Japan, China Edge Closer To The Brink
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  • Andrew Allison

    “The United States immediately announced that it will ignore the zone and that US military flights off the Chinese coast will continue as before.” The US had better be prepared to show a lot more spine than it did when Assad engaged in chemical warfare against his own people, namely, be prepared to engage the Chinese or be perceived as toothless. We live in increasingly interesting times

  • Anthony

    “In a move that U.S. ally Japan branded as very dangerous, China said it was setting up air defense identification zone over islands administered by Tokyo to guard against air threats.” Aren’t Islands covered by U.S.-Japan security treaty?

    An inning ends but the game of power goes on as the confrontation being seeded overlaps the negotiation being matured as power is neither created nor destroyed. Power is transferred or transformed.

    • Andrew Allison

      The current Administration appears to think otherwise!

  • lukelea

    Remind me again why we do business on such a lavish scale with China? It’s not private enterprise or free trade when the other side is under the thumb of the Org (aka The Chinese Communist Party).

    Aren’t we just aiding and abetting a totalitarian criminal organization that denies every human value and right we believe in? Are we too chicken to back out? Too bound at the hip? Too greedy? Too naive? Too foolish? Too beholden to Mammon?

    Or am I just being needlessly cynical?

    • Andrew Allison

      Too naive [grin]. We do business with China because American consumers demand (or, thanks to the gross mismanagement of the US economy, can afford) prices which can only be met by manufacturing offshore. We can put a stop to this by refusing to buy things “Made in China” and paying the price. Good luck with that!

      • rheddles2

        I imagine history will show that we do business with China because they bought WTO membershjp from the Clinton administration. Bernie Schwartz.

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