income tax rate for middle income americans is 0-6% the only way we could cut taxes for the middle class is to get rid of FICA.

      by the way son if your powers of prognostication are as good as you seem to think………………you should probably devote your time to something useful like playing the powerball. the reality is he’s going to be president for the next four years and democrats are defending 25 senate seats in 2018 10 in states trump won, we’re defending 8 seats, 7 in states trump won.

      looks like you better get used to fascism pard!

    • Samuel Adams

      It is probably safe to bet on Republican overreach, but I’d be wary of engaging in any sort static analysis…such as Latinos will always vote a certain way. Actually grew up on S. Florida with about a 1/3 of my school classes comprised of the first generation of kids born to Cuban refugees. Always funny to see these cardboard cutout analyses of what is actually a very complex group of immigrants. Happen to work with a ton of legal immigrants (Russian, S. America, eastern Europe and UK). Virtually all voted for Trump and are more ardent believers in legal vs. illegal immigration than any native born. Economic growth, if Trump gets it, will win over more people than any appeal to identity.

      • Hegelman

        I did make a proviso in my comment that smarter Republicans than Trump could actively court the Latinos. But a Republican Party that has come to terms with Brown America is no longer to be feared as a fascist party. We can live with it.

        Courting the Latinos is indeed the only rational thing now for the Republicans to do to avoid long term decline, because, frankly, whether you like it or not, the main color of the USA is going to be J Lo brown rather than Ivana Trump pinko-grey. And that is very OK for me: gentlemen prefer J Lo to washed out white girls.

        • Samuel Adams

          What I found growing up with Cubans, is that they were more natural Republicans than most anyone else. And frankly when you look at most of the issues in Central and South American (economic) a growth message will resonate far better to the legal population.

          • Hegelman

            I agree. The trouble for the Democrats for the immediate future is, there is undoubtedly a strong aspect of gut white venom at the idea of a “black man” (his mother was white, but they don’t give a damn: a drop of blood makes you black) in the large number of even respectable white voters for a neo-fascist thug like Trump who in other years they would not have touched with a dirty barge pole. It is the backlash against the confidence of black and brown people in American life which to a large degree kept the Trump support up no matter how obscenely lying and indecent his behaviour was. It wasn’t Hillary they hated: it was non-white people.

            The Democrats have to factor this glaze eyed, frothing mouthed hate. Their biggest mistake now would be to nominate another black presidential candidate, as I fear they are likely to. I don’t like what I hear of this Ellison fellow, a black Muslim. No matter how harmless he tries to sound the whites are going to hate his guts. If he gets a lot of support in the Deep South from black voters and somehow gets the young people to back him (like Sanders) he could roll up the Democratic nomination and be beaten to atoms by Trump in 2020. Trump will try to whip up anti-black sentiment among Latinos next.

            The US is going to be a horrible place for years.

          • John Byde

            I disagree. I have doubts about Trump, although he was by far the better candidate than awful old Hillary. However, a lot of Trump voters will resent you comments about them being glaze eyed and foul mouthed, as they will phrases like white venom. For most white people, their resentment at Obama came not from his being black, but the fact that he was completely arrogant, out of touch and incompetent. The biggest lesson Dems can learn is that they can’t call ordinary Americans racist/fascist/bigoted/homophobic, etc and expect them to vote for their candidates. As for DJT being a “neo-fascist”, who knows. Maybe he will go all Mussolini, but once more, calling your enemies “fascist” doesn’t bring in the votes. Merry Christmas, Hegel, to you and yours.

          • Hegelman

            glaze eyed, frothing mouthed

            no use arguing with your type

      • John Byde

        Good point, Sam. Yes, the GOP has so much power now that it is very likely they will overdo it. But as you say, the demographics are not a done thing. 30% of hispanics voted for Trump and the GOP and that number will almost certainly grow. There will also be a point at which many blacks ask what the Dems have actually done for them (nothing much). It’s going to be interesting.

        • mmercier0921

          the GOP could go insane and undermine the fundamental human right of big boys to pee with the little girls.

  • Ken moss

    Rarely do I hope time passes quickly ( I’m 73! ) but Jan 20 already , Please! It will be interesting and I’m sure a little disappointing that things actually take time but I believe Trump and his appointees WILL make a yuuuge difference. But fellow supporters keep the faith and show some patience, because the media and Demlefties will be on instant attack mode ( as we can already see ). So Trump will need our support and loyalty.

  • Ken moss

    Wouldn’t it be great if Michelle and O said they couldn’t live in a country that elected Trump as president and they invited his staunch supporters to all at midnight of the 20th this Jan to join them and to commit suicide together. That would really impress the rest of us!

