School Not Working? Flip It
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  • Pete

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • Kevin

    Sounds interesting. In some ways it s similar to the Socratic method used in any law school courses.

    I wonder if this will be as effective for less motivated students. In the end I suspect no one method will work best for everyone and having a variety would ideally allow each student to choose the right method for themselves.

    • Douglas6

      This is exactly like the Socratic method used in law school. The students read the cases on their own time, and the professor asks them questions designed to hone their ability to analyze and synthesize the cases.

      You may be right that it won’t work for non-motivated students. I know a professor at a tier 3 college who says his students never do any of their assignments – they are just there because mommy and daddy are paying for it and they want the credential. I asked him if he had considered “flipping” his class and he said the students would just come completely unprepared.

  • LizardLizard

    Presumably parents will be able to view the “lecture” too. Thus, they will know what their children are being taught and have the opportunity to protest extreme ideological indoctrination. Also, it will be much harder schools to cover up for poor teachers……

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