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  • BobSykes

    You overlooked the Saudi temper tantrum. It is entirely possible that they will provide the Israelis with forward airbases and logistical support for a sustained attack on Iranian nuclear installations.

  • Bart Hall

    And if you think the Nippo-Korean relationship is chippy now, just wait a couple of years until Abe’s policy of JPY devaluation makes it possible for most of the world to purchase Toyotas and Nissans at the same price as Hyundais and Kias.

    The dominant story with Japan, however, is that with immense debt, a shrinking population, and a near-absolute unwillingness to accept immigrants, Japan is (in the delightful description of John Mauldin) “A bug in search of a windshield.”

  • Bart Hall

    As a separate note … WRM is completely correct about “news” and “history”. My grandfather (1885-1977) taught me the same thing when I was in my early teens half a century ago.

    Given that he was a Colonel in the Army (intel), our CIA Station-Chief for all of southern South America (including Brazil), and a professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Yale … I took him seriously because even in my adolescent arrogance I understood he knew what he was talking about.

    You young’uns out there … take Dr. Mead seriously. Different background, but the same message (quoting my granddad): “Most history never makes the news, and most of the news never makes history.”

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