Egypt in Turmoil
Labor Unrest Strikes Egypt
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Is Egyptian culture ready for Democracy? Obviously not. When they are ready they will become Democratic, just as South America did 30 years ago, just as Eastern Europe did 20 years ago. Cultures change at glacial speeds, and Islamic cultures are significantly more backward and resistant to change than Western Cultures. This means the world must be patient while modern communications exposes Islamic cultures to the brighter future people enjoy under a Democracy.

  • Anthony

    Egypt’s problems stem to a large extent from the way political/economic power is exercised and monopolized (through a narrow elite undergirded by the deep state). General Sisi only represents latest extension of said rule – power concentrated and used to benefit Deep State. Sisi and Mubarak remnants have taken reins from Muslim Brotherhood and reverted back to ongoing institutional/organizational arrangements (such arrangements can definitely trace back to Ottoman Empire if not before). So, labor troubles Feed refers to may just be reassertion of rule by narrow elite at expense of…

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