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The Endgame in Syria
Fecklessness 101
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  • Ellen

    You can say that again. Why he is so unable to understand the real world? Because he lived his entire life – from his childhood influences with his hippy dippy mother, to politically correct education at elite institutions, in the make believe world of liberal DP politics. A smiling, intelligent charming black man who doesn’t threaten cowardly white liberals with anger or violence rose his way to the top without ever encountering the word “no”, or the phrase, “I think you are wrong.” Now we see the results of that sycophantic environment with its soft racism of low expectations. White liberals owe the rest of us who didn’t vote for this an apology. Actually they owe much more than that. How about defenestration, or self-immolation – like that poor Tunisian fruit seller.

    • Blackbeard

      Excellent summary. Amazingly most of my liberal friends (I live in Manhattan so that’s everyone I know.) still refuse to accept that he is a failure.

      Politics is not about facts, it’s about in-group loyalty.

      • Ellen

        As they say, you need to get yourself some new friends.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Count me as one liberal who finds your invitation for an apology from us as being beyond pomposity. You wanted McCain and Palin? Seriously? Sorry, Ellen, no dice.

      • Doug Stephenson

        You mean like the war Obama and Clinton conducted in Libya with no Congressional approval? The one that lead to the death of Ghadaffi with absolutely no plan for what comes next? The one that has turned Libya into a terrorist haven? I guess that war is A-OK because Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of what remaining supporters he has.

        • The boogie man

          What war did they conduct? Let me guess you think because we bomb a country we are at war. IF thats the case we have been at war forever. See, Bush made the whole region an even bigger cluster fugg by diving into that region. And personally I think Obama messed up by trying to save what bush created. We should of just cut our losses and left much like Russia did in the 70s.

          • Angel Martin

            “Let me guess you think because we bomb a country we are at war.”

            liberal “logic” at its finest.

            let me guess; if Israel bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities, it won’t be an act of war ?

          • Anton

            Wait till someone firebombs his house

          • question?

            UMMM bombing another country is an act of war. You are aware of that right?

        • FriendlyGoat

          Yes, that war and all others should have been declared by Congress. That’s how it is supposed to work.

          • nopeacenow

            Since when does Obama care about Congress?

          • FriendlyGoat

            He stopped caring when he discovered they haven’t done much of anything positive since 2010.

      • Anton

        You don’t think Romney would have been better?
        I can understand the first time, contrary to the evidence, many people had hope for Obama but TWICE?

        • FriendlyGoat

          No, Romney/Ryan would not have been better than Obama, and only marginally better than McCain/Palin. Yes, I’m proud of Obama twice.

          • Anton

            Sorry, thought you were an adult

          • FriendlyGoat

            In my sixties, actually.

            You properly understood the tone of my first comment. to Ellen. Why did you think I would cave to a question about electing some other Republican? I don’t like any Republicans. They all sing the same false songs.

          • Anton

            And the Democrats don’t? Any independent thinker, 16 or 60, cannot honestly declare that Obama is a President that one can be proud of.

          • FriendlyGoat

            That’s your opinion. Mine is different.

          • Anton

            As I said: “any independent thinker” 🙂

    • GreginGV

      You mean Barry Soetoro, Indonesian, likely admitted to Occidental as a foreign student? If we only knew. He was over 18 and probably voluntarily affirmed himself as a citizen of Indonesia, voiding his US citizenship if he was anybody else.

      The guy has had the rules bent just for him his entire life, the world will be as HE wishes it to be, not as it is.

      The guy who has never signed the FRONT of a paycheck? But, oh yeah, HE built that, not you.

      Solving the world’s problems is actually easy, if we would all just live in the way he and the choom gang say.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The President’s string of misjudgments on the Middle East—on the peace process, Erdogan, withdrawal from Iraq, Libya, ISIS as the “J.V. team”, and Syria—is one of the most striking examples of serial failure in the annals of American foreign policy.”

    Obama is the worst President in American History. This is the result of voting for someone because of the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character. Which is of course the exact opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream of “people being judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”.

    • dawnsblood

      My vote still goes to James Buchanan for worst President ever but Obama isn’t too far above him. . .

      • nickshaw


      • rheddles

        Tough choice. History still isn’t in on Obama. I fear he’ll give sweet James a run for his money.

        • AaronL

          Agree with you. Obama has not yet proved himself the worst President in U.S. history (although he certainly qualifies as the worst foreign policy president). If however Iran gets the bomb to be followed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and a nuclear war breaks out than Obama will certainly pass Buchanan as the worst President, that is if there’s anybody left to vote.

