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The First Global Civilization
The Big China Story Nobody’s Really Covering
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This was the American Strategy all along, to lure the Chinese into the American Global Trading System where exposure to the Superior American Culture will force them to be more like Americans.

    • ljgude

      Instead all our databases are belong to them. But I agree that was the plan initiated by Nixon and finalized by Bubba.

  • lukelea

    Best chance of liberalizing the one party state?

  • Anthony

    “The point being made is that China is infiltrating, influencing, and even changing the world with its behaviors….” See:

    • matimal

      Is “China” infiltrating the world or are “Chinese people”?

      • Anthony

        Read article; quote is play on post’s premise.

  • rheddles

    How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they been to gay Paree? My son took Chinese in high school from a Confucious Institute missionary sent by the Chinese government to our local college. We befriended his teacher and by the time she was to return, she was desperate to find any way to stay. This will create additional internal strains for the CCP to contain.

  • Jim__L

    I’m reminded of the big tour buses full of Japanese tourists from when I was a kid. (At one tourist spot in Canada we were visiting, my brother was pulled into a group photo of complete strangers, presumably so they could provide evidence that people in the West really do have orange-colored hair.)

    It will be interesting to see how China’s reaction to the rest of the world, compared to Japan’s. I can’t help but wonder whether self-consciousness as an up-and-coming power will be one of the more powerful forces shaping their formative experiences.

  • Fat_Man

    We were in Paris a year ago in October. We went to Versailles on a Tuesday, because our French Friend told us that would be the best day to avoid crowds. The place was jammed with Chinese tourists. There was a 30 minute line to get through the front gate.

    My wife went to Hermes to shop. She said the place was jamed with young Chinese women, buying dozens of 900 Euro scarves. She could not get the attention of a clerk, she had to leave.

  • ChristopherChantrill

    Just back from Australia, and saw lots of Chinese tourists there.

    • matimal

      A Chinese woman at the Seattle Airport stomped on my feet in order, I think, to get ahead of me in the security line. I stomped on your other foot and she started screaming in Chinese, I think. The TSA people took here away after that.

      • LA_Bob

        That’s a fantastic story and proof the TSA might be good for something.

        I have a 70-year-old black friend, a veteran of the Vietnam War and someone who was a maturing young man during the civil rights movement. Recently, he told me how much he dislikes the Costco in my city. When I asked him why, he said, “I don’t want to sound prejudiced, but, you know, all those Asians who shop there. They’re all cutting in line”.

        I was quietly amused. The specter of someone with his pedigree stereotyping another ethnicity is inherently funny. And yet, your story shows that every stereotype might well begin life with a grain of truth.

  • matimal

    “global civilization”? That will take millennia. Profound cultural differences will characterize the regions of the world for many many generations to come.

  • donqpublic

    Yeah, when they were buying up Baghdad by the bay’s real estate in the’80s, I remember the Japanese tour buses unloading in North Beach to take in the Mitchel Brothers topless and bottomless theater, so I’m sure the Chinese, with a surplus of males, will fit right in the fun during their capital flight too. I don’t know about insular Omar and Mohammad though. Maybe all those centralized middle east water supplies could be liberally spiked with LSD to stimulate some consciousness raising before the new “refugees” arrive, otherwise the Golden Gate bridge could be a one way trip down for the gay community, but the sharks do need to eat too.

  • stella blue

    I live in Camel Ca. and I’ve noticed more and more Chinese tourists over the last several years. The ones I have met are very nice, open and inquisitive about our country. Also some of the rich ones have been buying homes, helping raise property values.

  • Mahound

    True about Trump. US media won’t fact-check any other candidates.

  • mickBelker

    “Now, thanks to China’s economic development and the technological progress that allows human beings to travel the world, millions of Chinese people are immersing themselves in other cultures and civilizations.”

    And they can all thank Richard Nixon.

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