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Corruption in Brazil
Brazil’s House of Cards Collapses
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  • Anthony

    “If the U.S. Congress is concerned about hemispheric democracy and stability (a gracious presumption one may suggests)…it might be worth holding hearings into why so much stolen money from so many Latin American countries has been allowed to disappear into the murky world of international finance….” Well, WRM, (in line with Panama Papers disclosure) what’s the probability – U.S. legislation vis-a-vis graft national or international?

  • Fat_Man

    The US Congress should hold hearings. OMG. The US Congress should mind its own business. Deal with the VA and the TSA. Let the Brazilians solve their own problems.

    • Andrew Allison

      You forgot the IRS, Benghazi, DoJ, AFT, HHA, GSA, et al. ( This may be the most systematically malfeasant administration in the history of the Republic. But rest assured that if Hillary gets elected it will get much, much worse.

    • Angel Martin

      this is one investigation by Congress that I actually support, because when they start tracing money from dirty politicians, they are going to find that the corrupt politicians do not all live in Brazil…

  • Andrew Allison

    This is a recording: Brazil, top-to-bottom is irredeemably corrupt. Just as in Ukraine, changing the players doesn’t change anything.

  • CaliforniaStark

    Given the current state of Brazilian politics and economy, it make sense for Brazilians to move their money into foreign banks. If a Brazilian moves their money to say the Cayman Islands or Monaco, how would the U.S. Congress have jurisdiction to review and regulate it? Were not exactly a country that has a sterling record managing our own banks, as 2008 showed. Being the global policeman is bad enough; are we now going to become the global bank regulator?

  • PKCasimir

    Is AI now employing high school sophomores to write articles?

    • Enemy Leopard

      This is a signed post. The person who wrote it has, as far as I know, graduated from high school. Is there something in it to which you object, or are you auditioning for a job?

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