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Syrian Civil War
Aleppo Teeters on the Brink
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  • FluffyFooFoo

    The Syrian opposition should be more precisely referred to as anti-regime Sunni Islamists. That’s overwhelmingly what the Syrian opposition is. This is a fight we should have never picked sides in. They’re all, what’s the word, deplorable.

    Then again if Assad, Iran, and Russia win the Islamic State can be relentlessly attacked and their operational space taken away. What’s left of ISIS can then just flee to Turkey and Europe for sanctuary. Then more bad things happen.

  • Kev

    Trump said it right during the debate: the fate of Aleppo was already sealed by October. Putin just paused the offensive to keep Aleppo out of US headlines in the final days before the election.

    By looks of it, Aleppo will be liberated before Mosul – a major humiliation for Americans (who have thousands of special forces fighting on the ground in Mosul), and a testament to superior Russian strategy.

    • CapitalHawk

      Thanks for your thoughts, Mr. Putin.

      • Kev

        There are two possible explanations for America’s apparent impotence:

        1. US forces have ridiculous rules of engagement, which make it impossible to make any kind of progress.
        2. Defeating Sunny militancy is not a big priority for the US. They are using it as a pretext to justify continued meddling in Syria and Iraq.

        Pick whichever suits you.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Putin has better writers than this…grin

      • ARMSTROB

        Your reply accomplishes the same thing Obama’s strategy does?

  • Disappeared4x

    Post-Libya, the paradigm of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) vanished down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Rather than accept Daily Beast’s R2P frame on Aleppo, perhaps time to consider a different paradigm? or a different “news source”?

    Aleppo as “…the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the modern era” is hyperbole.
    Even if you think WW2 was NOT the “modern era”, surely the devastation of the Congo has been much worse.

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