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Spy vs. Spy
Why Russia Published Footage of an FSB Agent Beating an American in Moscow
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  • Angel Martin

    Putin is pushing the envelope to see what the traffic will bear.

    He still hasn’t found Obama’s limit.

  • GS

    perhaps something similar could be organized for the russian diplomats, in Washington DC and in NY/UN.

  • Fat_Man

    This just in:

    “The US has expelled two Russian diplomats in response to an attack on an American diplomat in Moscow, the state department says. Spokesman John Kirby said the two officials – who have not been named – were told to leave on 17 June. Mr Kirby said that earlier that month, a Russian policeman attacked the US diplomat near the US embassy in Moscow.

    • Not exactly commensurate—they followed accepted norms and didn’t name names—but at least it’s something.

  • Fat_Man

    “the White House not only appears to not be upset; it seems to be signaling that it is optimistic about cooperating with Russia during the President’s final months in office.”

    He has never shown any concern for protecting the honor and dignity of the United States. An uncharitable person might think that he hates the United States and rejoices in their humiliation.

    A more charitable person might think that he has realized he is a lame duck and he has simply checked out.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    We are talking about the “Worst President in American History”, he will cower and crawl to the nearest safe-place, and then openly call himself courageous.

    • Anthony

      “I have gathered you together to hear what I have written down. I do not wish your advise about the main matter.” (Abraham Lincoln)

      Enough already – partial list of noteworthiness: William H. Harrison, James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding, Herbert C. Hoover.

  • gabrielsyme

    Putin is using the fecklessness of the Obama administration to increase strategic ambiguity and seize additional bargaining positions. I’m confident a return to “normal” diplomatic and espionage relations is achievable – for due consideration. Given the ascendency of the bureaucratic mindset in Washington, I imagine there will be some institutional pressure for State to ensure “safe working conditions” for diplomats, and make the necessary concessions.

    The Russian state may be weak in some areas, but it is impressive how consistently Putin outplays Obama, and it seems that is true of the foreign policy and security apparatus as well (doubtless with an assist from a certain careless former Secretary of State).

    • Josephbleau

      Hell, N.Korea and Iran out play Obama.

      • CptNerd

        Russians play chess, Obama plays tiddly-winks.

  • roastytoasty

    I’d have to see the victim with my own eyes and make sure the shoulder is broken before I’d believe this report. And even then I’d have my doubts. The players in this Establishmentarian game are far, far from being selfless & trustworthy. There is a whole lot of really funny business going on since Brexit happened and Hillary was damned with faint praise from the Director of FBI. The establishment narrative is breaking down. Obama is the kind of guy that would go along with anything Mr. Putin suggests to help preserve the status quo.

  • mirt

    not that I like to defend Putin, but what I see in the clip is a guy trying to run into US consulate without producing ID. If the cop’s role
    is to prevent unauthorized entrance then he really had no choice, I do not see what one can blame him for.

    Feces etc. are different things, though.

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