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China Up China Down
Growth Report Shows Xi Flinching on Reform
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  • Tom

    I’m not sure how this behavior differentiates China from the West.

    • dan berg

      Official growth rate: 6.7%; “The Finance Ministry reported Friday that government spending rose 19.9% year over year in June compared with a 17.6% increase in May.” Where in the West is anything like this happening?

      • Tom

        Anywhere where the government can cook the books as well as China’s?

        • Josephbleau

          Argentina takes the prize officially, but who knows what is true in China.

    • ImperiumVita

      It doesn’t have to.

  • Anthony

    Charlie Rose had Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (now part of Asian Institute) on for an interview (7-13-16) and Kevin Rudd presented a most realistic, balanced, and frank assessment of China, Xi, CCP, South and East Asian seas, China’s neighbors, and challenges going forward. Mr. Rudd’s interview recommends itself to any choosing to seriously understand the Chinese perspective.

  • Andrew Allison

    One historical response to the sort of internal economic calamity which China is experiencing is war.

  • f1b0nacc1

    For Xi, reform has always been a cudgel with which to beat his domestic opposition. He will do nothing that threatens his personal authority, and (more generally) that of the CCP.

  • lukelea

    Gross misallocations of capital lead to human tragedies. There is no way out. Much of the life savings of the Chinese people has been squandered on non-performing loans. The remainder is likely to be eaten away through financial repression and inflation. Pity them but not the Party that rules over them.

  • Jim__L

    Apparently China has been following the playbook of the West all the way up to the present day. Oops.

    Hint, guys — present-day Western policy wanks don’t really have useful answers, compared to the Westerners of the19th century. Science — check. Technology — check. Industrialization — check. (Christianity — you guys should really reconsider your opposition. Private charity, well-ordered living, building strong social assets, and a religion that can counteract Islam are all good things.)

    20th-century central planning, on the other hand, has not served Western powers very well. After allowing the USSR to industrialize sufficiently to survive WWII, central planning caused the USSR to lose the Cold War.

    You’ve got the low-hanging fruit already. Now is a good time to open things up to the great heuristic that is The Market.

    The secret of the West’s success is that we really don’t have all the answers, but we know where to look to find them — and that’s the Market.

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