  • gabrielsyme

    The President’s string of misjudgments on the Middle East—on the peace process, Erdogan, withdrawal from Iraq, Libya, ISIS as the “J.V. team”, and Syria—is one of the most striking examples of serial failure in the annals of American foreign policy.

    Add to that list Obama’s cheerleading of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, his criminal support of the vicious Saudi war on Yemen, his failure to ensure adequate equipment for the Kurdish peshmerga long after the fall of Mosul, and his limited-to-Twitter response to Boko Haram’s campaign of enslavement, massacre and religious cleansing. It makes for an unwieldy list, but truly, Obama’s foreign policy amazes and astounds.

    • question?

      In fairness to Obama, the war in Yemin is a proxy battle between the Sauds and Iran. Iran wants control of the Straight of Hormuz where all of the oil tankers have to pass in order to get to the open sea. Yemin conveniently sits at the mouth of the straight.

      As always, the situation is not that simple.

      • gabrielsyme

        Two things- First, Iranian support of the Houthis has been quite limited, as even American intelligence has acknowledged. Secondly, Yemen doesn’t border on the Strait of Hormuz.

  • D B

    Narcissist, much? WIkipedia: DSM-IV-TR

    • jaytrain

      Try DSM -5 ‘ Antisocial Personality Disorder : Pretty much he hits all the boxes . The man is a ‘sociopath “

  • whiteyb

    Obama and his team had no experience, none, zero, zip, nada, when he took office. He’s continually hired utterly incompetent ideologues who believe that by simply saying things and using hashtags in place of actual negotiating from a position of strength, somehow the world will fall in line with black Jesus.

    They are not only incompetent, delusional, and naive, but breathtakingly glib, smarmy, and unserious. The US is currently run by small children, talentless and vain small children. The world burns as a result.

    The only thing shocking about this current state of affairs is that so many people believed it could have worked out any other way, based on Obama’s experience and talent–which was zero and none.

    • The utterly vapid Marie Harf is typical. All that talk of the JV squad really applies mostly to Obama and his braindead acolytes.

      • Grumpycarguy

        I honestly believe the reason ISIS went into overdrive was that smarmy, ill-advised insult. “Oh yeah, JV team, eh? Watch this!!”

        • bscook111

          The phrase is: “Hold my beer and watch this”.

          • Grumpycarguy

            But remember, it has to be a non-alcoholic beer. We have to remain culturally sensitive to our terrorists needs.

    • MarkJ

      Precisely. Obama’s sole competence seems to be to surround himself with ideologically-blinkered hacks.

      Here’s Exhibit A. Despite the fact that a respected panel of experts ran extensive tests, looked at the numbers, and basically said, “Mixed-gender combat units ain’t gonna work no-how, no-way”, Obama’s SECNAV is fanatically doubling down on his little pet project regardless of how many Marines and sailors may end up dying as a result.

      • question?

        Do not forget the brilliant political hack who allowed the Chinese to steal the entire data base of the office of personnel, complete with back ground checks on all employees with classified access. But fear not, the Junior Senator has announced that he will not stay at the Mayflower Hotel in New York now that it is owned by Chinese.
        The Chinese are shaking in their boots as they stand on the deck of a warship parked off Alaska’s coast.

    • Don Obie

      Nearly perfect summation of Obama and his WH team on foreign affairs. Obama’s WH completely ignored or discounted any and all DOD advice and believed their analysts and State Department gurus more than DOD generals. Obama, Kerry , and Clinton insure their legacies are permanently etched in history as the worse USA foreign team ever. And his progressive base keep talking about ending two wars. and how bad GW Bush was. Really? Obama can’t carry Bush’s shoes,and he probably can’t shine them to meet USMC boot camp inspection standards either. Making Obama the worst ever.

  • sdaly

    At what point are you going to recognize that this is not a string of
    errors, but a deliberate strategy, albeit not one in America’s (or the
    West’s) interest?

    • Kehvan

      Yes, if a true Manchurian candidate were really to gain political office, just how different would it act from the Obama regime?

      • Tom

        There would occasionally be a success.

        • LizardLizard

          A lot of unhappy Muslims pouring into Europe? That looks like a boffo success to those who hate the West. Dumping and hacking the US’s secrets? More success. Turn your kaleidoscope around and you will see successes everywhere.

        • Angel Martin

          “There would occasionally be a success.”

