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Global Disorder
North Korea’s Missile Launch Shows Significant Progress
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  • FluffyFooFoo

    We’re going to have to take over the planet.

  • Angel Martin

    The costs of the USA maintaining its current alliances are spiralling out of control. The military gains by N Korea with missiles, satellites and nuclear weapons are just one example.

    In 2013 the Chief of Police in Detroit admitted that budgets no longer allowed for the previous level of policing, and he urged citizens to arm themselves.

    The USA allies in Asia need to be given the same message. They won’t be abandoned but the USA cannot afford to do what it used to do.

  • Anthony

    WRM laments our quarter century policy slide. Well, here we are (in the absence of effective leadership and clear thinking at the top) Clinton and Trump (do they deserve each other or do we deserve them given our citizen duty to the Republic). But I digress as the focus is on “computers (technology) don’t just help the good guys”. No, they are neutral instruments used by practitioners perhaps of ‘Dark Arts” – convergence some call it.

    Regarding North Korea: “we live in a wondrous time, in which the strong is weak because of his scruples and the weak grows strong because of his audacity.” In East Asia WRM references structures of peace dating back to the Truman administration – yes, much, much, has changed since the 1950s. Above all, there is China (its 21st century eminence) which contorts the historical balance of the 1950s. And Pyongyang nuclearization only complicates what WRM labels a much, much weaker foundation. The path of security and peace always requires a “small balance of restraint, force, and legitimacy” among the powers. So, China, Japan, South Korea, et al must contend with what beckons (Pyongyang regime continued risk-taking) or settle the Cold War (1950s) ending lines of strategic/diplomatic configuration comprising East Asia.

  • Fat_Man

    Japan and SoKo need to go big on missile defense. Maybe Israel can help them. Maybe they can help Israel.

    Japan and SoKo should institute nuclear weapons programs. That will make Chinese heads spin. Both Japan and SoKo have a sufficient amount of nuclear expertise that it should be a mere finger exercise.

    The US, Japan, and SoKo need to make China understand that China must take responsibility for NoKo. If NoKo nukes Osaka, China must lose Shanghai.

    • f1b0nacc1

      One advantage of letting proliferation take place is that the China would very quickly understand the consequences of letting the Norks run free, and be forced to take steps to deal with it. The Japanese and South Koreans (and I would hope, the Taiwanese as well) would have no trouble making it clear that there are consequences for this sort of thing, and the Chinese are far too dedicated students of history not to get the point.

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