Kansas' Red Dawn
Sam Brownback’s Red Revolution Lives to Fight Another Day
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  • Anthony

    Gosh, I wasn’t aware that there was that much fat to cut in Kansas.

    • El Gringo

      The poorer counties in the west that have the most to lose are vehemently Tea Party while the rich counties in the east that trend blue have so much money they can afford not to care.

      • Bart Hall

        Not quite. You’re correct about western counties, but there are now only two reliably Democrat counties in the east — Douglas (Lawrence and the University of Kansas) and Wyandotte (rather “ethnic” shall we say). Johnson Country where I farm for a living is rather wealthy and *used* to vote Democrat. In 2008 the Donk Housemember (KS-3) won by double digits. In 2010 the Tea Party guy took it by 20 points, and in 2012 he got 68% to the Libertarian’s 31%. Democrats did not even field a candidate. Our state representative is one of the most conservative in the Legislature.

  • Bruno_Behrend

    Education can be cut by half and not suffer single lost neuralconnection in one child’s head.

    The amount of waste in administration, lifetime employment protection, and bloated benefits show that education spending is for adults, not children.

    • free_agent

      The grim problem is that it’s the most wasteful spending that has the strongest political backing (otherwise it would have been chopped long ago).

  • free_agent

    This seems to be the first time that TAI has mentioned the Brownback reforms. What is he proposing and why?

  • Boritz

    …”the court’s statement that per-student spending is not the best barometer of education…”

    This concept alone is a major step forward. Budget battles over education are always bitterly contested by the spend-more crowd which pulls out every cliche about education funding and accuses the other side of not caring about the children because they won’t spend more. Once the appropriation they demand is made they are completely satisfied to allow poor performance to continue or further decline.

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