ACA Agonistes
Obamacare Manager Sebelius Leaves In Disgrace
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  • qet

    Didn’t you see Ezra Klein’s analysis? He has proven that Sebelius is leaving because Obamacare has totally succeeded and her shepherding is no longer necessary.

  • Andrew Allison

    Repeat after me: sign-ups are NOT enrollments. Let’s stop perpetuating the lie that the goal of seven million enrollments was met. Current estimates are that only about 80% of those selecting a policy will actually pay a premium. My guess is that the number will be lower for the late sign-ups and the final number will be around 75%.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Sibelius is the designated Scapegoat, when it’s found out that the 7 million number is 3 times larger than the actual number.

  • Gerald

    With respect to Ms. Sibelius, the sooner she vanishes the better. However, one thing she has made clear is that our Government in the form of the Congress who abdicated definition of Obamacare to Administration and Civil Service bureaucrats is simply irresponsible and incompetent. The government has proved fundamentally incapable or defining the scope of information technology projects and managing the construction and implementation of said projects. The Defense Department probably does better than the others, but that’s not a tall order. I don’t personally approve of Obamacare, but that aside – the management of this program is pitiful.

  • ojfl

    I am glad that people see that the “law” is still in turmoil and that no amount of pep talk from the president will make the issues go away.

  • Boritz

    Sylvia, come in. Take a seat. Would you like coffee? Cream? Sugar? No? You Sure? How about one of these croissants? Get them from this fabulous little bakery near here. You certain? Okay, well, then. I’ve got some great news….

  • Pete

    Is it true Sibelius is going to work in one of the abortion mills she so loves?

  • Jim__L

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. πŸ™‚

  • centerroad

    What a right wing rag. Who would want to read lies? Have you completely lost your sense of the truth?

    • centerroad

      “The Medicaid-rejection states β€œare willing to sacrifice billions of dollars of injections into their economy in order to punish poor people. It really is just almost awesome in its evilness.””

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