Jihad in Crimea?
Tatar Turbulence May Rock Putin’s Plane
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  • Nick Bidler

    Ha. There’s almost no reason for them not to listen to the clarion cal of ‘F those guys!’

  • gabrielsyme

    It seems slightly peverse for Russia to inherit the guilt for the crimes of the USSR. The Soviet Union oppressed the Russian people as well as other ethnicities, and its leaders came from a small and unrepresentative segment of society. This specific crime was ordered by Stalin who was, of course, Georgian and not Russian.

    The fact that Russia has been ambivalent about the Soviet past definitely doesn’t help, but Russia should not hold the blood debt for the crimes of the Soviet Union alone.

    • PKCasimir

      Oh and Russia didn’t historically oppress its minorities? Try reading a history book, you might just learn something.

      • Andrew Allison

        I suggest beginning with a history of slavery and racism in the US.

        • El Gringo

          You totally showed that straw man who’s the boss. I, personally, blame the Romans.

      • gabrielsyme

        If we are leaving the Soviet period out of this, one could just as easily and with greater force point to Tatar oppression of the Russians.

        Also, don’t be an ass.

    • B-Sabre

      I think the fact that current leader of Russia is clearly nostalgic for the days of the “Greater Soviet Union” completely justify it. You want to glory, you get the guilt as a freebie.

  • Andrew Allison

    The remarks of a single member of the Ukraine Parliament, which has no more legitimacy than that in Crimea, do not warrant, “As Crimea awaits a referendum to decide its future sovereignty, set for Sunday, some are warning that a Russian annexation could turn Crimea into another Chechnya.” The annexation of Crimea is fait accompli, and inciting ethnic violence won’t change that.

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