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Asia's Game of Thrones
Duterte Breaks Up with Washington
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  • Dhako

    I hate to gloat in here. But I did told you smart-pants and the rest of the Brain-trust of the TAI, that, the US’s pivot to Asia, which was predicated on assumption of Philippines being a useful member of the coalition-of-the-bidding for Uncle Sam, was height of delusion on your part. And in fact, I have scares to prove my long struggle to inform you, that, Mr Duterte will soon be telling you in no uncertain terms, that he is not – shall we say – your son-of-bitch in that neighborhood.

    And moreover, if US were to push him to choose between China and Uncle Sam, he will – without a scintilla of doubt – side with the Middle Kingdom, for all sort of reasons, in which the most important one, is the fact Philippines have their economical stake in China (not to US). And militarily, the Chinese are not going to be batting an eye-lid, if they try to get touch with China on the account of various rocks in South China Sea.

    Hence, it was monumental screw-up on the part of Uncle Sam, to even believe that countries in that neighborhood (apart from Japan) will willingly side with US against China, when crunch time comes. Hence, you really need to spend some time in learning how other countries calculate their innate interest, not what makes immanently sensible to one-track-mind American’s Geo-strategist, who have swallowed their “end-of-history” false narrative about human affairs more than it’s healthy for their intellectual credibility. I hope you will learn from bitter experience about what you know so little about, and therefore develop a certain humility about evaluating other nation’s cause of action before you start spouting how US is indispensable to all nations around the world.

    • Enemy Leopard

      Let’s be honest: You love to gloat in here.

      • Dhako

        Well, perhaps, a little, I must admit if I am forced to be truthful. However, the bigger point is that, the best and the brightest in places like TAI were genuinely entertaining the idea that says countries like Philippines (and Mr Duterte in particular) will come forward and “volunteer” to be with Uncle Sam, in his interminable misguided agenda of trying to “contain” China in her very neighborhood.

        And when I have told in here that such thing is deeply touching delusion on the part of Uncle Sam, no one took notice of. And to think that places like TAI, seem to be crawling with the best and the brightest Geo-Strategical theoreticians in which US’s much learned higher institutions produces, genuinely beggars belief. particularly observing how out of the loop they were in the most fundamental way of determining what motives the political agenda of nations (and their elites), particularly in that neck-of-the-wood.

        • RealityCheck

          Thank you! The whole end of history mentality has been disproven for 25 years, ironically it was developed by a Huntington school neo-con but has since been co-opted by the progressives since it fits their right side of history narrative, which is pretty close to saying we’re good and moving humanity forward therefore the universe(don’t you dare say God) will reward us. And I think the idea that the Philippines would back us up against China was based on the close relationship between our military and our relationship with their elites, which didn’t account for a populist demagogue like Duterte had it been a typical Philippine elite who became president I would argue this wouldn’t be happening but am open to debate on that. Also I think more than just Japan wants to back us up there, Vietnam and South Korea seem to be looking to us because they rightfully are worried by China’s historical claim non-sense since Vietnam and Korea are a couple of those places China off and on historically invaded and controlled, and China does seem to have a real manifest destiny complex going right now. But I agree about the US spouting off about being the “indispensable power” drives me crazy what ever happened to walk softly but carry a big stick.

  • Nevis07

    A quick read through of the comment section from Filipino news sites don’t seem to be be enthusiastic, though I’m sure that Duterte doesn’t care much of those opinions. Still, this image seems to sum up the feelings I’ve read.

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