Gassing Up
With Fracking Getting Greener, Has Europe’s Shale Moment Come?
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  • bigfire

    Water, property rights, in the right location. Europe doesn’t have all 3 things at once. America does.

  • Matt_Thullen

    I strongly suspect that greens will quickly come up with a new reason to obstruct fracking, even if ExxonMobil’s development pans out. Their objection to fracking is about developing fossil fuels in general, not developing them in a safe manner.

    • Boritz

      It might cause earthquakes and perhaps even newly formed volcanos.

      • Andrew Allison

        And warts.

        • Matt_Thullen

          Not to mention the heartbreak of psoriasis.

          • B-Sabre

            Sudden downpours of toads.

  • Gary Hemminger

    I think the Mead staff doesn’t quite get it. The greens don’t like fossil fuels period. I agree with Matt below. Nothing is going to change the greens minds. It is only a matter if the conditions warrant disregarding the greens, if the greens aren’t all powerful already. Right now Europeans, especially the Germans, are headed for green suicide. I say let them eat cake so we can see the outcome and once and for all understand their suicidal ways.

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