Remarkable Rice
Indian Farmers Are Innovators in Action
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  • Is it just me or is this a reality? The article seem to be getting harder hitting and to the point. The absence of political correctness is a welcome change. Please continue.

    The green revolution (food related) in India started in the 1960’s thanks to the work done by scientists in the U.S. It allowed India to go from a perpetually state with food shortages to actually exporting grains periodically. This is a continuation of the same efforts. Good for them.

    • El Gringo

      India certainly stands to benefit immensely from GMO technology. However, some much-needed policy changes could do far more in a shorter amount of time.

      Infrastructure development, including cold-storage facilities, could help market the nearly half of all produce that rots before it reaches stores. Allowing large-scale retail, such as Walmart, to operate would help immensely in this kind of development and decrease the cost of food. Finally, getting rid of the ludicrously small land ownership caps would create far greater efficiencies than GMO ever will.

      • Agreed, that there are many things India could do including reducing corruptions. But the GMO issue has become a religion for some people and their demands for it to be the doctrine harms many poorer countries.

  • Duperray

    “and to that end, we need an environmental movement capable of putting aside emotional biases and assessing options dispassionately”. We all agree of course.
    But better substituting “aside emotional biases” with “ideological blindness” or with “faked humanity, but indeed obscure money targets”.

  • gabrielsyme

    The Green ideology is based on an “all or nothing” mentality. Either you’re for us or against us; no technology that does not promise near-perfection in their eyes is acceptable (witness the opposition to nuclear power among greens), and any “corruption” of nature (GMOs, geoengineering) is anathema even if it would address their broader concerns.

    The Greens are captive to a rigid and doctrinaire ideology that, sadly, often ends up causing more harm than good to the world’s environment.

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