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Conservative Evangelicals Help Drag California Toward Prison Reform
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  • Jagneel

    I thought I’d never say this: “Bravo conservative evangelicals.”
    For all the talk about freedom, this country incarcerates shamefully high number of its citizens.
    After all the decades of accusations of being soft on crime, it’s understandable that liberals not taking initiative on this issue. (Remember in 1992 Bill Clinton flying back to Arkansas to make sure a mentally handicap man on death row was actually executed.)

  • thrasymachus02

    Evangelical Christianity has always been a substantially progressive phenomenon. Criminal justice reform has been part of this. There is such a thing as too much reform, and we reached that point at the peak of progressive control over criminal justice, from the 60’s to the 80’s. Horror and chaos was the result. Eventually people got tired of this and the social consensus turned to incapacitation, conservatives because they liked it and liberals because they were tired of losing elections.

    People have short memories and you don’t have the daily stories about convenience store clerks being murdered, so they think everything is fine. The idiotic comparison of the cost of college and prison is too much though- I though even Jesse Jackson gave up on that thirty years ago.

    Actually locking criminals up is a very cost effective use of public money.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Glad to hear that conservative Christian money is doing something useful somewhere. I hope Mr. Hughes has discovered—–while visiting the prisons—-that one third of corrections officers are complete crooks, a second third are scared of the first third, and the third third seriously do not give a damn about anything. Anyone with much access tends to learn this.

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