          LOL !

          if Obama was an American Philby they would give him an occasional success so as to not arouse suspicion !

    • AaronL

      Strong argument. If he was merely incompetent he would probably get it right once in a while by pure chance. Choices that are consistently 100% disastrously wrong indicate a plan or someone from the Bizarro Universe.

  • eskyman

    Just assume Obama’s a muslim, intent on destroying the USA. His actions prove it. He is the successful Manchurian candidate who means to do us harm, and he is achieving his ends. Not incompetent at all; our elected Congress is incompetent though, they have let him get away with it.

  • HeftyJo

    This is what happens when you have aides and advisers that just aid and advise to what their leadership wants to hear rather to the realities of the World around them. It’s like a navigator steering a boat with orders from a captain that never leaves his living quarters below deck.

  • Leah Keever

    Speak for yourself…..he’s not MY president!

  • jas

    Over 200k? Kinda low for your typical leftist tyrant, no?

    • jaytrain

      That’s the ‘official’ number . I figure the real number is twice that .

  • rbeccah

    But do you think Obama gives a flying rats’, or has even noticed the debacle? The man seems completely oblivious to everything except poll numbers and his golf game.

    • julianusrex

      His poll numbers now suck as much as his golf game.

  • In Egypt Al-Sisi was elected. He went on to murder a great fraction of the Muslim Brotherhood but he was elected. Some would say, he was elected to do precisely that and therefore that needed doing. Forward.

    • Grumpycarguy

      Well, there’s been a few instances in history like that. Another one that comes to mind with Preezy 404 is that time he tried to force Guatemala to ignore their constitution and reinstall a dictator. Fortunately for the world, the Guatemalan government had the stones to tell Obama to go pound sand.

      • Tom

        Honduras, and it was a little less cut and dried than that.
        But not by much.

        • Grumpycarguy

          Tom, you’re right. Sorry for that. Yes- Honduras. I have no clue why I was saying Guatemala..

  • Grumpycarguy

    I’m curious to know where the red line in Syria is now.

    • LizardLizard

      River of blood.

      • question?

        That would be Christian and Yadzi blood.

    • Anton

      At the White House fence. Anything that happens outside that does not concern him

  • ken_lov

    A balanced post would have noted the rest of the Guardian story, which reported universal scepticism about the offer on the part of other diplomats and analysts. For example Sir John Jenkins: “The weakest point is Ahtisaari’s claim that Churkin was speaking with Moscow’s authority. I think if he had told me what Churkin had said, I would have replied I wanted to hear it from [President Vladimir] Putin too before I could take it seriously. And even then I’d have wanted to be sure it wasn’t a Putin trick to draw us in to a process that ultimately preserved Assad’s state under a different leader but with the same outcome.”

    But of course writing an honest post would have nullified Mead’s reflexive compulsion to take shots at the president.

    • bannedforselfcensorship

      I don’t like Obama, but I agree with you that this story isn’t some slam dunk.

      This reminds me of the claims that during the Iraq invastion “Iran” offered to have peace talks.

      Supposedly Bush missed his chance, there….except it was likely some low level official and not a real chance.

      Or it would have been an unacceptable deal.

  • Whitehall

    While Obama’s record as a decision-maker is indeed poor, we need to remember that it is not JUST Obama with his head in the clouds. His delusions are shared by a large number of global “elites.”
    I’ve just finished “The Revenge of Geography” by Kaplan, published in 2014. While a formerly realistic author in his early works, this one could have been the Obama Teams intellectual guiding light – or maybe Kaplan had just turned cheerleader. Kaplan denounced himself as earlier favoring the removal of Saddam Hussein and the de-Baathification of Iraq but now claims he was wrong. Kaplan was so full of hope for the Arab Spring and supports the Mexicalifornification of the US Southwest.
    I agree with the other commenters that this news tidbit is a nothing burger. I’m not so sure that having Assad step down or aside is such a great thing. The disinformation and chaos overwhelms the remote observer like myself.
    I wonder what Cheney would recommend?

  • Attila

    “Failure” and “Genocide” are Barack Obama’s middle names.

  • Bob Hawkins

    And guess who was Secretary of State when this mistake was made? Answer: Hillary!

  • The boogie man

    “If true………..” Talk about feckless 101

  • IWantALamborghini

    On Hillary’s watch

  • Wmn04Ken07

    Missed opportunity by design. Where is the outrage, the public’s hue and cry for Obama’s head on a pike?

