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Argentina Declares War on Amazon, Ebay
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  • bigfire

    I’d be surprised if there isn’t already a thriving marketplace in Chile purely to service Argentinian to exchange actual goods for hard currency. Lets say transporting dollars for grain. The current Peronist government have export control, currency control, that basically guarantee the need for black market exchanges.

    • Kavanna

      Close: it’s Uruguay, not Chile, that is the main beneficiary of the lunacy going on next door in Argentina. See, e.g.,

      • bigfire

        Well, someone somewhere is making money off the stupidity of that government. And in Venezuela, the prime black market trading partner is Columbia.

      • Andrew Allison

        It’s a couple of hours from Uruguay (a much under-appreciated country, BTW) to Buenos Aires, and the last time I took the trip, there was no customs inspection to speak of. Argentina is in another of its periodic near-death experiences. It’s hard to believe that before WWII it was the sixth largest economy in the world; a lesson which California, and the US in general might to well to study.

        • John Stephens

          The only ones studying President Kirchner in the US are the ones who want to imitate her. Economy be damned, she wins elections.

          • bigfire

            Democracy is fine until voter realized that they can vote in infinite amount of benefit by stealing from the others. Argentina voters realize that 70 years ago. We’ve been doing the same since the 70s.

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