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Migrant Mess
The EU’s Historic Cave to Turkey
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  • Ellen

    The EU is headed toward collapse and the Schengen agreement requiring open borders is the canary in the coal mine. That is the first thing to go because Muslim refugees once inside one country in the EU, can go anywhere they please because of this law. However, canceling the open borders clause is only the first step in the unraveling of the EU.

    Netanyahu knows that the EU is crumbling and that is why he has retaliated – finally – against the Europeans. He has essentially banished them from the perpetual much ado about nothing machine known as the “Israeli-Palestinian peace process.” This should have been done years ago. What has incited Palestinian hopes of imposing a fait accompli on Israel through boycotts and violence has been the European involvement in this so-called “peace process.” They know that the EU motivation is entirely malignant toward Israel, and “peace” in this context means the Palestinian conquest of Israel.

    Unfortunately for the EU-Palestinian cabal, the Arab states have bowed out of this conflict for their existential reasons, and Europe is now headed in the same direction toward dissolution. Within a radius of 1500 miles in all directions, Israel is now surrounded by collapsing political entities, including – amazingly – in Europe itself.

    This is an appropriate way to usher in the holiday of Hannukah that commemorates the triumph of a small band of Jews against their much larger and more powerful enemies.

    • Blackbeard

      “The EU is headed toward collapse…”

      Indeed they are and when the end comes it will be Turkish tanks at the gates of Vienna. “Erdogan the Conqueror!”

      • Tom

        Probably not, actually. They’ll have to fight their way through Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary. Not happening.

        • Blackbeard

          My reference to Vienna was not to be taken literally. It was a perhaps overly obscure reference to the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683 in which the Turkish forces were defeated by forces of Christendom. That battle is often seen as a turning point in history as after that the Turks, and by extension Muslims generally, were never again a threat to Europe. Until now.

          • Tom

            Well yes, we all knew that it was a reference to the Siege of Vienna.
            However, the Turks are no threat to Europe, not that way, anyway.

      • Fat_Man

        More likely Russian tanks at the gates of Constantinople.

        • gabrielsyme

          We should be so lucky!

  • qet

    It is fitting that the descendants of the migrants who forced Rome to pay tribute that they keep out of Roman territory should in their turn find themselves in the position of the Romans, who also found that the tribute did not “succeed in stopping the flow.”

    • Fat_Man

      (Born December 30, 1865, Died January 18, 1936)

      A.D. 980-1016

      It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
      To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
      “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
      Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

      And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
      And the people who ask it explain
      That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
      And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

      It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
      To puff and look important and to say: —
      “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
      We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

      And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
      But we’ve proved it again and again,
      That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
      You never get rid of the Dane.

      It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
      For fear they should succumb and go astray;
      So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
      You will find it better policy to say: —

      “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
      No matter how trifling the cost;
      For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
      And the nation that pays it is lost!”

      • Angel Martin

        Post of the day !

        • Fat_Man

          Rudyard Kipling is the poet of the 21st Century.

          • Andrew Allison

            What, that racist symbol of colonialism? Off with his head! [sarc]

  • Jim__L

    Huh, if Erdogan is clever, he might actually be able to “dismiss his electorate and impanel a new one” — if Turks can go to Europe visa-free, what’s to stop Erdogan from pushing as many as possible of his opposition to migrate to Europe, while turning refugees into his clients?

    With a $3B bankroll down-payment, a lot could happen.

  • gabrielsyme

    This is what happens when you unilaterally give up all your bargaining chips. The West should be suspending Turkey’s NATO membership, opening investigations into terrorist financing and arms-running, threaten them with de-listing the PKK as a terrorist group, take the gloves off on Turkey’s human rights record, voice support for a Kurdish state encompassing Turkish territory, etcetera. But when you refuse to negotiate from a position of strength, you get terrible results.

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