Demographic Wars
Oligeeks Square Off Against Brown Jobs
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  • wigwag

    “In that battle, Kotkin clearly favors Houston, which is, according to him, more family friendly, cheaper, and suburban than SanFran. He singles out the costly housing in SanFran for particular criticism—and here he seems incontrovertibly right…Kotkin is right that housing is far too expensive in many “blue” cities, including the Bay Area” (Via Meadia or Whatever the Current Moniker is)

    While I’m sure its escaped the notice of the author of this essay, Houston is as “blue” a city as San Francisco is. Houston hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since 1978 and city government is almost always controlled by the Democrats. Obama beat Romney in Houston in 2012 and the President beat McCain in Houston in 2008.

    Given demographic trends, Houston is likely to stay “blue” far into the future; in fact, its getting bluer all the time.

    • Bruce

      There does not need to be a winner in the short run. Both places can prosper. In the long run, eliminating emissions would be a good thing if done via free market and cost efficiency, not subsidy. That technology could come from anywhere, not necessarily California. It is not inconceivable that at some point, a revolutionary CEO could come in to one of the tech giants and determine that they aren’t going to pay the confiscatory California taxes any longer. Moving a Google or Apple from California would change the game completely.

  • Anthony

    Kotkin’s piece is not necessarily a blue city vs. red city (an as WigWag states Houston has elected so-called Blue Mayors since 1978) comparison. He actually highlights both regional and sector differences in way Bay Area (Silicone Valley) and Houston (Energy) have developed post 2008 financial crisis as well as how that development both attracts and repels various demographics. The comparison is about ebbs and flows of U.S. cities and in particular 2014 portrait of two ascending cities. But as with any political economic analysis, choices and outcomes cannot be methodically predicted (social and economic organization remains influenced by human behaviors and their arrangements).

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    If there’s fight going on it’s completely one sided, with the leftists fighting a losing battle against a clearly ascendant US oil industry which is the only growing part of the US economy. Having good PR takes a distant second place to making huge profits and the leftists will continue to be ignored and ridiculed for their foolishness.

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