Angola Banning Islam
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  • Robert Evans

    Does Islam follow the Golden Rule?

    • Corlyss

      You mean, “Who has the gold makes the rules?” PetroArabs certainly do.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    As with the Thuggies who worshiped Kali in India, and murdered innocents as sacrifices to Kali, so to is Islam. Islam is guilty of Incitement, as it encourages, supports, and grants entry into Heaven to Muslims that murder innocent men, women, and children in the name of Allah. Islam is the new Thuggies, intent on sacrificing innocents to their God.

    • gerald

      Not exactly true JL: Islam grants immediate entry into Heaven to Muslims who die while participating in Jihad. The big internal debate in Islam is who, exactly, is so in tune with Allah’s will that they can truthfully declare a state of Jihad. My best determination is that The theorists/theologians backed by Al-Qaida argue that the state of Jihad never lapsed because no peace treaty was signed in Mecca. Given that Polytheists are forbidden to enter Mecca (i.e. Trinitarian Christians, but not Unitarians), no such peace treaty is signable, so Jihad was never “undeclared”.

  • gerald

    Not exactly true, intern. The prohibition of violence is directed to individual Christians. The State is allowed to bear the sword to maintain the peace, and the only advice given to rulers by anyone mentioned in the New Testament was John the Baptist telling Herod not to commit adultery: anyone who dared apply this to Bill Clinton probably has the moral chops to weigh in on this one….

  • Corlyss

    “This is emphatically not a good idea.”

    VM like other intellectuals think it’s prudent to follow western models of tolerance, even where the minority engages in pitched warfare with the dominant cultural. The Rodney King Model of “Can’t we all get along?” Intellectuals seem to overlook the fact that the regions where the want to practice this laudable toleration are basically wracked with civil war. Would they think of suddenly appearing in the middle of the US civil war and lecturing both sides on tolerance and advocating a “political solution?” It was the failure of “political solutions” that landed civil war in the nation’s lap in the first place. There comes a point when stability outweighs tolerance. If war and ethnic cleansing has to be the means of achieving stability first, as it has had to be in so many places not yet capable of mimicking Western tolerance, then so be it. Stop trying to get in the way of stability with your naïve notions that tolerance is always best in all situations. When fighting evil, such as militant Islam, tolerance is not a virtue, it’s an invitation self-destruction, and in the case of militant Islam, an invitation to return to the 9th Century. “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” – Thomas Mann

  • Pete

    Islam is a religion hate, violence and subversion.
    It should be banned.

  • Matt B

    I’m with VM on this one. The government of Angola is not targeting radical Islam, they are banning Islam in general (and yes, there is a difference). I have to think that this “preemptive strike” will only provoke the sort of militancy that Angola is trying to avoid.

  • thrasymachus02

    Hijo de trueno, caballero en carcel blanco, hijo de trueno, guianos y haznos vencer.

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