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Teleworking From the "New Sunbelt"
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  • free_agent

    The trouble with telework from the boondocks is that you can’t hunt for a new job from there. As long as you’re working, you have to maintain a foothold in a location with many alternative employers.

  • qet

    Maybe we can get some cross-talk going between Via Meadia and other corners of the TAI world. In the current issue of TAI, Jakub Grygiel deplores the MOOC mania (of which Via Meadia is so fond), arguing that MOOCs do not foster the “intersubjectivity” that face-to-face classrooms do. Does Grygiel’s analysis apply equally to the modern, computer- and Internet-centered workplace? Is intersubjectivity valuable to computer- and Internet-using workers just as it is to college students? How about it, Via Meadia?

    • For what it’s worth, TAI has never been a particularly doctrinaire sort of place, one way or another. The debate about MOOCs is one we’ve been having internally for quite a while. The short posts reflect a house voice which most strongly channels Walter Mead’s view of things, but we are more than pleased to run Dr. Grygiel’s essay—as forceful a polemic against MOOCs as you’re likely to find—in our pages as well.

      • qet

        Thanks, Damir. I wouldn’t be a subscriber if TAI were doctrinaire. But neither does TAI publish arguments it believes are poorly conceived. Any chance we will see the VM House/WRM address the Grygiel arguments in future posts on MOOCs and/or telework? That would be some fine intersubjectivity right there.

  • Jim__L

    Because what this country needs most is for most of our government expenditures to be funneled overseas! Yeah!

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