  • Dazzeetrader1980

    hope and change……………


    The GOP controls government at the State Level, the Federal Level and soon the Judicial Level. The Dems sold their soul to the sweet patter of a Hustler from the Windy City. They will have 8 years to ponder their actions and the catastrophic aftermath. BTW, if the Russians “hacked” the election, why did Hillary win the Popular Vote?


    Oh Hillary, it will be a Blue Xmas without You…

  • Wmn04Ken07

    Off you go into the wild blue yonder…….never to be be seen or heard from again.

  • Iron Mike Houston

    It all started in his first term. Two issues I remember the most was closing GITMO and Obamacare. Obama’s very first decision (01/22/2009) was and executive order to close GITMO. He didn’t even talk to the democrats in congress and it was a very unpopular decision in congress and with the voters. You don’t start your term upsetting your own congress.

    The slamming of Obamacare down the throats of the American people with false promises (if you like your, blah, blah, blah) was a total disaster. Every democrat in congress had their arm twisted until they agreed to vote for it. Promises were made to these congressal members. After it was passed and the voters found out what was in it, the blue dog democrats were voted out of office.

    Yes, it was Barack’s fault but those blue democrats did vote for Obamacare.

    Now the GOP has won 1000 more seats in state elections. Is it because they have done anything? No, it is because of the arrogant Barack Obama and his administration policies.

  • Samuel Adams

    No surprise. Take a guy who never really built anything outside of politics and was a back bencher until vaulted into the Senate and expect any sort of strategic foresight? A pure “wish sandwich”. Add the narcissistic streak and a fascination with the salons of the east and west coast salon culture and you get zero interest in the building part of politics. Obama ate the Democrats seed corn with Gitmo and Obamacare feeding his own ego, then proved to be the Electoral Angle of Death when he hit the campaign trail. What will be most interesting is if the Democrats now double down on defeat with the likes of Ellison, or make a real effort to bring new talent along and actually appeal to the middle of America.

    • John Byde

      They will indeed double down. They are like the Bourbon monarches: they learn nothing and they forget nothing.

  • sandslug

    And Obama gives the middle finger back to everybody else on the way out the door.
    Proof what a class act we elected?

  • John Byde

    Obama’s reign has been a disaster for the US and the world, so it is only fair that it should be a disaster for the the Dems too. What an irony it is that the party of the people has become the party of the out-of-touch globalist elites and celebs – people who have nothing in common with ordinary Americans. The US dems are like the UK labour leftists: they have a long way still to fall into advanced lunacy before they hit bottom. May the landing be fatal!

  • SusieQ

    This is what happens when an inexperienced…..not even two year, Junior Senator is catapulted into the highest office in the land, and who is responsible for that you might ask? None other than George Soros, with the blessings of the now defunct, Democrat or whatever it is party.

  • roastytoasty

    “President Obama will no doubt have a lucrative and high-profile retirement.”
    Obama will be hob-nobbin with all the world’s most despicable people: the one’s who put Obama in office and the one’s sorry to see him gone from power. The only person Obama helped during his 8-year debacle was himself and he didn’t do a very good job at that. Good riddance and bad luck to Obama. Nobody ever had a better chance to do some genuine good. Obama did the exact opposite.

  • TodayIsMyFavoriteDay

    Obama has wildly succeeded in transforming America over the next several decades. Its in the numbers. It’s in the enormous birthrate disparities. You cannot stop a birthrate tsunami, no matter how fast or slow. Supporting legislation and policies will necessarily follow.
    Time to buy stock in Rosetta Stone Inc. RST (NYSE) Current price per share $8.84

    • dannyboy116

      I think the African American share of the US population has remained steady at about 12-13% for the past 30 years or so. The Hispanic share of the population is growing rapidly, and will continue to do so. In terms of politics, I do think that large chunks of the Hispanic population will be more open to becoming Republicans as they move up the income scale.

  • Phil Salvarado

    “Obama is truly the great uniter. First he united the Arabs and Israelis in a repudiation of his Middle East policies, now he’s united Republicans and Democrats in a repudiation of his policies at home.”

    I have rarely read anything that’s more demonstrably false than this statement.

    The “Arabs” just rammed through a U.N. resolution that is the equivalent of the old “Zionism is racism” trope. And amongst the American political class the only thing that Obama united are the Republicans against Democrat Party policies. Obamacare? DACA?? EPA regs??? Persecution of Conservatives by the IRS???? Yeah, the Democrats were always against these, right??

    Mr. Mead seems to want to rehabilitate the image of Democrats with this drivel.


  • Terry D

    Obama is truely elitest in everything he did. We were not as smart as him, he knew what was best for us. At the end of his first year as President Devide he said his biggest mistake was not telling us a better story. He doesn’t even see, he’s the moron. FIRST & WORST will be his legacy.

  • lhfry

    That Barack Obama is capable of “stirring rhetoric” is laughable.

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