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Stifling Innovation
The EU’s War on the Web
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  • Tom

    Here’s the key to this: Facebook and Google allow people to share information that is NOT pre-approved by the chattering classes. In a world where Der Spiegel and Deutschwelt were the outlets where everyone got their news, what went down in Cologne could have been hushed up, and the Eurocrats wouldn’t have ended up with egg on their face. Meanwhile, AfD would still be a fringe party.
    Now–well, we’ve seen what happened to the Eurocrats’ plans to get invited to all the best cocktail parties by demonstrating their virtue.

  • LarryD

    The Establishment always sides with established industries against innovation. This is why there is a correlation between a strong, activist (meddling in the economy) government and a lack of growth and innovation. If you have economic liberty, then people will make prosperity, even if the political system is not so free.

  • Andrew Allison

    Having just returned from a vacation to theBaltic States, I’m reminded that Skype was developed in Estonia, and Tallinn is a hotbed of IT technology development. In other words, it isn’t that European can’t develop leading edge technology, just that Brussels can’t stand the success of US companies.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Welcome home! One of my co-workers just returned from a trip to the Baltics (via Norway)….small world…

      • Andrew Allison

        You will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that, after standing in two separate lengthy lines (first to access a passport scanner, then to present the receipt to an immigration officer and answer the question just answered), the officer asked us where Latvia (our point of departure) is. I responded that it’s one of the Baltic States, whereupon he asked “where are the Baltic States. ” I didn’t try and explain to him that 600 years before the Declaration of Independence the Hanseatic League cities were an immensely wealthy Union.

        • f1b0nacc1

          I suppose the only thing to do is to laugh, but really, it isn’t all that funny….

          In any event, welcome home

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