The ACA’s Million Dollar Question: Will Enough People Sign Up?
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  • Kevin

    Adverse selection, furthered by the 20-25 y.o. rule getting middle class “children” out of the market and onto their parents’ plan and the massive difficulty of actually signing up via a broken website, will be a huge actuarial problem. However this might be at least partially offset by employers dropping health coverage and driving their employees to the exchanges. Of course millions of people loosing their current insurance and have to purchase a 65% Bronze plan will be a political disaster come 2016 – the “If you like your insurance you can keep it” ads practically write themselves. The vast majority of actual voters had health insurance (or Medicare) – it was just expensive and they were afraid they might lose it. fter employers drop millions of them from these plans and force them to buy more expensive plans with higher deductions and lower reimbursements

    • Kevin

      Last sentence should read – Middle class voters will not be amused after…

    • cubanbob

      Even less amusing is the new effective income tax rate they will find themselves in after paying the premium/tax. A part of the country’s taxpayers will find themselves paying ordinary income tax rates comparable to the vilified top 1%.

  • Rick Caird

    I would bet that there will soon be a time Obama will wish he had taken the Republican offer of a 1 year delay.


    It may take a while, but some low-information, but young and healthy, types will find out a high deductible plan is almost the same as being uninsured.

  • ajwpip

    A fine example of the truism that if you read a headline presented in the form of a question the answer is always “No”.

  • ajwpip

    The idea that the government shutdown distracted from Obamacare’s faults is wrong. First, if the partisan identification had been reversed the stories would have been mutually reinforced. A democratic Cruz would have been painted a a hero being daily justified as Obamacre’s problems come to light. Looked at honestly the problems with Obamacare justify Cruz’s claims that the bill is a disaster. it takes a certain willful bias to disconnect the two stories.

    Second, if Cruz had shut up the MSM and the administration would have presented their spin and as problems continued to mount claimed that they had already covered the issue. You can’t beat something with nothing. Sitting back and expecting the MSM to do their job or do anything other than reject establishment republican press releases is foolish.

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