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Who Wants to Be a Butler?
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  • lukelea

    I guess we are not in Democracy anymore, are we Dorothy?

    • John Stephens

      Were we ever, really?

      • Dan

        no, we were never a democracy, we are(were) a constitutional republic

  • ShadrachSmith

    I take one of his points. The one great lesson of 45 years of marriage is obedience…if you haven’t learned it…you are long since gone.

  • Anthony

    I can’t wait for a tea party candidate (or any candidate for that matter) to announce at a meeting that the economic future of America is bright due to the high demand for butlers. Maybe professor Mead can take this message to the heartland! I”m sure his beloved Jacksonians will love it.

  • Tzvifl

    Great post – except for on thing. Jeeves, the inimitable creation of P.G. Wodehouse, was NOT a Butler. He was a “Gentleman’s Gentleman”, a valet. It is not the same thing – though I must admit that not being from the British upper class of the 19th and early 20th century – the exact difference escapes me. However, as a huge fan of Wodehouse, I could not let this egregious piece of misinformation go uncorrected.

    • f1b0nacc1

      You are spot on!
      Basically a butler is a household manager, for larger households, you might have a group of butlers (upstairs, downstairs, etc.) with a head butler over them all. In contrast, a valet (a “Gentleman’s gentleman”) is more roughly akin to a personal assistant, though far more personal.
      I am a huge Wodehouse fan, thank you for giving me a reference to make me smile on an otherwise challenging day…

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