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Getting Africa Right
Are Africans Actually Getting Poorer?
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  • Fat_Man

    You linked it, but it deserves a long look from anyone interested in world affairs:

    “The True Size of Africa”
    By Kai Krause

    “A few years back there was an exhibition in a London gallery by the Royal Geographic Society, and the curator asked the group to contribute “unusual maps”. Thinking it would be for a few hundred people at most, I put together a little map that I had made previously in the mid 80s before, then as an example of scientific visualization graphics software (which I spent a decade on, actually).

    “It was a very simple premise that I had seen done a number of times before – never claimed it to be a novel invention – but had a slightly new twist in mind: Africa is so mind-numbingly immense, that it exceeds the common assumptions by just about anyone I ever met: it contains the entirety of the USA, all of China, India, as well as Japan and pretty much all of Europe as well – all combined !”

    • Avi_in_Jerusalem

      I remember from years ago this surprising effect of the difference between perception and reality being a result of most of our world maps being based on Mercator’s Projection. Greenland looks bigger than the whole of Africa.

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