Motor City Meltdown
Michigan One Step Closer to Detroit Bailout
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  • RAS743

    Could you cite your reasons for saying “this is a great American city”? I think your use of the present tense is completely inappropriate. Detroit’s fiscal predicament *is* a blot on the very concept of representative democracy, and proof of the utter moral decay that underlies contemporary liberalism in general and African-American sub-culture in particular. People in a democracy get the form of government they deserve, and it’s incontestable that Detroit, including its public employees active and retired, is completely deserving of its fate.

    And, to the extent that the public-employee retirees’ played a role, through their union membership, in the militancy that extorted benefits far beyond what would have been available to similarly salaried individuals in the private sector, the continued payment of benefits to keep them from destitution should be similarly aligned to the private sector. No more, no less. They played an essential role in making this mess in the first place.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Bailouts are wrong, and just encourage more bailouts in the future. If they there isn’t any cost to fiscal irresponsibility, then politicians will always be irresponsible. The Detroit pensions must take a serious haircut in order to force responsibility onto public pensions all over the country.

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