Deadly Antibiotic Resistant Germs Wreaking Havoc in US
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  • gwvanderleun

    “What’s causing this spike in antibiotic resistance? The report gestured at several causes, from the fact that farm animals are heavily treated with antibiotics to the way hospitals treat infections…. Once again, we are confronted with a crisis-in-the-making that is imposing serious deadlines on hospital and health care reform. Let’s hope we can meet them.”

    Well unless we keep kidding ourselves about all the disease vectors in this society, we won’t.

  • Corlyss

    Can’t fathom why this report should be so shocking. This news has been creeping along since the 70s, when drug-resistant TB made such a splash. People mess about with meds, they get careless, they don’t wash their hands, and hospitals ain’t that great at sanitary conditions – there too many sick people in hospitals. Anyone hear the news about the VA hospital that spread HIV thru unsanitary dentistry? And now the administration is gearing up to make it harder for drug cos. to do research.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Here is how you deal with antibiotic resistant disease, that is causing losses of $20 billion per year. You offer a prize of $20 billion for a cure, what you don’t do is have the Government (FDA, CDC, etc…) or the World Heath Organization have any authority to interfer and meddle in any way with development of a cure.
    I think some way of painting the antibiotic resistant diseases so they are targeted by a person’s immune system will be the most likely solution.

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