    The media just can’t be bothered. They wrapped him up in glittery paper and a stunningly gorgeous bow and gifted him to the world. They will never admit they were fools.

    No blaming, no shaming, no guts.

  • themaskedblogger

    Inexperience makes a difference, of course, but the real problem is a lack of understanding of history and geopolitics. Working to make a change is fine. Planning on it occurring is exactly the sort of “stupid $/)!” the president said he didn’t want to do.

  • Mr C

    He is what he always has been, an empty suit influenced by those who wanted him to remain as he was. His view is ‘me’ and that’s as far as he can see. But his crafted and shaped charisma won over the truly ‘ Un and ill informed public

  • Steve Rodriguez

    It’s not failures to Obama. This is all on purpose!!! When are you guys going to get it.

  • Dan Wafford

    If you understand that his agenda is to diminish America and promote Islam, everything he does and says makes sense.

  • Angel Martin

    they say if you are dumb, surround yourself with smart people; if you are smart surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.

    instead, Obama is stupid and has surrounded himself with people who think just like him !

  • Prospector

    President Reagan had the skill to practice Aikido with political momentum. Obama merely capitulates to momentum.

  • mickBelker

    “Understanding the intentions and estimating the capabilities of people who don’t share his worldview are not our President’s strong suits.”

    Dr. Mead, I’m so glad that you are able to console yourself. Perhaps I’ll start reading you again more often when YOU are a bit less delusional. Egad, what drivel.

  • dailypenny

    People forget (unless your a republican) that when Obama was elected he would have been lucky to find Illinois on a map, much less Syria. This could have been remedied by some geography from the military and so on, but no-Obama was convinced that not only did he know where all these countries were that are now collapsing in ruins thanks mostly to the lack of U.S. involvement, but that his ideology was enough to make a difference in the world of affairs, and that he had the answer to their their problems and it never involved force. That people believed him is not so shocking because as always you have a core of true believers (Eric Hoffer) and they are very prominent in the left wing of the Democratic party. What it sort of surprising is that after 7 years of failure there has been no real change either in personnel or in policy-which to my way of thinking means the man was not ready for the job to begin with.

  • Sgt.Friday

    For the sake of history, let’s hope that we don’t have a modern day William Leuchtenburg or Arthur Schlesinger to tell us, oh no, what a great president he was. Like Obama, FDR pursued an aggressive isolationist policy (admittedly with a great deal of support on the other side of the aisle) and yet he was never really held accountable. Hitler mocked the Brain Trust in his declaration of war speech. Ideally, historians will also place this in context. Obama did not occur in a vacuum. To this end there is an excellent article on the Federalist about Star Trek, and how its underlying political ideology changed over the years. FDR’s failure was to buy into a lot of semi-socialist nonsense. Obama is a product of the rise of multi-culturalism and moral relativism, which have grown in tandem with cultural Marxism and libertarianism. A casualty has been indifference to human rights. When Hillary Clinton was first lady, she went to Beijing and said, “Stop killing your daughters.” Under this president, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali denounces female circumcision, she is attacked as a bigot and prevented from speaking at Brandeis. As someone with roots in Africa, whose party was screaming about a “War against Women,” it would have been completely natural for him to speak up against that lunacy. Did he? Not that I heard. A semi-genocide is being perpetrated against Christians in the Middle East, and what is the response? Pin pricks. To summarize, Obama is a bad president. But a lot of other people have acted as enablers.

    • question?

      FDR’s failure was to get taken in by and capitulate to Stalin, which set up the cold war, and decades of misery and death for millions.

  • Michele

    It’s difficult to say if this community organizer’s dangerous policies are a result of utter ineptitude -or- is it his Islamic DNA coupled with that of his side kick, VJ, that compels him to destroy America and all that she stands for.

  • julianusrex

    Do not forget Obama’s utter inability at decision-making. It took him six months to select a family dog.

  • Nessie509

    How do debates clarify for the viewer which candidate would be most effective at foreign policy? One answer would be adding a candidate whom. They most admire as a foreign policy expert?

  • becke1827

    We have met the JV team. They are occupying the White House.

  • Corlyss

    Fecklessness? Really? Feckless is insisting on a stick shift when 99.999999% of cars are automatics. What the Obama administration is is a cultivated contrariness to 250 years of American interests based on reality combined with ignorance and naïveté of cosmic proportions. It is IMPOSSIBLE to attribute to casual carelessness the monumental fuck-ups that characterize Val’s foreign policy.

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