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The Sanctions Dance
The Battle Lines are Being Drawn
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  • Angel Martin

    I’m shocked, shocked that the euros would cave to Putin’s threats.

  • Beauceron

    When Western Europe rests under the shade of Islam, maybe then they will stand up to the Russians. But not before.

  • Kev

    I love it! As I recall the official narrative of this magazine is that Eastern Europeans feel threatened by Russia and therefore need more US troops in Europe to ‘protect’ them. Slovakia is an Eastern European country that obviously does not feel threatened. So this magazine insults Slovakia’s Prime Minister because he breaks The Narrative.

    Mr Fico is not an ‘appeaser’, he is a realist. He understands that conflict between Russia and US with Eastern Europe as a battleground does not serve his country’s long-term interests.

  • Rex Mundy

    Europe’s future is with Russia in a vast Eurasian alliance. At this point, countries like Germany have more in common with their fellow Eurasians to the east than they do with the increasingly insane, hostile, incompetent and pathological Atlanticists. Together, the Eurasian bloc will be a superpower surpassing America and China, and they can promote real European civilization instead of the degenerate Atlanticist pirate pariah civilization that is Amerika.

  • Rex Mundy

    Notice how globalist subversives like Zbig and Soros are pushing anti-Western leftism all the time now. These people are really rootless pariahs, with no loyalty to any land or people, just a fanatical devotion to their delusional abstractions. These sociopaths are the greatest enemies of the rank-and-file citizens of the West and should be driven out of our lands and removed from power. Russia and China are ahead of the curve in purging these traitorous hucksters from their midst.

    The future is not the globalist Machiavellian techno-dystopia of Zbig’s dreams, but a patchwork of nations and sovereign people’s led by popular, no-B.S. leaders like Trump, Putin and Duterte. These globalist James Bond villains like Zbig, Soros and Kissinger are relics of the 20th century who will soon be extinct.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Does TAI know its comment section apparently is infiltrated?

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