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Frozen Ukraine
In Ukraine Peace Talks, “Road Map” But No Breakthrough
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  • Andrew Allison

    The simple fact is that even if the EU had shown a shred of resolve, Putin will not permit Ukraine to join the EU. The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is the root cause of the troubles in Ukraine, and the only hope for peace is for one or other of the parties to abrogate it.

    • Kev

      You get it! Imagine how many lives and treasure would be spared, if EU had taken Putin seriously at his word back in 2013. Or in 2008 for that matter – Russian messaging on Ukraine has been fairly consistent at least for a decade.

  • Kev

    The main problem with Ukrainian peace process is this: Western leaders are unwilling to bring real pressure on their client regime in Ukraine. European officials occasionally ask Kiev to comply with its part of Minsk accords, and Kiev tells them to GTFO, demanding control of the border.

    Now, Minsk agreement specified a series of political steps that Ukrainians need to undertake BEFORE they’re given control of the border. First, amnesty for the rebels and authonomy for Donetsk and Lughansk, then elections in these territories (that would legitimize separatist leaders), and only then they can have control of the border.

    Ukraine is sabotaging Minsk on purpose. Kiev is delusional, they lost the war, yet they think the West could somehow still deliver them a total victory. They need a reality check.

    • Andrew Allison

      Nope. The Minsk agreement is woolly regarding the timing of the steps to be taken. What it seems to say is that the political and military steps should be taken in tandem, which allows both sides to say “after you”. The fact that it doesn’t actually specify who’s on first (clearly, the cease fire and withdrawal of heavy weapons should precede political reforms) the is yet another “contribution” of the EUnuches. None of which alters that fact that Ukrainian integration into the EU sphere of influence has always been, and will remain, a non-starter.

      • Kev

        Obviously, withdrawal of heavy weapons should precede political reforms, and Minsk is actually very specific about that. Problem is Ukraine doesn’t want to fully complete its withdrawal, because sporadic shelling and fighting around Donetsk gives them an excuse to delay unpopular reforms for ever. They are able to get away with this behavior by the EU. Frankly, I don’t understand what sort of game the EU is playing.

  • JR

    Looks like our pet Russian Troll “Kev” is here. Let’s make him feel welcome, everybody!!!

    • Kev

      Take it easy, son! It’s not your fault I’m owning you intellectually 😉

      • JR

        I wasn’t aware we were having an intellectual conversation. What’s new on RT today? Say hi to Ed Schultz.

  • gabrielsyme

    Russia might accept a Finlandized Ukraine, or a friendly Ukraine, but they will never accept a western-aligned Ukraine. The Association Agreement is the fundamental cause of the conflict. You can win, which Ukraine cannot do on its own, or you can give up on aligning Ukraine with Europe.

    There is an irony in describing Russia as a revisionist power. In the Ukraine, the West has enabled the overthrow of an elected President and attempted to integrate the country with the EU. In Syria, the West is attempting to overthrow a long-standing Russian ally. There’s a revisionist power at work, but it isn’t Russia.

  • Putin has stopped Ukraine from joining Europe? Russia and Ukraine are two of the largest European countries.

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