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The Machine Prevails
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  • Andrew Allison

    Decline and fall: From Divider-in-Chief to Procuress-in-Chief.

  • Dale Fayda

    Hillary is by FAR the most corrupt and mendacious woman in American political history.

    • Monkish

      Some evidence for that rather hyperbolic statement?

      • Dale Fayda

        Name one female politician who’s been involved in more scandals and influence peddling than Hillary. Double-dog dare you.

        • Monkish

          Why does the politician have to be a “female” one? One standard for men and other for women, is that it? And why are you responding to a simple question with a challenge? What provable misdeeds has Hillary committed that disqualify her from the Presidency? I’m genuinely curious…

          • adk

            “What provable misdeeds has Hillary committed that disqualify her from the Presidency?”
            Try this site that has a number of articles on the topic

            such as
            How EmailGate Weakened America’s National Security

            Game Over: EmailGate Just Crippled the Clinton Express

          • Dale Fayda

            “Hillary is by FAR the most corrupt and mendacious woman in American political history.” Hillary is a woman and she is a politician – fact. She has been involved in more scandals and cover-ups (past and present) than any other woman politician in American history – fact. I wasn’t comparing Hillary to EVERY other politician in American history, male or female – fact. In the relatively short period of women exercising real political power on the national stage in this country, Hillary has been complicit in more illegalities, caught in more blatant lies, implicated in more cover-ups and questionable dealings (both in her private and public life), has peddled more influence, has presided over more policy failures and has caused more American deaths than any other female politician in American history – fact.

            And just like Hillary, you parse and re-direct away from the litany of failures her political (and personal) life has been – pathetic.

            Here’s just a SMALL taste of Hillary’s corruption and incompetence: But you knew all of this already, didn’t you?

          • steves_59

            Let’s reframe the question.
            What provable deeds has Hillary committed that qualify her from the Presidency?
            I’m genuinely curious…

          • For starters the original Clinton campaign being financed with illegal foreign contributions from the Red Chinese. Look into that one. Loral would be a helpful search term. We’ll go chronologically.

          • AnneG

            Passing classified information on drone strikes on unsecured servers. Passing information on covert USG agents by unsecured servers. Hiding information and lying about her emails and private server for which she never sought authorization.
            Instructing aids to use email only through her private server.
            Refusing to meet with and answer questions from IG.
            Each of these things will get you fired if you are a normal USG employee. Releasing classified information will get you jail time.
            Information does not have to be “marked classified” to be classified. As head of department, cabinet officer, and number 4 in line of succession to the presidency she knew or should have known that as she had authority and responsibility to classify information. Ignorance is no defense, as lawyer Clinton would say.
            That should be enough for you without getting into quid pro quo mega bucks for influence peddling.

  • Hillary already has three mortgages on her at sub-prime rates. Bernie may wind up being bought by these ‘interest groups’ as well but at least he is not already indebted. And when did ‘interest group’ become a positive, anyhow?

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