When It Comes to Fracking, Bigger Is Safer
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  • WRM is on point as usual when it comes to energy in the states and beyond. I’ve always believed that with smart regulation and a reasonable amount of capital invested in safety measures, natural gas can be safely and profitably extracted. Large companies are well poised to make those investments and take over from the “Mom and Pop” fracking operations that are most likely to cause spills, store wastewater in open pits, dispose of wastewater at treatment plants unsuited for industrial waste, drill earthquake-inducing salt water sequestration wells, and indulge in other such completely avoidable environmentally destructive behavior to “cut costs.”

    Soon, the NIMBY folks will have a lot less to go on in their crusade against natural gas.

  • rheddles

    The energy companies know that if they screw up and have a major environmental disaster in PA the game is over in the Marcellus. So they have every incentive in the world to figure out how to do it correctly and follow the rules. And they are. After a few years of disaster free operation, more and more people in New York will start to wonder why they are missing out on the potential pay day.

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