Assad to US, EU: Just Try To Stop Me
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  • James Jones

    And the answer is…..Assad has Western leaders all figured out! There will not be real, substantive penalties because that would require military intervention with large forces for a prolonged period.
    Western leaders love to talk, but they fear to act. Some fear action because they know their publics will not support it. Some fear action because they have let their militaries deteriorate so much that they can no longer deploy or sustain powerful expeditionary forces. And some fear action because resorting to decisive military force is a rejection of their deeply held belief that all conflicts can be settled through negotiation and press conferences.
    Another scary possibility is that President Obama and many of the European leaders no longer comprehend the realities of survival in dangerous regions like the Middle East. Their pious statements that X (ruler, nation, or group) MUST refrain from something or do something to conform with “international standards” simply make the hard men laugh in contempt.

  • gwvanderleun

    Assad has got it going on. He looked at what happened to the guy in Libya and said “Sodomy by knife? Not for me.”

    • James Jones

      Qaddafi was sodomized twice. The first time was by the US and UK when they (we) decided to back the French and Italians in support of the rebels. Qaddafi had agreed to give up his nuclear & chemical weapons programs & his support for Islamic terrorism if we would agree to let him stay in power. (All of this followed the invasion of Iraq and execution of Saddam Hussein).
      The Obama Administration reneged on the Bush Administration’s deal with Qaddafi. They also reneged on the long term policy of support for the Egyptian military’s de facto rule of Egypt when they helped push out Hosni Mubarak. It’s just another reason for Assad to ignore any threats from the West. Why not be an enemy if we can’t be counted on?

  • Blaton Hardey

    Woohoo!!! Finally some more to condemn and be concerned about. 20 years from now, comics about the wild 2010s will have a central character called “Obamaman”, who’s most effective attack is “being concerned”.

  • Matt B

    Under Obama, the US is a paper tiger, and Assad knows it. I can picture our president in front of a mirror tonight, practicing his “stern” look, searching for the words that will deliver him from this nightmare.

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